8 Best Golf Ball Retrievers 2022 Review

Obstacles are everywhere in golf courses and that’s what makes the sport more challenging. However, this obviously entails retrieving the ball once it lands on a sand trap or a water hazard. To make things so much easier for you whenever the ball is on the sand or in the water, you need to check out the best golf ball retrievers you can easily buy in stores.

What makes a golf ball retriever different from using a cheap makeshift one? Golf ball retrievers are adjustable to ensure both portability and functionality. Some of them can even be extended to a maximum length of 4.5 meters. After retrieving the ball, simply adjust the telescopic pole so you can effortlessly store it anywhere you want.

Despite the straightforward design and purpose of golf ball retrievers, there are actually several factors to consider before buying one. Learn more about this type of product by going over the following options.

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Best Golf Ball Retrievers Review

Search and Rescue Retriever

Search and Rescue Retriever

With its attractive royal blue color, the Search and Rescue Retriever is a cool addition to your golf bag. And, even better, it’s more than just its appealing color. It’s also highly resistant to most environmental factors because of its powder-coated structure made of aluminum. No wonder it’s durable for any weather condition.

While the pole is composed of aluminum, the rings are made of stainless steel. They won’t rust even when they’re always exposed to water.

To ensure that you can retrieve the ball in just a few tries, there’s a lock bar that can hold it as long as needed. Once you lift the ball with the rings, it won’t fall anymore.

Despite the headcover included in this product, the plastic components still might not be able to survive for a long time. They’re quite breakable. And, once they’re broken, a repair might not be possible.

The locking mechanism for the pole might get loose, too. This will keep the pole from collapsing, making it a hassle for storage and transport.

Even though this golf ball retriever follows the standard length, some golfers are still not satisfied. It’s not long enough for retrieving balls that land further into the sand or the water.


  • Attractive color
  • Weather-resistant
  • Won’t rust
  • Secure hold
  • Free headcover


  • Breakable plastic components
  • Loose lock
  • Not long enough

Prowithlin Golf Ball Retriever, Stainless Telescopic Extendable

Prowithlin Golf Ball Retriever, Stainless Telescopic Extendable

While the previous option highlights that its rings are stainless steel, the Prowithlin Golf Ball Retriever primarily uses that extremely durable metal for its pole. Just in case the top half of the staff submerges in a water hazard, rest assured it won’t corrode eventually.

As a plus, the stainless steel stick looks perfect when finally placed in your golf bag. It has that usual metallic appearance golf irons have.

This golf ball retriever isn’t exactly one of the longest options out there with its mere 1.84-meter or 6-foot length. Still, it can serve its purpose perfectly in normal circumstances because of its telescopic staff.

In extreme situations, it might take a long time for the ball to be retrieved. That can be painful for the arms. Fortunately, this retriever is very lightweight, specifically weighing seven ounces only. Don’t worry about its lightness; it will remain strong for durability.

Sadly, in spite of the strength of this golf ball retriever, it’s not stable enough. That means the cup might move a lot as well, making it hard for you to scoop the ball. Even the cup can be the problem itself if its locking mechanism breaks.


  • Mostly made of metal
  • Rust-resistant
  • Looks perfect in golf bags
  • Telescopic design
  • Extremely lightweight


  • Too short for some golfers
  • Unstable
  • Broken lock

Prowithlin Golf Ball Retriever with Golf Alignment Tool

Prowithlin Golf Ball Retriever with Golf Alignment Tool

As expected, the Prowithlin Golf Ball Retriever with Alignment Tool has a special lock for the ball to stop it from falling off the cup. To be more specific, it has an automatic button that gets activated once the cup holds the ball.

And, the best part? This retriever is actually multipurpose. Its cup can be used as a marker to make sure that everything’s aligned perfectly before you swing your golf club. Finding the correct angle is crucial for better performance.

Just like the previous option, this one is also six feet long when extended to its maximum length. Meanwhile, its shortest length is only 1.3 feet, perfect for golf bags.

Since the handle can affect how you retrieve a golf ball from an obstacle, this product makes sure that your hand will flawlessly match the shape. The handle is also made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic for a more secure hold and a more comfortable feel.

However, some users don’t like the construction quality of this golf ball retriever, especially its plastic parts. The cup won’t stay still in some situations. It can also break easily.


  • Tighter hold
  • 2-in-1 design
  • Can be an alignment tool
  • Helps you perform better as a golfer
  • Designed for golf bags


  • Needs some improvement on its overall quality
  • Unstable cup
  • Broken cup

Extendable Golf Ball Retriever for Water

Extendable Golf Ball Retriever for Water

Longer than most options, the Extendable Golf Ball Retriever for Water can extend for up to two meters. Other choices are usually within the one-meter range only. When collapsed, this retriever is just a little bit longer than a ruler. It can definitely be stored anywhere.

