Bernhard Langer WITB – What’s In The Bag of Bernhard Langer

Since Tommy Aaron made the cut in 2000, he has maintained the title for a very long period. However, at 64years, Bernhard Langer finally broke Tommy’s record.

Having shot 69, 72, Langer stands out as the oldest golfer to make the cut at the Masters. Besides, his total earnings from the champion’s tour stand at more than $ 24.5m.

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Highlights of Achievements

Highlights of Achievements

In the 1980s and 1990s, Langer emerged one of the prominent golfers worldwide. Langer has registered victory across the six continents hosting professional golf events. The German Pro golfer first won the Masters Tournament in 1985 and subsequently in 1993.

However, in 2020 Langer made the cut at the Masters Tournament and entered the record as the oldest player to have done so.

Therefore, what collection does he have in the bag that makes him shine in the game? Let’s have a look at Bernhard Langer WITB.

Bernhard Langer WITB

Driver: Ping G425 Max (9°, Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 6 X shaft)

Fairway Wood Ping G425 Max

As for the choice of a driver, he picks on the Ping G425 Max, which is less popular unlike the Titleist TSi3 in Paul Casey WITB. Although the Ping G425 Max costs a significant amount, it possesses the highest moment of inertia among the drivers manufactured by Ping. That makes it one of the most forgiving clubs made by Ping.

Better still, it features an adjustable tungsten weight. So you can shift the center of gravity of the head further or lower without compromising performance. Thanks to the Dragonfly crown technology.

With the Ping G425 Max club, even off-center hits still project the ball to a far distance over a straight path. Besides, the driver allows you to influence your shot shapes and level of forgiveness.

3-wood: TaylorMade SIM Max (15°, Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7 X Shaft)

TaylorMade SIM Max

The TaylorMade SIM MAX employs an extra stiff flex. Thus at the PGA Tour level, it injects a higher ball flight penetration as well as boosted accuracy. At the same time, the club’s head taps on key golf technologies such as speed injected twist face, Thru-Slot Speed Pocket, and inverted cone technology.

From such a collection of technologies, the 3-wood Bernhard Langer stocks in his bag give improved performance on mishits, a flexible sole and increased speed. The 3-wood is 0.23inches shorter than the standard club. For that purpose, it adds more backspin, accuracy, and better control of the ball. Considering it has a Lamkin crossline grip it also maximizes feedback on shots.

Ball: Titleist Pro V1x

Titleist Pro V1x

Unlike the Russell Knox WITB which has a Srixon Z-Star XV ball, Bernhard decides to go with Titleist Pro V1x. The ball is of the softest cover and therefore, provides optimum greenside spin and benefiting control in the short game.

Furthermore, the Titleist Pro V1x blends reformulated dual-core, a spherically tiled 348tetrahedral dimple design, and a faster high flex shell layer.

Therefore it boosts distance, gives high launch, and consistency in flight. However, when it comes to the long game, it decreases spin but enhances speed.

Hybrid: Adams Idea Pro (18, 22 Degrees, RT Technologies Midas X Shaft)

Hybrid Adams Idea Pro

Langer’s Bag also contains Hybrid clubs. Specifically, he uses Adams Idea Pro (18, 22 degrees) that has the RT technologies Midas shaft. The Hybrid club has a higher potential beyond a pleasing aesthetic look for proficient golfers.

The hybrid merges the pull face design and low custom face stainless steel face. The result is a club that supports low spin and greater speed. Furthermore, it possesses an optimized center of gravity, high speed, and low spin. And using its adjustable screw, you can alter the shaft and swing weight.

When hitting off the fairway, you can count on the Adams Idea Pro. And from its extra stiff flex, the hybrid guarantees solid feedback free from the springy or hollow displeasing feel.

Irons: Hogan Apex MB (4), Artisan CB (5), Adams Idea Pro Black MB (6, 7) Artisan MB (8, 9) Taylor Made RSI TP (PW, Hogan Apex 4 Shafts)

Irons Hogan Apex MB

When it comes to his set of irons, Langer doesn’t limit himself to one brand but features a unique combination. For example, for long irons, he settles for Hogan Apex Muscle back (4), Hogan Apex 4 shafts, and Artisan Cavity back (5).

But as for the long irons, Langer finds the Adams Idea Pro Black MB (6, 7), and Artisan MB (8, 9) Taylor Made RSI TP (PW) adequate.

Wedges: Cleveland 588 RTX (56-10), Vokey SM7 (60-10K, True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 Shafts)

Wedges Cleveland 588 RTX

The Cleveland 588 RTX (56-10) is the wedge that is optimized for forgiveness and added spin, thanks to the Rotex technology. The durable laser milled face creates significant friction on the club’s face and thus boosting the spin regardless of the lie.

And owing to the large U-shaped grooves, the wedge gives an efficient performance at critical times like in wet areas, rough or sand regions.

Moreover, he also stocks Vokey SM7 (60-10K, True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 shafts) in his bag. The Vokey SM7 wedge grooves are typically sharp and precisely spaced. As such they inspire confidence by giving a maximum spin, easy to control, and consistent performance.

Putter: Odyssey 2-Ball Long

Putter Odyssey 2-Ball

For making short strokes Bernhard Langer WITB and Marc Leishman WITB share the same brand. The Pro German golfer prefers his Odyssey 2-Ball Long putter.

The Club features a tour-inspired and proven head shape. Having been tested and proven over the years by tour players, the Odyssey 2-Ball Long is the putter you can count on for quality.

Its whole face registers a consistency in feel, sound, and performance. That’s because its design taps on a superior laser milling process and therefore achieves a tighter tolerance on the inserts.


So, that gives you a glimpse of what the legendary golfer keeps in his bag. As outlined in the Bernhard Langer WITB, he doesn’t shy off from mixing brands.

The same applies to you. When you need to present your best performance, you have to select your golf clubs carefully.

Do you feel challenged and wishes to try out any of the above clubs used by Langer? Don’t shy off to give it a try!