8 Best 60 Degree Wedges 2022 Review

Every golfer needs to be well equipped to register the best performance in every shot. No wonder a golfer’s bag always has a variety of wedges. For example, when you are near the greens and want to make a short shot of a higher trajectory, the best 60 degree wedges make a perfect choice.

How about that rough or bunker shot? You see many situations call for a 60-degree golf club. However, the task of choosing the best 60 degree lob isn’t straightforward. Besides, there are numerous brands in the market and key factors like the bounce loft and grind to take into account.

That’s why we bring you the top choices in this 60 degree wedge review:

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Best 60 Degree Wedges Review

Callaway Golf Mack Daddy 5 JAWS

Callaway Golf Mack Daddy 5 JAWS

Having been designed by the wedge pro, Roger Cleveland, Callaway Golf Mack Daddy 5 JAWS possess a striking look. With its dual variety finish of tour grey and platinum chrome, a golfer can easily choose his taste. Also, the Callaway 60 degree wedge boasts 8620 mild carbon steel material. Therefore it registers an outstanding feel.

Whether you subscribe to a left or right-hand orientation, the 60-degree golf wedge won’t disappoint. Furthermore, it comes in two shaft materials of steel or graphite. So women looking for the best 60 wedge are likely to find the graphite-styled shaft ideal.

Callaway picks on the reliable groove in groove technology and blends it with the extra sharp edge radius. The mixture produces a boost in spin and more precise control of shot. At the same time, the Callaway Golf Mack Daddy 5 JAWS is available in various bounce and hand-crafted grind options.

As for the head, it possesses the traditional progressive shape thus enabling the Callaway 60 degree wedge to make a variety of shots. Every golfer needs a wedge that gives consistent performance. That’s why Rodger Cleveland injects new JAWS groove design, groove in groove technology, and variety of grind alternatives.


  • Ideal for bunker and greenside shots
  • Presents multiple sole and grind options
  • Boasts the classic look
  • Available in both steel and graphite stock shaft


  • It attracts high price tag

TaylorMade Golf MG2

TaylorMade Golf MG2

When your current wedge skids often then try out the TaylorMade Golf MG2. The TaylorMade 60 wedge incorporates raw face technology. Therefore the use of ZTP RAW groove design results into deep and sharp grooves.

And when the wedge makes an impact with the ball, there is less skid and thus translating into an increased greenside spin. Its shaft presents alloy steel material with a chrome color finish. That gives it superior strength and a striking look. But if the chrome doesn’t give you an impressive look, you can try the matte black

A closer inspection of the TaylorMade Golf MG2 reveals that it has the milled grind sole. In comparison to the hand carafe sole, it yields a higher degree of accuracy and consistency. When you take it to real action in the golf course, the MG2 register optimum interaction with turf.

The Taylormade lob wedge’s head features thick and thin regions adequately distributed. So it places the center of gravity of the wedge at a strategic location. That enhances its feel of the ball and flight.

Furthermore, its back cavity employs TPU inserts. That plays double roles of awarding improved dampening of vibrations and improving performance.


  • Outstanding feel
  • Produces fewer vibrations
  • Improved feel and control of the ball
  • Available in matte and chrome finish


  • Slightly heavy

Cleveland Golf CBX Full-Face 60 RH Satin Large


The CBX golf wedges are very popular among seasoned golfers. However, the addition of the Cleveland Golf CBX Full-Face 60 RH Satin Large brings substantial benefits to a golfer. Its outstanding feature stems from the full face feature.

Its crafting blends the Rotex and laser milling technique. For that reason the Cleveland 60 degree wedge presets accurately formed grooves. Besides, the hitting surface of the wedge has numerous grooves covering it completely.

To a high handicapper, the Cleveland Golf CBX Full-Face 60 RH Satin Large is highly forgiving. When you fail to locate the sweet spot you still land a surface that has grooves. Accordingly, it forms one of the best 60 degree golf wedges.

Apart from the full face feature, the Cleveland 60 wedge features an extended toe portion. Thus when you miss a center hit instead of experiencing off shots the extended toe comes to your aid. The protruding toe makes the wedge ideal for making extreme open-face shots.


  • Wide sweet spot thus it’s highly forgiving
  • Optimizes your control and spin
  • High toe profile compensating for mishits
  • Dual shaft options of steel and graphite


  • Available in limited wedge loft varieties

Mizuno T20

Mizuno T20

Every golfer yearns for long-lasting groove quality. For that reason, the Mizuno 60 degree wedge employs clear-cut Computer numerical cut milled grooves. The precise milling of the grooves results in predictable spins.

When you normally play golf in dew-infested turf, then you need a wedge that adapts to such an environment. Mizuno T20 counts among the best 60 wedges for wet grounds. Unlike any other ordinary wedge, it uses laser technology to make microscopic grooves.

