9 Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers 2022 Review

Your performance as amid handicapper heavily depends on the golf accessories you use. So apart from your choice of wedges, you need the best golf balls for mid handicappers to optimize your success.

Therefore you don’t have to struggle with low swing speed or poor control on the green side. All you need is the best golf balls for intermediate golfers, and you are all set.

So find in the review the most popular golf balls tried and tested by different average golfers. The post also includes the best budget golf balls that take care of players under budget.

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Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers Review

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

When you search for the top 10 golf balls, Titleist is one of the reputable brands you’ll meet. This time it presents the Titleist Tour Soft that makes one of the best golf balls for the average golfer.

The package provides you with a two-color variety of the ball. That includes white or yellow balls that have a boosted visual appearance. If you are a golfer looking for the softest feeling ball that doesn’t compromise performance, then you need to look at the Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls.

Unlike other designs, the Titleist Tour Soft stands out as the one with the largest core structure. Also, it features a dual-layer design. At the outermost, it presents the ultra-thin 4CE Grafted Cover. From such features, it boosts short game spin performance and control around the green.

Through careful tiling, Titleist gives the soft golf ball a spherical 342 cuboctahedron dimple design. Accordingly, that contributes to its highly responsive feel. So it forms one of the best soft golf balls.

Since it’s a ball that targets mid handicappers, it possesses mid compression. From its technology-based core design, the Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball enables penetrating trajectories on shots. Besides, in every shot, it registers a consistent flight.

The box package gives a total of 12 balls. When you further consider its durable nature, the Titleist Tour Soft should let you play several holes.


  • Durable construction
  • It feels soft but doesn’t disappoint in performance
  • A larger inner core plus a thin outer layer delivers more spin and long drives
  • Dual-color; yellow and white


  • Convenient for swings not more than 100mph

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

When you need the best soft balls to use near the green or off the tee, the Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls are among the top contenders to consider. It gives you the option of choosing either white or yellow balls.

As one of the best Srixon golf balls, it employs a two-piece design. Its center feels soft but hardens as it spreads outwards. Consequently, by incorporating the Fastlayer technology, Srixon gives the ball a comfortable feel on impact. Besides, that boosts its distance off the tee.

At a glance, the ball’s outer layer presents a 338-speed dimple pattern. Such a structure boosts its performance in the wind. It minimizes drag during launch but enhances lift on the decline. That makes it one of the best golf balls for mid handicappers.

Its outermost layer features ionomer material. Also, Srixon purposefully makes it 0.0063inches thin. Besides, it has a medium to low compression of 60. The soft and ultra-thin cover results in an increased spin at the green side and delivers a soft feel on putts, pitches, and chips.

Though it feels soft, it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to performance. Remember, it employs the 338-speed dimple pattern. So, it registers high stability in flight. Moreover, the Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball launches at an impressive height.

Owing to the mentioned features, if you need the best golf ball for a mid-handicap golfer, the Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball is worth looking into.


  • Delivers soft feel that inspires confidence
  • It gives a good feel near the green or off the tee
  • Convenient for boosting distance
  • Impressive soft feel on ball wedge impact
  • Accords real value for the money


  • It registers a few scuffs after a couple of holes

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

From a variety of 4 colors, the Callaway Golf Supersoft doesn’t disappoint. Whether you need bright yellow, matte, pink, or multi-colors it satisfies your needs. Thus both male and female golfers can find their favorites.

On the outermost surface, the golf ball presents a thin ionomer material. But the cover features softer trigonometry that awards the ball a low compression. Also, as you swing the club to make a hit, its soft nature imparts outstanding feel and ability to control the ball.

It is the low compression nature of the Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Ball that makes it the best golf ball for the average golfer. It assists the mid handicapper to boost his speed and ability to make accurate shots.

From its hex aerodynamic shape, it achieves a greater advantage. While such a shape results in low drag, it boosts the lift for a long-distance shot. Hence that average golfer that wishes to maximize his speed and make straight distance shot, the Callaway supersoft ball is ideal.

Similarly, it also makes the best golf ball for 15 handicap golfer. When you generally suffer lower swing speed, the Callaway supersoft ball suits you. Moreover, it also adds some distance to your shots. And when you compare its price and performance, it’s evident that it provides the best golf ball value.


