8 Best Golf Balls for High Swing Speed 2022 Review

It would be best if you always chose the right golf ball for yourself regardless of your skills. The best golf ball will enhance your gaming potential, whether you are a high swing speed person or a low one. However, since we are reviewing the best golf ball for high swing speed, we will assume that you are a golfer with a high swing speed.

For the best performance every time you step on the golf course, you must have a ball designed for swing and speed delivery. It will enhance your consistency and game. For high swing speed golfers, the best ball is one that travels a reasonable distance without swaying sideways or losing in-flight stability—such balls all you to shoot and score perfectly.

Below, we look at the top-rated golf balls for high swing speed.

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Best Golf Balls for High Swing Speed Review

Bridgestone Tour B X Golf Balls

Bridgestone Tour B X Golf Balls

Bridgestone is a renowned brand for quality golf products. The Bridgestone Tour B X Golf Balls are high-performance products that offer incredible velocity to golfers. This product’s core has a design for speed and low spin off the driver to ensure straighter projection over a longer distance. The item is multi-layered to bring the most favorable performance from the tee to the greens. Accordingly, these balls provide accuracy that helps players have greater control on every shot and distance.

These balls are available in distinct colors for improved visibility on the golf course. The Bridgestone Tour B X Golf Balls also feature a Delta Dimple design that improves air resistance around the ball. At 1.4 pounds of weight, this item meets all the standards and requirements for a tour ball. You can get a dozen of the Bridgestone Tour B X Golf Balls in every box. It is available in all the Bridgestone stores near you and various online marketplaces. Be sure to grab an additional warranty on this product and guarantee by purchasing it from the manufacturer’s website or stores.


  • Low spin coupled with high speed
  • Durable
  • Great distance and shot control


  • The item is a bit costly

Srixon Z Star XV 5

Srixon Z Star XV 5

Srixon is one of the most popular golf ball brands. These manufacturers offer a wide range of high-quality golf clubs, golf balls, and other golf accessories. The Srixon Z Star XV 5 offers actual tour performance for 100mph swing speed. This product is a premium golf ball that comes with unique tour technologies. The thin urethane cover on these balls offers low spin for optimal control on the golf course. This item also features an energetic gradient growth core from advanced construction that offers flawless energy transfer to extended distances. That specification will help optimize its performance with every shot you make.

The Srixon Z Star XV 5 also comes with dimple patterns that enhance its life with reduced drag for better performance in every weather condition. This feature also enhances its durability and strength.

The item comes in two colors, white and yellow, for better visibility. Every box you buy comes with a dozen balls and is available in Srixon stores and website.


  • Highly durable urethane cover
  • Tour performance
  • Low spin and greater control
  • Top distance


  • These golf balls are a bit softer and may get scuffed
  • May not offer maximum speed

Snell MTB-X

Snell MTB-X

The man behind this brand, Dean Snell, is a legend in manufacturing golf balls. With 40 patents, his reputation is beyond doubt. Snell has been in this golf business for close to 30 years now and is one of the best manufacturers of premium high swing speed golf balls.

The Snell MTB-X features a urethane cover for a soft, thin, and durable performance, similar to what you’d find on the Pro V1 and Taylormade TP5. This product is a 3-piece golf ball that comes with low compression for low spin and great distance. The item is a star around the greens. Accordingly, its check on chips and pitches are tour-standard and the best in the market.

If you use this ball, you will notice a gain in yardage off the tee. Additionally, it is very substantial on the irons.

Snell MTB-X will give you greater shooting control and increased distance than most balls on the par 3s with longer irons. The ball also has a firm feel off the putter and provides a little “give” due to its softcover. If you want to enhance performance on your high swing speed play, try the Snell MTB-X.


  • The urethane cover offers durability
  • The ball provides a distance gain off the tee
  • One of the most affordable products on this list
  • Low compression coupled with low spin for better projection
  • Offers dead stop instead of ripping


  • I could not find any

Srixon Z Star 5 Golf Balls

Srixon Z Star 5 Golf Balls


Srixon makes it to the top again due to its quality that fits along with the Taylormade Project (a). This golf ball is perfect for high swing speed with every aspect of its construction and design. To start, it features a multi-layered structure with a softer inner side and firmer outer part at the cover for low compression and durability.

What makes the Srixon Z Star 5 Golf Ball a contender for the best title in the high swing speed category is the unique construction that gives it a softer core while the inner layers have a design to become firmer towards the cover.

The Srixon Z Star 5 Golf Ball has a lower compression, though it remains a bit higher than its peers in this category. However, the product offers an exceptional feel around the greens, though you may need multi-dimensions for better performance in your short game. Accordingly, you will notice that this ball is softer if hit with a fast swing around the greens. The Srixon Z Star 5 Golf Ball is suitable for bump and runs golfers with less reliance on spin shots. Additionally, it offers excellent holding power inside the 120 and perfect spin from bunkers with stop and drop type of shots.


  • The construction features a urethane cover for durability
  • The ball offers a little distance boost with a low spin off the tee
  • It is one of the most affordable golf balls for high swing speed in the premium category
  • Exceptional feel


  • Slightly higher compression compared to others on this list.

