10 Best Golf Gadgets 2022 Review

Golf is a sport that requires a high degree of accuracy. That’s why you need to gather important data about your game. Manual tracking of your game isn’t easy. So you need the best golf gadgets.

The latest golf gadgets allow you to capture accurate data, analyze and thus making it possible to improve your game quickly. So read on to find the cool golf gadgets that you should have in your golf bag. When you have these accessories, honing your skills isn’t a dream but a reality

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Best Golf Gadgets Review


Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer I Captures Putting, Full Swing, with NEW Short Game and Bunker Modes

Regardless of your skill level, the Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer I suits you. Most golfers find it straightforward to use, so you shouldn’t have any problem with it. Tracking your performance is a top priority for every golfer.

As a result Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer I helps you to capture accurate and valuable insights about your game. In particular, it makes it easy to analyze your strokes and swings. No wonder pro players and coaches of PGA, Europeans, and championship level recommend it.

Its design allows it to attach to any end of your club. Also, if you need to trade clubs you can quickly relocate it to another club. But even after embedding it on a golf stick, it adds no significant weight. Therefore you should still find it stress-free to swing and use your putter.

Once installed, it automatically records video for each swing then sends it to your Smartphone. Later at your convenient time, you can watch the clip in slow motion and make a correct analysis. The cool golf gadget hence makes it easy for you to know where you need to improve most.

Besides, the cool golf swing analyzer has App training center that sends you valuable tips from experienced coaches and PGA tour players. When you need vital parameters such as the tempo, timing speed, and face rotation for each swing, the Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer I golf swing gadget is worth the investment.


  • Provides short game and bunker modes
  • Simple to navigate App
  • Gives full swing metrics plus training layouts
  • Compatible with Android and iOS phones
  • Makes it easier to share metrics with your friends and coaches


  • Positioning the sensor holder on the butt is challenging for some players.

GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS/Rangefinder

GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS-Rangefinder

You don’t need to carry the GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS/Rangefinder always. Instead, you can effortlessly hook the 0.06lbs device to your belt, bag, or hat. That way it leaves your hands free and thus concentrates on what matters most.

At any given moment, the GolfBuddy GPS/range finder automatically detects the golf hole, club, and course. Regardless of your standing point, it helps you to know the position of the green; back, center or front. For that reason, it forms one of the cool golf equipment you shouldn’t miss.

Once charged and set to GPS mode, its powerful battery lasts about 14 hours. That means you won’t need frequent charging. Furthermore, it boasts a golf course capacity of 40,000 courses.

At the intense of the game, you don’t have to strain to look at the screen. That’s because it has an inbuilt voice. Furthermore, it gives the reading in either meters or yards. By pressing a side button, the GPS/rangefinder produces a voice prompt. When the surrounding is noisy, you simply adjust the volume.

The cool golf equipment works up to a range of 385 yards and speaks 11 different languages. It gives you the freedom to listen to a female or male voice in 8 out of the 11 languages. Further, with the help of a wristband, it doubles as a golf watch.


  • Supports hands-free use
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to read out screen
  • Water-resistant
  • Speaks diverse languages


  • Wristband and retractable clip accessories sold separately

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors Featuring Golf’s First-Ever A.I. Powered GPS Rangefinder

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors Featuring Golf’s First-Ever A.I. Powered GPS Rangefinder

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors/ GPS rangefinder has sensors that pairs with Apps in your smartphone. So when you make each shot, it automatically records valuable data concerning the shot.

Some top golf gadgets force you to swap sensors every time you trade clubs. That’s not so with Arccos Caddie. The package provides you with a total of 14 sensors, one for each club. Therefore you won’t have to waste time swopping sensors.

The Arccos Caddie GPS rangefinder employs artificial intelligence, AI, to benefit you. In real-time, it takes into account the wind, humidity, temperature, and your current tee box. It then uses the gathered data, to adjusts, and makes recommendations to you on the best club to use to realize success.

That’s why many golfers regard it as one of the awesome golf accessories. The use of artificial golf technology with a blend of a satellite image of the hole puts you ahead of other golfers in achieving success.

So when you have the Arccos Caddie GPS rangefinder, you don’t just make shots. You optimize every shot and thus boost your chances of succeeding. For the first year, you get to enjoy a free membership plan to the Arccos App.


