8 Best 5 Woods 2022 Review

With all the fairway technology improving tremendously and fast, narrowing down to the best 5 woods could be challenging. We can question the fact that fairway woods are getting better, longer, and higher launching. When choosing the perfect 5 wood for your game becomes one of your priorities, the information we have rounded up here will matter to you. Meaning, here is the help you need to pick the best club for your game. By using the guidelines below of best 5 fairway woods, you have somewhere to start.

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Best 5 Woods Review

TaylorMade SIM MAX Fairway

TaylorMade SIM MAX Combo Set

The TaylorMade SIM MAX Fairway is a premium 5 wood option for golfers who want the absolute best on the market. This item comes in many options, but the TaylorMade SIM MAX is by far the best one due to its enormous tour energy with every shot.

This product will help you if you want more solid contact with your club off a tight lie. Why? Because it’s design aims to help the average golfer get the most impressive ball speed. The club will allow you to create high speed and distance on the golf course.

It is perfect for reaching more par fours and par fives. Designed with the V Steel Sole, the club improves turf interaction with every shot out of the rough. Plus, a bonus of a twist face technology that helps keep the ball straight. The C300 steel face also improves distance.

With incredible ball speed, exploding sound, feel, and twist face technology, the TaylorMade SIM MAX provides a square face angle to enhance your overall performance.


  • Strong clubface
  • More distance
  • High ball speeds
  • Low center of gravity
  • It comes with custom-shaft options
  • V steel technology offers better turf interaction
  • Draw bias option for golfers who slice the ball


  • The fairway wood is a bit pricey

Cobra Golf 2020 Men’s Speedzone Fairway

Cobra Golf 2020 Men's Speedzone Fairway

The Cobra Speedzone is an excellent piece of fairway wood and one of the finest. A compact body and outstanding craftsmanship make this item a terrific wood for low handicappers. The newest version of this club is more suitable for advanced golfers.

It`s dual hollow split rails feature on the sole give it a smooth turf interaction with more distance and high launch. Accordingly, the CNN milling along the clubface center is another notable feature of this club. This allows it to produce a lower spin with added accuracy.

The product features some severe technological advancements such as the split rail technology, dual baffler rails, and the CNN milled face that makes it an outstanding wood.

The baffler rail technology ensures you get out of a less than ideal lie. Therefore is an essential aspect of any 5 wood. The high loft and the lightweight carbon fiber crown and rails allow this club to take you through some lies.

Another reason to love the Cobra Speedzone is its high adjustability. This feature allows you to change the loft or face angle for a custom fit that matches your preference every time you hit the golf course. Accordingly, you can use the Cobra Connect technology to track your progress as you play. The golf club has a specific design for a wide range of handicaps. Also, Cobra Speedzone fairway provides big tour fairway wood performance at an affordable price, making it one of the best 5 wood for low handicappers.


  • Low spin
  • Highly adjustable
  • Easy to hit from rough


  • It has a slightly smaller profile than its peers on the market

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Fairway Wood

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Fairway Wood

The Callaway Mavrik Fairway is an outstanding one among the best woods in the market. This item features loads of specs, such as the dual weighting along the sole to offer slice protection. The long list of its features reflects on the club’s ability to provide a higher launch, add yardage, and create some of the best shots you will see on a golf course.

Another noteworthy feature is JailBreak Technology. This built aspect places two rods behind the clubface’s center to stiffen and strengthen the head. The Callaway’s new 5 wood comes with first-rate technology with a lightweight feel and great speed.

Callaway Mavrik fairway is also known for its forgiveness. A design using artificial intelligence with a large and high-performance clubface is present on the club. The clubface features a Flash Face SS20 technology that helps increase ball speed and low dispersion. This product’s leading-edge design is to help you achieve an easy launch and higher ball flight. With this 5 wood in your hand, you may want to hit the ball more elevated than the 3 wood. Additionally, it comes with a better shot-stop to prevent the ball from rolling once it falls on the greens.

The Callaway Mavrik is also an adjustable wood that allows you to set the club to suit your needs. If you find a hard time with your short game, this product will help you make a difference.

Like the Sub Zero model, this product is a bit pricey. However, its ability to add distance and offer straighter shots are better payoffs.


  • High ball speed
  • Low spin
  • High launch
  • Highly adjustable


  • A large club head

Wilson Staff C300 Fairway Wood

Wilson Staff C300 Fairway Wood

Are you on a budget? And need a new golf club for your game? The Wilson Staff C300 Fairway wood is an excellent option in that case. It is a high-performance, sleek design wood that comes at a low cost compared to most of its peers in the same category. This product may not get as much recognition among the pros, but it has all the features f a premium golf club. The Power Hole technology ensures that you achieve maximum speed with the Wilson Staff  C300. Additionally, this feature gives a higher launch with every shot.