TaylorMade TP5x

TaylorMade TP5x


TaylorMade is a reputable American golf company that specializes in manufacturing high-quality golf equipment and accessories. The TaylorMade TP5x golf balls enhance performance and speed in every shot you make. This item`s design has a unique speed layer system comprising four hard layers that offer gain in the distance and speed off the tee. Accordingly, this creation ensures the ball carries more distance and greater control in the wind.

The TaylorMade TP5x features a high flex material that improves ball speed through an enhanced rebound effect. Its high flex material acts as a tight spring around the ball and creates energy and rebounds that generate more speed.

This item has a 5-layer golf ball construction that includes a tri-fast core for maximum carry and reduced drag. Its dual-spin cover comes with an ultra-soft urethane cover for durability that offers a complete tee through the performance of the green without a lot of sacrifices. The TaylorMade TP5x owns a specific design to enhance your routine on the golf course.

Accordingly, this ball combines great flight, soft feel, high speed, and maximum control to help you improve your overall game. It also guarantees a high wedge spin with a softer feel—the design with 322 seamless dimple patterns reduces drag. You will notice that this ball holds a straight shot shape in the air. However, it can also get a bit firmer, while the wedge shots may not offer a great spin like the TP5. The firm feel and reduced spin may not be an issue because the ball provides a dead stop instead of ripping back when hit at high swing speed. Overall, this ball feels like the Pro V1x.

Every box comes with 12 golf balls and two color options, white and yellow, for better visibility on the golf course. Most golfers have approved this product as offering more speed, distance, and more spin around the greens.


  • Durable urethane cover
  • Offers straighter shots
  • Features a thicker cover for a softer feel
  • Perfect for dead stops
  • Lower launch off the club for high ball golfers


  • The ball may not offer outstanding performance when a high spin is required.
  • A bit firmer

Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS

Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS

The Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS golf balls design is for golfers with a swing speed of over 105mph. It`s S at the end of the name stands for “spin.” It comes with a softer feel for golfers who prefer more feel and spin around the greens.

What is more impressive about the Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS is that you get plenty of control and feel. Accordingly, these balls offer greater distance, similar to any other premium golf ball with above 100mph swing speed. However, its spin and feel from every wedge shot are exceptional. The product has a redesigned SlipRes cover that keeps it wrapped to the clubface for more spin and higher trajectory. Overall, the item is one of the best golf balls for high swing speed.

The unique dimple patterns that are much shallower are among the features and may out some golfers off. However, the overall performance is excellent, and you will notice that the appearance makes no difference.

Using this ball, you will notice that harder driving wedge shots make it scuffed easily. Additionally, you can expect up to six feet of ripping when hitting the greens. Therefore, you always have to ensure you control the spin when hitting the ball.


  • Exceptional flight through the winds
  • Softer cover with rigid compression for tour-like spin and performance
  • Excellent distance and speed


  • The cover is softer and may get scuffed quickly with hard hits.

Chrome Soft X Triple Track Golf Balls

Chrome Soft X Triple Track Golf Balls

The Chrome Soft is one of the most used golf balls. And now, the company has designed the Chrome Soft X Triple Track Golf Balls for high-speed swingers. These balls have a design with a 4-piece construction with a more rigid dual SoftFast core to give your shots a straighter trajectory with every high-speed swing. Additionally, the design goes further to offer greater control over the shot shape.

The Chrome Soft X has a lower compression of 90, taking it to the same level as the Pro V1. However, it features hexagonal dimples. Overall, this is a perfect golf ball for higher swing speeds. Additionally, this product is suitable for big bombers and tour golfers who prefer all-around performance.


  • You can get it in soccer ball Truvis print
  • It offers a soft feel on the clubface
  • Provides a dead stop closer to the pitch mark instead of ripping
  • Combines various high swing- speed golf ball features for an all-round performance


I could not identify anything wrong with the Chrome Soft X Triple Track Golf Balls

Titleist Pro V1x

Titleist Pro V1x

Titleist is the number one golf ball for professional golfers and tour champions worldwide. By the end of the 2019 season, it had recorded 152 victories globally. Hence at the top of the list since its introduction in 2000. The Titleist Pro V1x design is for longer distances, more spin, and a great feel around the greens.

The Titleist Pro V1x comes with the reformulated 2.0ZG process core to increase distance. Its casing layer is made faster for more speed and lower spin in the long game to maximize reach. The new softer cast urethane cover offers a softer feel and durable performance. This design also enhances spin around the greens, better contact with the wedge, and generating more spin to get closer to the pitch mark. Accordingly, the product has improved stop and drop control for accurate shots around the greens.

Titleist Pro V1x golf ball features a tetrahedral dimple pattern to enhance higher trajectory with improved consistency. The 4-piece construction makes it harder than the Pro V1 with similar long game spin, better iron spin, increased short game spin, and higher flight. Overall, spin and feel are perfect for players who want to check and stop an 8 iron.

The average ball speed of Titleist Pro V1x produces is up to 50.5mph and an average distance gain of up to 45 yards. Additionally, this ball spins more with an estimated spin rate of 6,751 rpm.