  • The Artificial intelligence golf technology
  • Automatic recording and tracking of each shot
  • Free year access to the App
  • Easy to use App
  • Simple to set up in few minutes


  • It relies heavily on your smartphone

FlightScope Mevo – Portable Personal Launch Monitor for Golf

FlightScope Mevo – Portable Personal Launch Monitor for Golf

Although it’s tiny and weighs 8.01ounces, the FlightScope Mevo – Portable Personal Launch Monitor for Golf is one of the new golf gadgets that every golfer dreams of. That’s because it measures and relays accurate real-time performance figures.

The cool golf equipment uses the 3D Doppler radar technology to extract the critical data of your game. That includes parameters such as carry distance, ball speed, clubhead speed, spin rate, smash factor, apex height, and flight time.

The consistent accurate gathering of such statistics helps you to evaluate your game, visualize your improvement and optimize performance. Owing to its small, compact, and portable size it can fit in your pocket, bag, or backpack. So you can use it while playing at home, in the range, or on course.

Set it in place, and it automatically records, clips, and creates videos in the entirety of the swing. It then stores the recorded videos and data in the Mevo app. Therefore it forms one of the best golf accessories you shouldn’t miss in your assets.


  • Gives accurate and consistent data
  • Exhaustive data; video and numbers
  • Very portable
  • Synchronizes to both Android and iOS devices


  • Some golfers find it slightly challenging to set up and use

SelfieGOLF Record Golf Swing – Cell Phone Holder Golf Analyzer Accessories

SelfieGOLF Record Golf Swing – Cell Phone Holder Golf Analyzer Accessories

Sometimes you may need to record capture a video of your swings from your smartphone. A friend can help you accomplish that. But you can’t always count on his availability. That’s where the SelfieGOLF Record Golf Swing – Cell Phone Holder proves helpful.

Whether you are training alone indoors or outdoors, you can use it to position the phone and capture your swing videos effortlessly. It makes one of the cool golf tech gifts to give a golfer. Besides, it’s available in 6 different colors.

It’s made of a sturdy and attractive plastic material. Its unique design gives it a universal fit with any phone size. A pair of clips hold the smartphone snugly in place. Furthermore, it can attach to your golf bag, alignment sticks, irons, or drivers effortlessly.

Setting it up is very simple and takes just a few minutes. And even when you have positioned it on the alignment stick, you can easily move it up and down to find the right spot that captures you rightly.


  • Easy and quick to set up
  • Has universal fit on all golf bags and alignment sticks
  • Available in different attractive colors
  • Snugly accommodates phones of all sizes


  • The part that attaches to the bag is separate from the phone holder, thus easy to misplace.

Victorinox Swiss Army Golftool Pocket Knife with Pouch

Victorinox Swiss Army Golftool Pocket Knife with Pouch

When away from home playing golf you never know when the need for a knife arises. For that reason, it pays to have a slim and lightweight pocket knife such as the Victorinox Swiss Army Golftool.

It measures 0.6inches in height, 3.6inches in length, and weighs 2.3ounces. For that reason, it easily fits a golfer’s bag without adding significant weight. Its blade is of sturdy stainless steel material, thus promising a long life.

Despite its compactness, it offers you ten different functions. When you meet a frozen or hard ground and you need to tee up the tee punch comes into use. On the other hand, its generous length and large handle give you great leverage when fixing deep ball marks.

Furthermore, it also has other vital functions such as a repair tool, large blade, bottle opener, groove cleaner, nail file, tweezers, scissors, and a toothpick.

Its versatile use and sturdiness give it a place among the top golf gadgets to have in your collections. And even apart from golf use, it also finds many other uses.

For example, its large blade can cut through fruits and slice paper too. The bottle opener allows you to pen fizzy drinks at ease when out in the field.


  • Made of sturdy and stain-resistant materials
  • Acts as a multifunctional tool
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable
  • Complete with its pouch for easy transportation


  • Slightly bulky especially when you pocket it.