The Wilson Staff C300 also has a large sweet spot designed with 455 stainless steel for a smooth feel. You will feel the ball launch from the clubface and witness an impressive speed with every swing you make. And if you care about the looks, the C300 comes with a red finish that makes it stand out. Use this club to turn heads on the golf course.


  • Interchangeable weights options
  • Power Hole technology for speed
  • Great ball speed and distance
  • Better priced than most premium golf clubs

Cons :

  • The feel is not as great as some of the items in this review.

Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Fairway Wood

Cleveland Golf Men's Launcher HB Fairway Wood

Do you love the Launcher HB Turbo driver? Then you will also love this fairway wood since it is packed with the same technology, though with a slightly smaller size. The Cleveland Launcher HB fairway wood has a design for speed that offers an alternative for a solid driver off the tee. If you want a product to help you get after par 5s, this is an excellent choice.

The Cleveland Launcher HB is also perfect for high handicap golfers looking for easy-to-hit and forgiving wood. Since it is not the latest release, you can expect a fair price tag coupled with high-performance features.

The cup face design on this product offers a hotter cup face and enhanced ball speed, even if you do not hit the sweet spot. It also comes with deep weighting for a raised MOI and retooled HiBore crown for a lower center of gravity. The lower center of gravity offers a higher launch even when the ball is in a tough lie. The Miyazaki C. Kua shaft has a high balance point that helps golfers achieve hard hits off the tee and grand launching off the fairway.

If you are looking for a forgiving cup face, this is the right fairway for you. Accordingly, it comes with an overall lightweight design to help players that struggle with drivers off the tee. It is a very consistent club that will help you keep the ball in the fairway.


  • An affordable option, considering its features
  • Lower center of gravity for higher launch
  • Simple design and construction, easy to launch


  • The product is not as long as other options

Tour Edge Golf- Exotics EXS Fairway Wood

Tour Edge Golf- Exotics EXS Fairway Wood

One of the most unique 5 woods you will ever find out there is the Tour Edge Exotic EXS. Some players call it the sleeper club because of its uniqueness. The differentiating point is that it has a feature rarely found in metal wood; a titanium face. It`s titanium face adds more speed at reduced overall weight, resulting in a great feel and ball flight.

The compact and workable head appeals to the most advanced golfers for whom it is suited. This is one reason you will find the Tour Edge Exotic EXS on the PGA Tour Champions. Additionally, even pros sometimes need help, and this fairway delivers with its flight tuning system and adjustable weight. These features promote draws, fades, and neutral shots.

The PGA Tour Champions also has a sleek appearance and incredible sound due to the Sound Diffusion Bar inside the clubhead that also perfects its acoustic properties.



  • Unique titanium face for reduced weight and more speed
  • Great feel
  • High ball flight
  • Compact, workable head
  • Adjustable weight


  • It may be limiting to beginners

MW8 Moon Wood – Premium Golf Fairway Wood

MW8 Moon Wood – Premium Golf Fairway Wood for Men and Women

The MW8 Moon Wood is one of those love it or hate it types that have high handicapper, low swingers satisfied with their performances. The Moon Wood has a high loft designed for easy hits and high lift in the air. However, this wood may not be suitable for fast swingers.

It has a loft starting at 21 degrees and goes up to 33 degrees, making them viable alternatives for long and mid irons. That feature is perfect for high handicappers that struggle with long irons. Additionally, this product offers forgiveness for off-center hits. The high loft design increases distance with better stopping power to prevent the ball from rolling away from the hole once it hits the greens.

The MW8 Moon Wood also has a low profile. Hence can make it hard to hit when you tee it up; therefore, you need to ensure you tee it close to the ground if you want to use it to tee off. However, this club helps cut through the rough and gets under the ball even on a tight fairway lie. When offering a lift to escape the rough, its performance is comparable to that of the 9-iron or a pitching wedge. Additionally, the MW8 is incredible around the greens. It is precisely perfect for players that struggle to chunk or thin chips. However, this may be a great option if you have a lot of green to work with, which may be a tough shot for high handicappers.

The only noteworthy drawback is that the MW8 Moon Wood comes at a price comparable to other better-known brands in the market. That may be a tough call, but the overall value is excellent.


  • Easy to lift the ball up in the air
  • Low profile wood
  • Perfect for players who struggle to hit the fairway woods
  • Perfect lift, speed, and distance
  • Great around the greens


  • Slightly expensive for its profile and market position

Orlimar Golf Escape Fairway Wood

Orlimar Golf Escape Fairway Wood

The Orlimar Golf Escape Fairway Wood is perfectly designed for slow-swinging, high-handicappers because it helps dig the ball off the ground offering great lift into the air. This product produces ball flight similar to a lofted iron and has a great stopping power to ensure the ball does not roll away after landing. The item is available from 3-wood through 15-wood to give you many options to cover the most distance.

The 60-gram graphite shaft gives it a lightweight, though it might be too lightweight for pros. This is, however, great for low swing, high handicap players. The light, flexible shaft offers great speed to help the ball up in the air.