These golf balls are for professional golfers who prioritize performance with higher ball flight and spin.


  • Excellent speed, distance, and spin
  • Softer feel around the greens
  • Suitable for the short and long game
  • Durable urethane cover
  • Improved trajectory due to reduced drag


  • One of the most pricey golf balls

How to Buy Good Golf Balls for High Swing Speed

Buying a golf ball is a personal preference, and most people prefer performance. You need to identify your swing speed first before you buy a golf ball. If you are a high swinger, the right ball will enhance your performance over distance and give you consistency with every shot. However, some golf balls are designed for both high and low swing speeds.

100mph and above is considered a high swing speed in golf. Golfers with this speed have the best game performance and would need a ball that offers stability and speed- A 100mph golf ball? Yes. Here are things you should consider for the best golf balls.


The best ball starts at the surface. Its outer covering should be made of a material that supports distance and speed. The main cover materials are surlyn and urethane. Surlyn offers more spin but has a firmer feel during impact. Golf balls made of outer surlyn cover generate more speed than urethane and balata. However, they are better designed for the short game and are more costly.

On the other hand, urethane has a better feel and dead stop for reliable and accurate shots. This property makes them suitable for golfers who do not want the ball rolling on the green. The urethane covers are also more durable and suitable for the long game.


Compression happens when the ball crashes against the clubface. It helps propel the ball, depending on the golfer’s swing speed and the ball’s core. If the core is hard, the ball compresses less, and if the core is soft, the ball compresses more. Faster, more powerful swingers hit the ball harder than slow swingers. A high compression ball is ideal for high swing speed players because it helps launch the ball forward with power.


Dimple patterns are used in golf balls to dictate how the ball responds while on the flight. Smooth balls fly with a direct trajectory. On the other hand, dimples offer perfect spins allowing the ball to climb and swing for an extended distance. Most golf ball manufacturers often include between 300 and 500 dimples on their products.

Dimples help with aerodynamics. Shallower, larger dimples tend to launch the ball over n extended carry. They do this by reducing drag hence increasing flight. You will want to consider golf balls with dimples if you are a high-speed swinger.


Golf balls come in two different constructions, and not all of them are perfect for a high swing speed.

  1. The 2-piece golf balls feature an ionomer or urethane cover. The core is often made of rubber or elastic. Their compression levels change while the hardcover and low spin make them perfect golf balls for 100mph swing speed. The 2-piece golf balls are more affordable and suitable for low spins.
  2. The 3-5-piece golf ball is another option designed with different layers for high swing speed performance. They are the most suitable for long-range, high-speed swings.

The spin rate and control

You need a golf ball that helps you take straighter shots. The ball must cut down on left or right spins. Note that this is specifically essential for people who struggle with spin.

The spin rate pertains to the ball’s spin’s speed, with every launch measured in revolutions per minute. The spin rate may not rely on your swing speed. However, the spin rate contributes to the overall carry distance—a higher spin rate results in a higher ball trajectory into the air. If you are a higher launcher, you may have to consider a low spin rate ball that helps you achieve the greatest distance for every swing. For golfers who may not have the ability to launch the ball higher enough in the air, more spin would help get the ideal lift.

Overall tour performance

You need a golf ball that features multiple layers for optimal distance, spin, feel, and overall performance. Every design is meant to offer varying performance levels, and it is an essential factor for professional golfers. You can also consider the price, though it should never be a priority.

Frequently Asked Questions on Golf Balls for High Swing Speed

How does the Titleist Pro V1 compare against the Pro V1x?

These are two of the most popular tour balls on the market. Therefore, it is essential to understand the one that suits your ability and style of play. The Titleist Pro V1 features a high compression, suitable for swing speed players. On the other hand, the Titleist Pro V1x also has high compression (slightly higher than the Titleist Pro V1), suitable for fast and more experienced golfers. However, the difference is relatively insignificant, and you may need to test both to determine the one that suits you.

What is the average weight of a golf ball?

A standard golf ball should weigh approximately 45.93 grams with a diameter of 42.67 mm. a brand new golf ball is often heavier than a used one.

Is water bad for a golf ball?

The outermost layer may start absorbing water if left exposed for more than twelve hours. Most golf balls are designed using urethane as the outer cover. This urethane material is highly hydrophilic when exposed to water. That is why it is advisable to keep the ball away from wetness. The damage may not be seen from the outside, but it affects golfing performance.


Regardless of your skill levels, you should pick a ball that enhances your performance. Best quality golf balls improve your gaming potential, and that is why you are always advised to buy one that improves your overall game, irrespective of your swing speed.

High swing speed golfers can produce more energy during impact to project it for longer distances. A ball for this performance should withstand great power without higher compression. High compression limits the ability to achieve greater distance and may also produce limited ball flight with poor overall performance off the tee.

Alternatively, high swing speed golf balls have an outstanding balance and low compression. These products are also perfect for low spins and have a softer feel. As a golfer, you have very many options for such ball types. Most of these balls are tour balls and may come with a costly price tag. However, getting one would be the right decision if you want to improve your results. This review should guide you in choosing the perfect golf ball for high swing speed.