Pitchfix Divot Tool

Pitchfix Divot Tool

Carrying two separate tools in your picket takes a lot of space and risks puncturing a hole. That’s why the two-in-one golf gadget proves helpful and space-saving. Besides being a Pitchfix Divot Tool it also carries a ball marker. It thus counts among the innovative golf products.

The ball marker attaches the Pitchfix divot tool via magnetic technology. That holds it firmly without falling off now and then. But even though it combines two tools into one body, it’s compact and weighs 0.1lbs only.

Subsequently, you can easily carry it in the pocket. When the blades retract, it possesses smooth corners thus won’t drill a hole in the pocket. Its blades are of sturdy aluminum and the handle features rubberized material. Accordingly, it gives a superior grip and feel in the hands during use.

Since it’s open on either side, it doesn’t hold dirt. And traces of filth that sticks on the blade is easy to wipe off with a piece of cloth. At the press of a button, its spring-dependent blades switch on into position.

Golfers who are very specific about colors won’t be disappointed by the Pitchfix Divot Tool. That’s because it’s available in 9 different colors. Apart from the looks, the short thin blades easily penetrate the ground without much effort.


  • It’s easy to clean by simple wiping
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easily fits in the pocket
  • Provides dual functions


  • It has no belt hooking clip

VersaGolf Golf Club Cleaning Brush and Groove Tool Combo

VersaGolf Golf Club Cleaning Brush and Groove Tool Combo

No golfer would be happy to play with a golf club that has dirt and grass remains on it. That’s why you need the VersaGolf Golf Club Cleaning Brush.

Such a simple but thoughtful item forms one of the best golf accessories you shouldn’t miss. When you have it, your clubs will always perform at their optimum level, especially the spins.

Since you will use it more often, VersaGolf designs the brush in an easy-to-carry design. It has a provisional clip through which you can easily hook it to your golf bag. That way it not only remains within your reach but also makes it hard to misplace.

Its generous handle has an ergonomic slip-proof feature. Therefore once you hold it in your hands, you can brush out a club without the danger of brush swooshing accidentally popping out of your hands. That’s because of the textured handle surface.

The head presents two in one brush designs. The two ends feature different materials; nylon and steel bristles. According to when you need to clean loosely embedded dirt on wood, tee, or club the VersaGolf Golf Club Cleaning Brush proves adequate. Even the dirt on the grooves is effortless to remove using the groove tool combo.

On the other hand, for deeply stuck dirt on the iron or wedge, occasional cleaning using the steel bristles brings back its brand new look. Apart from the brush, the golf gift set gives you other valuable items. That includes 12 bamboo tees and ball markers.


  • Easy to clip to a golf bag
  • Boosts the performance and appearance of the clubs
  • Highly portable
  • Dual-sided brush


  • The nylon brush should have been stiffer to give optimal cleaning work

MySack Golf Ball Storage Bag

MySack Golf Ball Storage Bag

Every golfer is likely to love it. Despite its simplicity, the MySack Golf Ball Storage Bag is one of the hot golf items on the market for golfers. When moving from the house to the course or wherever you wish to play golf, you need to carry the balls conveniently and free from scratches.

It is at such moments that the MySack Golf Ball Storage Bag comes to your rescue. Although the package comes complete with two golf balls, it comfortably holds up to 6 golf balls. That’s enough balls to get you through, even if you are unlucky to have lost some during the game.

And once you have stuffed the balls, it has a heavy-duty Velcro strap as a sure closure. As you walk, you won’t worry about the balls popping out. First, the golf ball bag is of ultra-suede fabric material sturdily joined using industrial-grade stitching. Therefore it is very much unlikely that the stitches will give way.

At the top, it has a double stitched clasp. That means you can easily hang it to your backpack or belt. Besides helping in the easy transportation of golf balls, it can also store other golf accessories like tees.


  • Durable suede fabric material thus promising long life
  • High capacity
  • carries six golf balls
  • Reliable stitching
  • Fun and conversation igniting design


  • It exists only in one color

SKLZ Golf Putting Cup Accuracy Trainer

SKLZ Golf Putting Cup Accuracy Trainer

Every golfer understands how at times it’s challenging to sink a breaking putt. But even if you are inexperienced in golf sport, you can easily master such skills. The SKLZ Golf Putting Cup Accuracy Trainer is one such cool golf equipment that helps in honing such skills.