  • Boosts low swing speeds
  • Ideal for straight flight
  • Low spin, decreased drag and improved lift
  • Outstanding feel on the wedge face
  • 2 piece design makes it forgiving


  • It’s extremely soft for some golfers

Srixon Q-Star 5

Srixon Q-Star 5

Srixon isn’t new when it comes to good golf balls. This time it picks on a simple 2 piece design that suits the average golfer. As with most standard balls, it comes in dual colors of white and yellow options.

Sometimes as an intermediate player playing in a windy condition may prove challenging. It is in such demanding situations that the Srixon Q-Star 5 counts as the best all-around golf ball. Its construction features the 338-speed dimple pattern.

The dimpled pattern contributes to a decreased drag but a significant boost in the ball lift. Hence even in the windy environment, the Srixon Q-Star 5 allows your shots to cover greater distances. Also, you get to enjoy easy control of the ball.

Each of the 12 balls in the box boasts a thin 0.057 inches thick ionomer cover. Like most popular golf balls, they employ the fast layer core technology. Although the ball’s center feels soft, it grows rigid as it approaches the edges.

For that reason, when talking about the top 10 golf balls with superior feel and optimum distance performance, the Srixon Q-Star 5 features among the top contenders. Its SERM spin skin feels flexible. So, during an impact with the club, the skin digs deep into the grooves. In effect, that maximizes the spin, ball control as well as a boost in stopping power.


  • Optimized for greater distance
  • Mid compression (77)
  • Improved performance in windy condition
  • Best for slow swing speed golfers


  • It can’t compare to generation 5 golf balls

Bridgestone 2019 e6 Golf Balls Bridgestone One Dozen

Bridgestone 2019 e6 Golf Balls Bridgestone One Dozen

From its general appearance, the Bridgestone 2019 e6 Golf Balls present a sleek outlook. That applies to both the white and the yellow golf balls. Its generous pack offers a dozen golf balls of high rating.

It’s the unique engineering skills that Bridgestone injects into the ball that make it famous among the best golf balls for intermediate golfers. Most players praise it for presenting a consistent performance.

By using a dimpled surface, Bridgestone improves the general aerodynamic performance of the 2019 e6 golf ball. The improved performance in the wind means added distance benefit.

Accordingly, if you usually register moderate swings, the 2019 e6 makes one of the best golf balls for an average golfer. That’s because compared to the standard ball, for every shot it goes a relatively extended distance.

Besides traveling a longer distance, it also offers a soft convenient feel on the wedge ball impact. That’s due to its 2 piece construction and low compression technique. Its low compression means in every shot most of the force projects it forward. Owing to its mentioned benefits, it boosts your potential of scoring even from a far distance.

For the average golfer, the 2019 e6 balls look promising as the best golf ball for slow swing speed. And when compared to its cost, it offers good value for your money.


  • It presents a sleek exterior
  • Registers a soft feeling
  • Possesses low compression that translates to added distance
  • Supports high ball speed


  • Reduced spin around the green

TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls

TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls

The TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls presents the three-piece design. This time TaylorMade has designed the ball that improves the average player’s performance around the green. For amateur players, that’s a significant input to the game. So if you are looking for the best three-piece golf ball, it’s worth considering.

On the outermost surface, the Project (a) balls boast a 322 seamless cast urethane. The cover is soft and long-lasting. That gives the ball a superior feel as well as improving the greenside spin to the tour-grade level.

As you approach the green, you need a high spin shot to stop the golf ball nearer to the hole. That’s why for a mid-handicapper, the TaylorMade Project (a) counts among the best golf balls for a spin shot.

By using a seamless dimple pattern on the ball, TaylorMade gives it an aerodynamic pattern. In effect, it reduces the drag, thereby increasing speed. Thus in comparison to the average golf ball, TaylorMade goes a couple more yards in every shot.

Its innermost core is soft and large. That’s followed by an outer stiff core and finally a thin urethane material. Due to its soft nature, the center core keeps off unnecessary spin while at the same time giving the ball a pleasant feel.

The stiffer core provides a boost in rebound and speed. Also, the rigid layer pushes the soft urethane layer onto the club’s surface during impact. As a result, it increases the greenside spin. Overall it looks promising among the best 3 piece golf balls.