While playing on the dewy grass the tiny vertically etched holes helps to ease away the moisture. That minimizes the skid and gives you a solid feel of the ball. Moreover, it further incorporates the increased grain density at the point where the ball meets the wedge.

By using the precisely cut funneling grooves the Mizuno 60 degree wedge gives consistent spin regardless of the weather conditions. And apart from the 60 degree loft, 6 degree bounce, Mizuno T20 avails the wedge in 9 other loft/bounce options.

Regarding looks, the Mizuno 60 degree lob wedge offers dual colors of satin chrome and blue ion. Both of which presents an aesthetic view. But in case the plated models do not appeal to you, the company offers the raw and ready to rust wedge. And when the face rusts its grip and spin on the ball improves too.

But it isn’t just the look that makes the Mizuno stand out. Its head presents a high tapered edge blade. Such a thoughtful design improves the vertical stability when you make off-center strikes.


  • It has precisely cut grooves that give predictable spins
  • Designed to ease away moisture while playing on wet grounds
  • Available in three different finishes
  • It presents an appealing look


  • The blue ion finish wear out relatively fast

Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge

Wilson a reputable brand this time picks on a steel shaft and head for the wedge. Accordingly, it injects sturdiness and reliability into the 60 degree sand wedge. Besides the sturdiness, it doesn’t disappoint in the high polish finish looks. Make an entrance in the golf course and its appearance puzzles your opponent.

Just like the standard classic look, the Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge features a blade design that stands out among other cheap 60 degree wedges. Owing to a customized bounce angle, the wedge supports versatile play. You can use it on the sand, rough or fairway and it doesn’t disappoint.

Its steel shaft also possesses the standard wedge flex. Furthermore, with its sole grind, you can customize the open face and hence register more accuracy. Considering it’s moderately lightweight, it can also double as a ladies 60 degree wedge.

So if you are a beginner golfer and looking for a nice lob wedge to add to your set, then the Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge makes a viable choice. While most wedges limit their wedges to 60 degree loft, Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge is available up to a 64 degrees wedge.


  • It presents the classic look
  • Boasts sturdy steel material
  • You can get it in varieties of lofts
  • Affordable price
  • Great wedge for low handicappers


  • Relatively thin grip

Callaway Golf Mack Daddy 5 JAWS Women’s Wedge


For a female golfer hunting for the best ladies’ 60 degree wedge, the Callaway Golf Mack Daddy 5 JAWS Women’s Wedge is worth looking into. Women always desire beautiful pieces of equipment. And the Callaway doesn’t disappoint with its platinum chrome finish on the wedge.

Tapping from his expertise in the sport, Roger Cleveland curves the wedge to present an arresting look. Moreover, its blend of 8620 mild carbon steel gives the Callaway 60 degree wedge a solid feel.

And in contrast to the head, its shaft presents a graphite material. That makes it light and hence qualifying as the women’s 60 degree wedge. Though it is lightweight, don’t underestimate it. That’s because it features w and c grinds with updated features. For that reason when you take it to the greenside, it allows you to make a variety of shots.

When compared to its predecessor, the MD5 has significant groove design improvement. The Callaway 60 degree lob wedge combines meticulously crafted grooves and the superior JAWS groove design technique.

The thorough milling process produces angles, edges and walls precisely cut out to the sharpest degree. As a result, Callaway produces a 60 degree wedge with boosted spin and control.

Since it blends micro-sized grooves to JAWS grooves, the Callaway women’s 60 degree wedge produces a high predictable spin. Such high predictability gives a golfer a boost in confidence in scoring from different zones.


  • Produces high and predictable spin
  • Artistic appealing wedge
  • Improved head progression
  • Comfortable Lamkin grip


  • Not available in the left-hand orientation

Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s CBX Wedge

Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s CBX Wedge

The Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s CBX wedge boasts a sturdy steel shaft. But though it employs the steel material its lightness is easy to feel especially after taking a hit at the ball. So unlike other best 60 wedges prone to mishits, the Cleveland 60 wedge equips you for fine and smooth shots.

Its overall structure also presents the cavity back design. That gives it high versatility in making different shots. So when you need to push a golf ball to a nearby hole, the Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s CBX wedge proves helpful indeed.

Cleveland once more shows his expertise in curving clubs in the Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s CBX. It makes use of the feel-balancing technology. That is, he cautiously redistributes weight around the club head’s perimeter. Hence at the impact with the ball, improves the feel and also supports tight shot distribution.

Besides, the club also employs the wide dual- V sole. With the V shape spreading from the front down to the back the club offers outstanding interaction with the turf. The shape also translates to a wider toe. Therefore to a golfer who occasionally suffers off-center hits, the wedge is highly forgiving.


  • It imparts maximum spin
  • Highly forgiving on off-center hits
  • Blends with all lie angles
  • Available in dual shafts materials


  • Some golfers take a while to adjust to the club’s design

Callaway Golf Men’s Chrome Mack Daddy 4 Steel Wedge Flex Hand

Callaway Golf Men’s Chrome Mack Daddy 4 Steel Wedge Flex Hand

Most golfers that have used Callaway golf men’s Mack Daddy 4 admire its premium platinum chrome finish. But the men who do not like the shimmering look can settle on the matte black finish.