Despite its longer stainless steel pole, this golf ball retriever remains lightweight. It only weighs 225 grams. The combination of sturdy steel and the overall lightness makes this product stable even when it’s in its longest form.

While the shaft is metal, the cup is plastic. However, it’s still sturdy and stable enough to retrieve a golf ball.

This product is actually a set of items, by the way. It’s value for money. Aside from the golf ball retriever, the set also includes a golf ball marker and a golf ball grabber.

The marker’s purpose is for you to draw something on your ball to avoid confusion with other golf balls in the area. Meanwhile, the grabber is simply for picking up a ball without the need for you to bend down. That’s why this product is a perfect gift for golfers.

The structure of this golf ball retriever is sturdy, but its plastic parts are breakable. In particular, the ball holder needs more pressure for its locking system to work, which increases the possibility of breakage.

And, even though this product is specifically recommended for retrieving golf balls in the water, it’s not very precise. The hold is looser than expected, which goes back to the complaint that the lock requires more pressure.


  • One of the longer options
  • Easier storage
  • Lightweight
  • Higher stability
  • Comes in a set of items


  • Flimsy plastic parts
  • Requires more pressure to lock
  • Not good enough for water obstacles

The Original Bag Shag

The Original Bag Shag

With the Original Bag Shag, no more constant bending while practicing with multiple golf balls. It’s the perfect retriever for beginners, especially first-time golfers, who rarely encounter obstacles since they can’t hit balls further across the golf course just yet.

Since training may involve a lot of golf balls, the canvas bag of this retriever has a roomy yet still compact space. It can store 80 balls without stretching too much. As a plus, it comes in stylish color options: blue, red, green, and black.

The handle of this golf ball retriever has a comfortable grip, but it can still be a hassle to carry the entire product for several minutes if the bag is full. That’s because the stainless steel structure, even with an empty bag, is heavier than expected.

When it comes to durability, despite being a heavy-duty golf ball retriever overall, its zipper isn’t as durable as the rest of the components. And, if you’re on a tight budget, this product is one of the expensive options.


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Portable storage for golf balls
  • Compact shape
  • Stylish color
  • Comfortable grip


  • Heavy structure
  • Weak zipper
  • Expensive

SisterAling 3-Prong Golf Ball Retriever Grabber Pick Up

SisterAling 3-Prong Golf Ball Retriever Grabber Pick Up

To ensure that it can complement any putter handle appearance-wise, the SisterAling 3-Prong Golf Ball Retriever has a simple black color. More importantly, it’s made of high-quality plastic and fastened by a foolproof screw for durability.

The main reason why this retriever is efficient is the claw design. The “claw” can quickly hold the ball in a very secure way.

This small grabber is definitely lightweight. And, of course, it can be used with all types of putter handles.

It’s important for you to really keep in mind that this product isn’t a complete device, unlike the previous options. It’s just a small attachment you can connect to a putter handle.

Even though this golf ball retriever is highly versatile, it’s base is too big for some handles. Some users need to modify their putter handles just to make sure that the fit is perfect.


  • Versatile color
  • Durable plastic
  • Secure fastener
  • Efficient
  • Extremely portable


  • Not your usual golf ball retriever
  • Bigger base
  • Might need modifications

Intech Golf Ball Shag Bag with Aluminum Handle and Frame

Intech Golf Ball Shag Bag with Aluminum Handle and Frame

Another option with an integrated compartment for the balls, the Intech Golf Ball Shag Bag aims to prevent discomfort on your back by keeping you from bending over whenever you’re picking a ball up. It’s perfect for senior golfers and players who are still recovering from an injury.

Both the frame and the handle are made of aluminum. That’s why this golf ball retriever is lightweight. Even with a full bag, the overall weight won’t be too heavy.

The zipper isn’t very durable, though. That’s because it’s composed of plastic. The handle might also bend eventually since aluminum is less sturdy than steel.

In some cases, even the entire aluminum structure of this golf ball retriever becomes totally unusable within a year due to deformed parts.


  • Comes with a bag for golf balls
  • Prevents back discomfort
  • Effortlessly grabs golf balls
  • Lightweight structure
  • Not too heavy even with a full bag


  • Flimsy zipper
  • Bent handle
  • Deformed structure

Callaway Pro Caddie Premium Ball Shagger or Feeder

Callaway Pro Caddie Premium Ball Shagger or Feeder

We’re saving the most unique one for last. The Callaway Pro Caddie Premium Ball Shagger or Feeder isn’t just a golf ball grabber; its patented design can also automatically provide you with a ball to hit as long as it’s standing properly.

