17 Best Golf GPS Handhelds 2022 Review

From novices to experts, many people playing golf are in constant pursuit of the things that will make them better. From learning new techniques to investing in the best golf clubs, there are many ways to up your game and unleash your full potential. One more thing that can help is to use the best handheld golf GPS.

With a high-quality GPS, it is easier to accurately monitor distance and location. It also speeds up the game by letting you gauge distance in a snap. Plus, you can have a better visualization of the hole and know your lengths. Not to mention, it even allows fitness tracking while playing.

While some people opt for a GPS in the form of a smartwatch, some players prefer one with a handheld design. If that’s the case, read on and learn from some of our recommendations for the best golf GPS handheld units.

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Best Golf GPS Handhelds Review

Garmin 010-02028-00 Approach S10, Lightweight GPS Golf Watch

Garmin 010-02028-00 Approach S10, Lightweight GPS Golf Watch

The mere fact that it is made by Garmin is already a compelling reason to choose this product in your search for golf yardage devices. This is a great option for those who value simplicity. While it has a minimalist design, it is elegant.

It packs plenty of features, so you can enjoy the best bang for the buck. Among others, one thing that we like the most is the accessibility to more than 41,000 courses around the world. This is a pretty extensive coverage compared to most of the alternatives at its price point.

Another notable feature of this product is the rechargeable battery. When it is full, it can last up to 12 hours.

We also commend the display of this golf GPS watch. It might be small, but it shows everything that you need to know. Even better, it is sunlight-readable. It displays clear data even when you are under the sun.

The functionality of this product is also impressive. It tracks the most important information you need to monitor about your game. From total time to total distance, you will have a clear snapshot of how you did in your recent games. We also love how you can connect it to a program called Garmin Express and Garmin Golf app. With this, you will have the means to evaluate your previous games.


  • Display is easy to read even under direct sunlight
  • Simple but stylish
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear


  • Some might find it to be quite slow

Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker

Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker

Compared to most of the handheld golf GPS devices, this product has a unique design. The manufacturer claims that it is the first of its kind. It exists in the form of a speaker, so you can monitor your game through voice. The product also connects to a convenient app, which will reveal more information about your game. With its audible notifications, you can hear distance instead of looking at a screen to monitor your yardage.

Speaking of its design, one more thing that we love is the built-in magnetic bar. This makes it easy to position the device in your golf cart.

More so, it is also well-loved because of its battery. In most cases, the battery will last up to two hours. This is roughly equivalent to 36 holes or two rounds of golf.

The multipurpose design of this golf yardage GPS is also worth emphasizing. You can connect it to a compatible device and listen to music. Best of all, it can be used as a charging device. You can connect it to a gadget that it supports and charge the latter through the USB port.

Nonetheless, one of the drawbacks is that it does not have a built-in screen, which can limit the information that it will provide to the user.


  • Has high-quality audio
  • Easy to mount in a cart through the built-in magnet
  • Can charge other devices


  • Does not come with a readable screen

TecTecTec ULT-G Golf GPS Watch

TecTecTec ULT-G Golf GPS Watch

When it comes to golf GPS comparison, one thing that most people look at is the price. If you are on a budget, this is an excellent alternative. It may not be as feature-packed as its higher-end alternatives, but for most beginners, it is more than enough.

If you need to measure distance on the front, middle, and back of the green, then this watch has you covered. Plus, it has a plus/minus one-yard accuracy, which speaks of how reliable it can be. It also has automatic hole progression and will allow you to access more than 38,000 courses around the world.

Ease of use is another reason why we are including this product in this golf GPS devices review. It is for novices who hate complications. It is almost ready to be used out of the box, so you don’t have to deal with complicated set-up. The screen only has four buttons, which will make the navigation a breeze. The watch also has automatic satellite connectivity, so it will instantly recognize the golf course where you are at.

You will have peace of mind when you buy this product. Aside from being affordable, the manufacturer is also offering a money-back guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied in any way, let them know within 30 days. You will receive an unconditional refund!


  • A great option for people on a budget
  • Resist water and dust
  • Comes with a no-risk guarantee


  • No automatic power off function

GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS/Rangefinder

GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS-Rangefinder

Looking for the perfect golf companion? This sleek handheld rangefinder is probably what you need. While it is compact, it delivers plenty of features that you will love. The best thing is that it is economical. It proves that you do not need to spend a lot to enjoy exceptional quality.