The golf pocket putting cup presents a unique horseshoe shape and weighs 0.3kg only. Accordingly, it’s compact, lightweight, and easy to carry with you wherever training takes you; at home or out in the course.

When at home, you can easily set it up on the mat and visualize an imaginary hole. Its narrow 2.75inch opening works to your advantage as you train.

Accordingly, its shape forces the training golfer to make a putt on the high side. Compared to the standard golf hole, the SKLZ Golf Putting Cup Accuracy Trainer provides a narrow opening.

Thus after training on it and sharpening our accuracy, the real golf hole will thus appear moderately large and easy to aim. For the person that has little time to get out and practices on the course, the SKLZ Golf Putting Cup is a cool golf gear to own.


  • Simple but offers real help
  • Highly portable
  • Allows you to train anywhere even at the office
  • Stays put and don’t move unnecessarily as you hit putts


  • Made of PVC material

How to Choose Good Golf Gadgets

The purpose of buying a cool golf gadget is to improve your performance. Therefore when shopping for the best golf gadgets, consider the following factors crucial;

Size and Portability

Before you invest your money in the latest golf equipment think about its size and portability. Most probably you won’t be practicing the sport indoors or at home always. At times you will need to go out in the range or course.

And for that reason, if you choose a piece of equipment that’s too bulky to carry often, you won’t benefit much from it. Unless you specifically need indoor golf accessories, keep off bulky items.

Besides, you need a piece of equipment that can easily fit in your golf bag. Thus don’t forget to take into account the size of your bag and the gadget’s dimension. Otherwise, you may have to buy a separate bag for it.

Easy to Use

Most often, you need the new golf gadgets to be part of your training accessories. Thus the gear you settle on shouldn’t give you difficulty to install or use. For example, if it’s a gadget that captures your swing videos it shouldn’t require frequent adjustment or attention.

Some golf gadgets and accessories, for example, are prone to losing connection to your Smartphone thus requiring constant attention. Besides, it should leave your hands free thus enabling you to concentrate on the sport.

For instance, notice how the Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer easily attaches to any club. At the same time, the GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS/Rangefinder has versatile hooking ability to belt, hat or bag. Furthermore, you don’t have to look at the screen always; the Golf Buddy has an inbuilt voice.

The buttons, screen display, and the mode of extracting information from the device should be straightforward.


Next, the golf gadget gifts you settle on should be sturdily built. Remember you will be using the equipment regularly. Most likely you will travel with it in your bag on several occasions.

For that reason, it should have the ability to withstand daily use without degrading prematurely. The material used in the body and any stitching (in the case of bags) should be reliable. Waterproof features are a bonus that boosts durability.

Your Skill Level

There are many gadgets for golfers advertised on the market. But should know the fundamental gadgets that you need depending on your skill level. As a beginner, there could be some gears that are still not beneficial to you.

However, once you graduate to an intermediate level, you can’t do without range finders and GPS watches. So just know the areas where you need to improve most and know the cool stuff to buy as a training aid.

Accuracy and Consistency in Taking Measurement

Like in all other sports, golf requires accuracy in making swings. Whether it’s GPS/rangefinder the device needs to portray a high level of accuracy. The chief reason for investing in a device that employs the best golf technology is to boost your skills.

Likewise, your training aid equipment should record accurate data and give out precise GPS position of the green. On that note, automatic recognition of the hole and course adds to its efficiency.

If the devices relay the captured data on the screen (for instance distance), then screen size and visibility in daylight become a key consideration.

Durable Battery

Several top golf pieces of equipment use rechargeable batteries. That includes the trucking and video recording devices. When out in the course or range the last catastrophe that should ever happen to a golfer is your cool golf equipment running out of power.


The best golf gadgets don’t just add fun to your life but also help you to hone your skills and be a better golfer. By capturing your videos consistently over a period, you can replay, analyze the collected data, and know the areas you need to improve.

Whether it’s calculating the precise distance to the green, analyzing your swings, or knowing the particular club to use and thus optimize your chances of scoring, you need a piece of cool golf equipment.

Nevertheless, if you don’t play the sport you might have a close friend who is a golfer. The above items give you gift ideas for him on his next birthday!