Unlike other similar products, this device can only hold 35 balls max. However, it has more features because of its multipurpose design. It’s also more heavy-duty since it has a solid structure. It doesn’t need a bag.

Unfortunately, the legs aren’t as well-designed as the body. The feeder function becomes useless once they’re broken.

The metal component delivering the ball isn’t durable enough as well. It can be folded for grabbing balls and storage, but the mechanism isn’t very reliable.

And, since this device can only deliver a few balls at a time, each session might take longer than usual. It even gets jammed sometimes if the user is rushing.


  • Unique design
  • Multipurpose
  • Can be used as a golf ball feeder
  • Solid structure
  • No more flimsy zippers


  • Weak legs
  • Broken metal parts
  • Jammed ball delivery feature

How to Choose Good Golf Ball Retrievers

Ball Holder


Also called the “scooper” of golf ball retrievers, the enclosure is like a tiny cup to easily scoop the ball from softer or unstable surfaces like sandy sections and bodies of water. If not a cup, it’s a thick solid ring that can scoop the ball faster since both sides are open, unlike cups with one closed side.

However, without a lock to hold the ball, there’s a steep learning curve on how to scoop correctly. Total focus is required and shaky hands can easily affect accuracy. One tip is to scoop sideways, which can actually be tricky for beginners. This design is the simplest one, but it can definitely be the most difficult.

Locking Mechanism

Be a smarter buyer and prioritize choosing a golf ball retriever with a locking mechanism. The only downside of this secure design is that the lock requires some pressure to click.

If the ball is floating further in the water, you’re less likely to press it onto something hard to activate the system. You’d have no choice but to go back to basics and just scoop the ball out of the water with the cup or ring.



Generally more stable than an option with an extremely long pole or stick, a golf ball retriever with a shorter staff guarantees a higher level of precision. It’s pretty obvious, though, that a shorter pole instantly means a more limited reach.


It goes without saying that a longer pole will make it possible for you to retrieve a golf ball even when it’s already several meters further than your normal reach. It has to be made of something sturdy like stainless steel.

Another common material for golf ball retriever shafts is aluminum, but it’s so much lighter than steel. We suggest considering an aluminum shaft if the length is shorter or if there’s a shag bag included. That metal will only increase the likelihood of a long stick to wobble a lot.


While discussing short and long golf ball retrievers, we’re specifically referring to their maximum length. We still have to consider how portable they should be. Having a telescopic design can make that happen no matter how long the pole is.

The collapsed length of a golf ball retriever should easily fit golf bags. Some options can even fit any bag since their dimensions are similar to a 12-inch ruler.



The texture of the handle needs to be a little bit rough for a more secure grip. The shape should also match your hands. With a slippery grip, you’d find it hard to maintain your balance while retrieving a golf ball. It won’t even matter if the shaft has a stable structure.


The handle should also feel good in your hands. An uncomfortable one is impractical for retrieving golf balls in the most challenging places. That kind of situation may take some time, and it can definitely take a toll on your arms.


Resistance to any weather condition is crucial for the durability of the handle and even the whole structure of a golf ball retriever. Every component must resist corrosion, especially when it’s frequently exposed to changing weather or water obstacles.



The simplest design of golf ball retrievers is only composed of three major parts: the enclosure, pole, and handle. Its sole purpose is to retrieve golf balls from different obstacles. If that’s the only thing you need right now, then keep it simple to save money and avoid complicated features.

Shag Bag

If you prefer something that can help you pick up balls around the golf course faster, you need a much shorter retriever with a shag bag. The bag will automatically store all the balls you get from solid surfaces without constantly using the zipper. Simply push the tube over the ball until it sucks it in.

Ball Feeder

A 2-in-1 device, this type of golf ball retriever can either grab or deliver balls depending on how you use it.

If you’re going to retrieve balls with this kind of product, simply hold the handle and push the tube. It literally works like those retrievers with shag bags.

On the other hand, if it’s time to hit balls continuously, make this retriever stand up with its legs and tap something to activate the mechanism that releases one ball at a time.


Considering the main purpose of golf ball retrievers, we highly recommend one option that has the longest reach among the products we’ve included on the list. We’re talking about none other than the Extendable Golf Ball Retriever for Water. It can reach two meters instead of the usual one-meter or 6-foot range. Despite its longer pole, it remains storage-friendly, stable, and lightweight.

When looking for the right golf ball retriever for your golfing needs, simply think about the quality of the ball holder, telescopic pole, handle, and overall design. It should be able to secure the ball, extend or collapse easily, keep your hand comfortable, and meet all of your expectations on the golf course.