One of the reasons to choose this product is its voice feature. You will not just see information on the screen. Instead, you will also hear it in real-time. Even better, the voice command is available in 11 popular languages.

The course coverage is another feature highlighted in many golf GPS rangefinders reviews about this product. It is preloaded with over 40,000 golf courses. You can also update it through the USB Sync feature. Through time, we expect that more golf courses will be added to the system.

Another well-loved feature of this product is its versatility. You can use it as a clip-on golf GPS. You can also wear it as a wristband. Others opt to connect it to a retractable carabiner clip, Take note, however, that the accessories are sold separately.

The manufacturer notes that this product has a 14-hour battery life. However, as most users have pointed out, that may not exactly be the case. We have seen some complaints from people saying that the battery life can be longer.


  • Has voice commands in multiple languages
  • Extremely lightweight and compact
  • No fees and subscriptions


  • Battery life can be better

Garmin Approach S10, Lightweight GPS Golf Watch

Garmin 010-02028-00 Approach S10, Lightweight GPS Golf Watch

This is the same product as the first one mentioned in this review of the top golf GPS devices. The main difference, however, is the color. It is granite blue, unlike the first one that is black. Other than the color, the features and performance are the same.

One of the biggest-selling points of this product is its accuracy. This is comparable to many of the higher-priced alternatives you can find in the market. Nonetheless, since it is made by Garmin, we expect the accuracy to be second to none, even if it is marketed as an entry-level model.

It is also worth noting that it is lightweight and comfortable. Since it is a watch, it is good that it is compact. If it is heavy and bulky, it is uncomfortable to wear. More than being annoying, this can also have a negative impact on your overall performance in the golf course.

Like other GPS watches from Garmin, you can monitor a lot of details about your game, making it crucial in your game improvement. Even better, you can upload this information online and compare your statistics with that of your friends.

Lastly, we also love the battery, which is one thing that Garmin is known for. Under normal use and when the battery is full, it will last up to 12 hours.


  • A reasonably-priced entry-level watch
  • Intuitive designs that beginners will love
  • Exceptional accuracy


  • Potential lags

Garmin Approach S40, Stylish GPS Golf Smartwatch

Garmin Approach S40, Stylish GPS Golf Smartwatch

If you are looking for a top-rated golf GPS, it is hard to go wrong with this model. It is made by a reliable company, so that is already a compelling reason to choose it over many others. It is also stylish, so you can make a fashion statement with this unit.

This isn’t one of those GPS devices that are designed exclusively for use in golf courses. This will also work as a fitness tracker, so it will monitor your everyday activities. From your steps to sleep, you can monitor many things. Plus, you can create multiple sports profiles, making it a great investment for active people.

Another notable feature of this product is the 1.2-inch color display. It has a touchscreen functionality, which also makes it user-friendly. The face of the watch is designed without buttons, giving it a sleek appearance. We also love how the screen is sunlight-readable.

It has a wide array of advanced features that any golfer will find useful. One example of this is Green View. This will give you a more accurate look on the shape of the green wherever you are in the golf course.

The battery life is also incredible, which is one thing Garmin is known for. When used in GPS mode, the battery can last up to 15 hours. On the other hand, when you use it in smartwatch mode, the battery will last up to ten hours.


  • Touchscreen display
  • Good for tracking everyday activities beyond golfing
  • Long battery life


  • The display is prone to freezing

Garmin Approach G10, Compact and Handheld Golf GPS with 1.3-inch Display

Garmin Approach G10, Compact and Handheld Golf GPS with 1.3-inch Display

If you search for GPS reviews online, you will find that Garmin is one of the most recommended brands. Unsurprisingly, this model makes it to our list. It is compact and lightweight, while also offering the flexibility of clipping it almost anywhere you want. You can even use it as a golf hat clip.

With the use of this device, you can easily identify hazards and course targets. This is important for golf course familiarization. You will know the area better, even if you are new to it. It is pre-installed with over 40,000 golf courses around the world. The list keeps on growing as Garmin continues to update its database, so we expect to see more additions in the future.