  • It’s available in a pack of dozen balls
  • Promises a boost in speed and driver distance
  • Easy control on the greenside
  • Outstanding grip and spin


  • Thin cover that might scuff easily

Snell MTB Black

Snell MTB Black

When you need the best 3 piece golf ball that won’t puncture a hole in your pocket, then the Snell MTB Black fits the bill. Though it falls under the best budget golf balls, it meets the USGA set standards and hence can be used legally in tournament games.

Compared to other standard MTB golf balls, the MTB black features about a 7 percent reduction in compression (on average 75 to 80). However, such a reduction doesn’t register a significant loss in performance. For instance, it employs the fast core technology that makes the ball injects low spin but maintains longer distance performance.

Furthermore, it uses the soft mantle layer and low compression core. Such a unique blend enables the MTB black ball to give a softer feel than most other models. As a mid-handicapper hunting for the best soft balls, it looks very promising.

When you glance at the Snell MTB Black, it presents a dimpled patterned surface. For that reason, it achieves refined aerodynamics features. From such, it provides low drag and lifts.

As an intermediate golfer, it thus gives you leverage in controlling the ball flight. So when you need the golf ball that greatly minimizes the ballooning effect in a windy environment, then Snell MTB black qualifies.

On the outer surface, it presents a tour-quality cast urethane cover. Hence Snell manages to design the golf ball that gives an average golfer higher performance in the short games. Besides injecting durability, the cast urethane brings in improved control and feel of the club.


  • Available in a pack of 12 balls
  • Better control of the shots on the green
  • Provides a boost in distance
  • Lower compression
  • It puts a check to ballooning effect in the wind


  • Not ideal if you possess fast swings

Titleist Pro V1x Prior Generation

Titleist Pro V1x

A talk about the top 10 best golf balls wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Titleist brand. The Pro V1x Prior Generation invests significant features that every beginner or mid handicapper or beginner longs for. Though we have the new generation, the Pro V1x Prior Generation has refused to fade among the most popular golf balls.

For example, the overall design of the Pro V1x adapts it to delivering outstanding distance away from the tee. Also, it delivers a remarkable spin on the greenside. Hence an intermediate player that needs a ball that can compensate for his low swing can benefit greatly from the Titleist Pro V1x Prior Generation.

Besides providing extra distance it’s also the golf ball that helps you make a high trajectory and low long game spin. Thus when you need to take control of your game and make a drop-and-stop short game, the Titleist Pro V1x Prior Generation helps.

From the inner core to the outside layer, it features the 3 piece construction. The innermost core boasts a soft compression ZG process dual-core. Every shot thus maximizes distance. Since it uses the ionomeric casing layer it enjoys minimum spin in the long game and long life.

As for the shape, the golf ball features a spherically tiled 328 tetrahedral dimple design. The shape gives it an aerodynamic advantage.


  • Delivers extraordinary distance
  • High trajectory coupled to consistency in flight
  • Durable ionomeric cover
  • Registers soft feel on ball and wedge impact
  • Improved control in the short game


  • Relatively pricey

Srixon Men’s Soft Feel Golf Ball

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

The Srixon Men’s soft feel golf ball thrives on a two-piece structure. Although it’s a good golf ball for a variety of players, golfers with low swing speeds find it essential equipment. This time Srixon uses a gradient growth core type. It feels softest at the center but hardens towards the edges.

Such properties make the ball deliver maximum inertia and performance at launch. That is, it supports high lift and low spin. Besides being extra soft, it boasts a low compression of 71. So, it forms one of the outstanding soft golf balls for golfers with slow swing speeds.

Its 344-speed dimple pattern also has the adaptation for a high speed. Besides maximizing surface coverage, it also minimizes drag and thereby enabling the ball to go that extra distance. Thus if you need a boost for your moderate swing speed, it’s the ball to go for.

Its ionomer cover of 0.071thick brings in lower spin and improved speed off the driver. No wonder it can deliver more than the speed of 70mph. And when you consider its high trajectory and plenty of lift force, you realize it makes playing high long ball flights easier. And its dual color options of white and yellow possess high visibility.