Orlimar Escape Fairway offers a wide variety of loft, ranging from 16 degrees (3 wood) to 38 degrees, almost like an 8-iron. The Orlimar Escape features a shallow face and a sleek design that helps get under the ball for higher lift and excellent ball flight. This feature makes it easier to hit, though it might limit the distance. It is a perfect replacement for iron and a great set for high handicap players who struggle with their shots in the rough.


  • Extra loft for added lift
  • Shallow profile to get under the ball
  •  Found in super high lofts
  • Perfect for shots through the rough


  • Insufficient stopping power leading to ripping
  • It tends to be too lightweight for most golfers

How to Buy Good 5 Woods

Picking the perfect fairway wood for your golf game can be puzzling. It could be worse because golfers prioritize drivers and irons, which are more critical, and forget fairway woods. Depending on the number of times you use your fairway wood, you can always be sure to improve your game. Here are essential factors to consider when looking to buy one of these golf equipment.


The loft of a 5 wood is the angle between the face from the club’s top to its bottom. It often comes with a higher loft, unlike drivers because they are for longer shots. This item allows you to reach long yardage with more spin and better stopping power when the ball lands on the green.

Tour or Standard

Most golfers will go for the standard club. However, professional golfers prefer tour-level clubs. Standard woods are designed with a larger sweet spot area for golfers with swing flaws and require high launch and low spin. On the other hand, tour woods are more complex and feature low spin and a lower, deeper center of gravity to maximize speed.


Shaft will help you improve your swing speed and accuracy. A perfect shaft comes with a flex rating that corresponds with your swing speed.


Even professional golfers miss the sweet spot sometimes. Accordingly, high handicappers tend to hit a golf ball all over the clubface. However, fairway technology tends to correct this mistake by making mis-hits playable. You need a fairway wood that will offer distance even on a poor swing. As much as no club will fix a bad hit, some feature a design that gives you a “that will do” shot on a poor hit.


A club should belong no matter how forgiving it is. Golf courses are getting longer by the day. Therefore, you need a club that will keep up with the modern-day demands on the golf course. Your 5s creation should help you score, not scare other golfers. You should go for a 5 wood with a thin, lively face for a higher launch because the distance is becoming more critical in the game today.


Golf woods are becoming more expensive due to advanced fairway technology and material. Therefore, you should ensure your golf club lasts more if it attracts a considerable price tag. The durability depends on the craftsmanship and built quality.


Well, this one connects to the price tag. Here comes a question for you; what would you expect from a club that costs double the price of another? It should be twice as better and offer double the quality and performance. However, that is not always what you get. You might find a 5 wood that offers less performance, distance, and speed but costs more. That one is not worth your extra cash.


Are you planning to buy the hottest new fairway wood? How is the trademark perceived in the market? Do pros prefer it?A more desirable wood will have everything you need for a golf game. More reputable and recognizable brands are more desirable due to quality and performance.


Adjustability will allow you to fine-tune the club to shape shots as you deem fit. Instead of sticking to a fixed hosel, you should go for a 5 wood with adjustable features to help you create higher launch and boost distance with every swing. Accordingly, adjustable hosel and loft sleeves help improve speed and distance.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

What Degree Is A 5 Wood Golf Club?

Generally, the fairway woods start at as low as 13 degrees and go to as high as 22 degrees. This includes the 7 wood. A 3 wood will feature lofts of between 13 and 15 degrees, the 5 wood has lofts of between 17 and 19 degrees, and the 7 wood has lofts of between 20 and 22 degrees. Some woods may go higher than these ranges. Accordingly, the 4 wood ranges between 16 and 18 degrees, though it is tough to find it.

What Is The Difference Between 3 Wood And 5 Wood?

Choosing between the 3-wood and 5-wood is a personal preference thing. However, the 3 wood is not for beginners unless you have a high swing to reach the greens. The 3 wood is mainly for hitting the ball up rather than sweeping it off the turf. On the other hand, the 5 wood is much easier to strike since it has more loft and lift to get the ball up in the air. Other differences are found in loft degrees, as stated above.

What Club Does A 5 Wood Replace?

In case you want to use a 5 wood and above, it is essential to know their replacements. The fairway wood comes with a more oversized clubhead than an iron. This makes it easier to achieve more distance without a high swing. In this case, the 5 wood would replace a 2-iron, 7 wood replaces the 3-iron and 4-iron, while the 9 wood the 5-iron.


The best 5 woods are high-performance clubs offering distance, speed, and forgiveness. Accordingly, these golf clubs will serve for many years to come. Hopefully, this article will act as a lead for you to the right path. You can choose from the items in our review or find alternatives from similar brands. Overall, ensure you consider the factors mentioned above when you want to buy any golf club. Accordingly, make sure you do your research to know what you want and how it suits your game style and level. Several options exist in the market, and finding the proper fairway wood should be the least of your worries.