Its shaft material boasts steel and hence promising in durability. And like the Callaway wedge identity, the Callaway 60 degree wedge features the groove in groove technology. The inclusion of micro ridges and micro-grooves on the wedge’s hitting surface boosts its spin.

Moreover, Mack Daddy 4 also features weighted ports. That helps to shift the center of gravity upwards. For that reason in every shot the wedge makes, it registers a soft solid feel. Also the Mack Daddy 4 Steel Wedge Flex Hand offers 4 different sole grinds. Thus you can find every wedge to match every course condition ranging from sand, rough to the fairway.

For instance, the W-Grind presents a wide sole. That makes it a highly forgiving wedge for bankers. However, for the pro golfer who needs versatility, C-Grind is the way out. On the other hand, the X-Grind has an open face that allows sliding of club below the ball without digging deeper into the turf.


  • Wide grind variety for every course condition, playing style, and angle
  • Reduced glaring effect
  • Incredible feel on wedge and ball impact
  • Dual-color variety
  • Shaft made of durable steel material
  • Exceptional spin


  • Very expensive

How to Choose Best 60 Degree Wedges

Getting the best wedge combination is paramount to succeeding in your game. So read on to unearth the chief factors you need to know before choosing best 60degree wedges. The below questions enlightens you and so helps you make the best club choice.

What’s a 60 Degrees Wedge Used For?

When around the green, a 60 degree golf club becomes a valuable tool. To hit a flop shot, the best 60 wedge comes into use. However, these clubs are a great asset in your golf bag owing to their versatile use.

For instance, making bunker shots often challenges many golfers. A wedge with considerable loft makes the job somehow easier. It enables you to quickly get the ball over the bunker. A 56 and a 60 degree sand wedge are good examples of wedges suited for such tasks.

Another best example where you’ll need a 60 degree golf club is when playing on a heavy rough. Remember, in the heavy rough grass blades will often come midway between the ball and the club. So, to make the ball get high above the grass and stop on the green, the high spin ability of the 60 degree golf wedge comes into the picture

Know The Correct Grind That Blends With Your Game

Some golfers claim that the 60 degree wedge is challenging to use. However, it isn’t far much different from other clubs. The main factor that you as a golfer need to know is the wedge bounce that works for you and similarly the sole grind that matches your game.

Remember the chief factor is getting the club that feels comfortable. That way you will be able to grow confidence with your wedge and know the right swing speed to inject in every short game.

If you don’t settle on a 60 degree golf club with the bounce that blends with your game then most often you’ll hit the ball thin. When you take a swing at the ball, it bounces on the ground and results in a thin hit. Nevertheless, you still need to know how to use a 60 degree wedge to generate the highest spin.

What Bounce Should You Choose In Lob Wedges?

The right bounce to choose in a golf club depends on several factors. That includes the golf course condition, your personal preference, and skills. But with all that said, most skilled golfers tend to agree on a bounce of about 8 to 10 degrees. Such an angle makes it easier for the club to get into the ball’s underside without the danger of sinking into the ground.

The Finish of The Club

Like all other clubs, the best 60 degree wedges differ in the type of finish they possess. Most common variations include colors such as silver, bronze, bluish or darker hues. Choosing your best finish inspires confidence thus boosting your game.

Although tastes differ from one golfer to the next, here are a few points to know about each of the common finishes;

Chrome and Nickel Finish

This type of finish presents a silver color on the club’s head. Besides presenting an appealing look, chrome quality doesn’t normally wear out quickly.

Dark Finish

Some golfers also prefer matte black or grey finish. The major advantage of the darker finish is that it minimizes the glare effect. But the darker paint tends to wear fast and therefore leaving behind a chipped appearance.

Rose Gold and Bronze Finish

The gloss is also termed a raw finish. Although it rusts quickly, that works to the advantage of many golfers. The rust reduces the skid effect, improves the club’s grip on the ball, and thus increasing the spin rate.


Many clubs feature steel material in the shaft. The choice of steel material on a wedge gives the club long life. However, some women’s 60 degree wedge possesses graphite material. When compared to steel wedges graphite makes the clubs lighter. Therefore if a steel wedge feels heavier thus making you register mishits try the graphite ladies 60 degree wedge.


It isn’t an easy task to make a flop shot. Besides acquiring the right skills, you need to choose the right set of equipment that adapts to the task. That’s why you need the best 60 degree wedges in your golf bag.

Apart from helping in flip shots, the best 60 degree golf wage equips you for easy bunker shots and game in the rough. So you see it pays to take your time and choose the right lob wedge. Why struggle with demanding shots when there are the best budget 60 degrees golf clubs to help you out?