  • Outstanding visual performing balls
  • Softer feel
  • Injects significant boost in speed and distance
  • High lift and trajectory ability
  • Improved greenside control


  • Cover occasionally peels and nicks

How To Choose Good Golf Balls For Mid Handicappers

Selecting best golf balls for mid handicappers isn’t demanding when you know the vital features to prioritize. For that reason, pay attention to the following core features;

Ball Compression

A golf ball’s compression defines its hardness. Golf balls of lower compression feel softer than high compression balls. An average golfer needs to choose the ball with the right compression (regarding his abilities) since it influences his performance.

Particularly it determines the feel and how far the ball can travel in every shot. As a mid-handicapper, you have to select the ball that you can effortlessly compress with your swing speed. Failure to do so results in reduced performance.

Generally, you need soft golf balls for slow swing speeds as amid handicapper. Besides, low compression balls register fewer unwanted spins. On the other hand, high swinger pro golfers can generate the distance they want. Thus they find high compression balls ideal.


When you take a swing at the ball, it registers a feel. Good golf balls, however, should have a feeling that stirs confidence in a golfer. But you should take into account that the ball feel is also related to control and compression.

As an average golfer, probably you haven’t grasped fully how to generate significant distance. So, the best golf balls for intermediate players should be those that register a soft feel. Settling for such a type of feel comforts your swing and also boosts flight.

The Ball’s Construction

A golf ball’s construction refers to the several layers that make up the ball. In the real world, there are single-piece and multiple-piece designs. The core construction of a golf ball determines various parameters. That includes spin, its trajectory, and greenside control.

Here are the categories to choose from:

Single Piece Design (1-Piece)

It forms one of the basic and cheap golf balls. A one-piece golf ball comprises solid Surlyn material with molded dimple finishing. As such, it feels very soft, durable but doesn’t significantly travel far owing to its extreme softness. Such a class forms the best cheap golf balls for beginner golfers. However, it can’t make a good golf ball for a real play.

Two-Piece Design

The 2 piece golf ball is a slight upgrade to the one-piece ball. It’s made by choosing a solid high-energy core like acrylate then covering it with urethane. Owing to the solid core and firm feel, the two-piece ball is durable and produces more rollout distance.

For that reason, the best 2 piece of golf ball finds more use among beginners or everyday golfers. However, it is not as easy to control as soft feeling balls.

Three Piece Design (3-Piece)

Usually, three-piece golf balls consist of a solid rubber core, followed by an enhanced rubber material and a dimple molded urethane cover. The several layers benefit the ball through effective spin separation.

An average golfer thus reaps boosted ability to control ball trajectory and stop control. It thus forms the best golf balls for mid handicappers.

Four Piece and Five Piece Design

The multilayer designs of the 4 or 5 piece design rule them out from the best ball for the average golfer. Instead, the several layers employed in the ball’s construction make it fit pro players.

Dimple Pattern

Most golf balls present dimpled outer surfaces. The pattern offers significant benefits beyond the physical appeal. Dimples help to bring down the drag and helps improve the aerodynamic effect. With that said, when hunting for the best golf ball for the average player, settle for the shallow dimpled golf ball. It will benefit you in terms of a low spin and reaching a high trajectory with the ball.

Cost Of The Ball

Beginner or intermediate golfers may occasionally lose a ball. So if that applies to you, then you should reconsider before purchasing an expensive golf ball. However, that doesn’t mean going for the extremely cheap balls. Instead, prioritize the best affordable golf balls that won’t cost an arm and a leg.


Besides blending with your skill level, it’s also vital to look for the golf ball that can last you several games. A golf ball that shows scratches after playing a few holes is of no good. That’s why the outer material counts.

For long-lasting performance, Surlyn or urethane cover provides significant resistivity to scuffing. Besides, reviews from past customers can give you hints about the product’s durability.


The first step towards perfecting your game as an intermediate golfer is securing the best golf balls for mid handicappers. Without getting the right ball that resonates with your skill level, you can optimize your performance.

That’s why we have reviewed the top-performing brands in the golf industry. So if you need good control on the green side, extraordinary distance, or softer feel, the review satisfies your interests.

From Srixon, Titleist, Callaway, and much more, you can’t go wrong with your selection. And with the buyer’s guide also included you should have easier time in making up your mind.