Another notable feature is the digital scorecard. This makes it easy to record your performance in the past games. You can see how you are improving and gauge what needs to be done if you want to be better in the sport.

If there is one improvement that we would like to see in this product, it would be its screen. It has a basic design with black and white color. We would have preferred if it has a colored screen, especially considering its price.


  • Allows manual pin positioning
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Easy tracking through digital scorecards


  • Poor-quality screen

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors Featuring Golf’s First-Ever A.I. Powered GPS Rangefinder

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors Featuring Golf's First-Ever A.I. Powered GPS Rangefinder

While it is a bit expensive, some people won’t mind paying for its price given its functionalities. This is one of the most advanced on our list. It is different from most of the golf course GPS units. Instead of being an actual handheld unit, it is in the form of 14 sensors. You will attach the sensors to the golf clubs in your bag and they will automatically track performance to provide you with valuable insights about your game.

What makes the sensors incredible is that they are powered by artificial intelligence. It is more advanced compared to the other top-rated GPS devices that we are recommending in this guide. They work as if they have a mind of their own, providing information that you won’t find anywhere else.

Once you attach the sensors, it automatically tracks your shots. This will allow you to make smarter decisions to elevate your game.

Another notable feature is the Smart Distance. The latter will let you know how far you should be hitting your clubs.

We also like the tour-level analytics that the sensors can provide. This makes users feel as if they are working with a mentor who can identify their strengths and weaknesses. It is a must-have for your game improvement.


  • Adjusts in real-time depending on the conditions of the existing environment
  • Equipped with intelligent sensors
  • No need for a subscription


  • Need to attach the sensors to clubs

Garmin Approach S62, Premium Golf GPS Watch, Built-in Virtual Caddie

Garmin Approach S62, Premium Golf GPS Watch, Built-in Virtual Caddie

In your search for the best handheld GPS devices, Garmin is one name that you will frequently encounter. No wonder, this watch is a great pick. It is perfect for advanced golfers who are looking for an advanced GPS.

This GPS watch is a combination of both form and function. We love how stylish it is. It comes with a customizable face, so you can change the design depending on what you like. There are also downloadable widgets that will allow you to change the appearance of the watch as you desire. You can even change the bands.

The large screen is also worth highlighting. At 1.3-inches, it is large enough so that it is easy to use. It is also a good thing that it has a touchscreen display.

In terms of functionality, you have a lot of things to enjoy in this option for the most accurate golf GPS. It can act as a virtual caddie. From windspeed to wind direction, you can gain valuable insights that will help improve your every shot.

Plus, this unit is preloaded with over 41,000 golf courses. You can play in many places around the world and enjoy its advanced features.

If there’s one drawback, it would be its price. It is one of the most expensive on this list. Nonetheless, with all the features and benefits mentioned above, we’d say that it is worth the splurge.


  • Has an advanced color touchscreen display
  • Customizable faces to suit your design preference
  • Acts as a virtual caddie


  • Not for people on a budget

Garmin Approach S60, Premium GPS Golf Watch with Touchscreen Display

Garmin Approach S60, Premium GPS Golf Watch with Touchscreen Display

It is impossible to go wrong with Garmin in your search for the best golf tracking devices. This specific model is one of their best products to date. While it is quite pricey, the cost is justifiable. From its design to its functions, you will have endless reasons to love this product.

Looking at its features, one thing that we love the most is the battery life. When it is full, it can last up to ten hours when you are golfing. On the other hand, if you use it only as a regular watch, you can expect the battery to last more than ten days.

It offers a smartphone connectivity, which is one way by which you can unleash the full benefits of the product. You can connect it to Garmin Golf app, which will allow you to compare your scores to other players. It is also through the app that you can access more than 40,000 golf courses around the world.

To improve your performance, this GPS unit has a swing analyzer. From your swing speed to club path angles, you will know more about the things that need improvement as you get better in the sport.


  • Interchangeable bands to suit your style
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Provide comprehensive course views


  • Screen is small for people with large fingers

Bushnell 368821 Phantom Golf GPS

Bushnell 368821 Phantom Golf GPS

As you look for a cheap golf GPS handheld device, this is another option that is worth considering. While it is economical, it packs plenty of impressive features, which will make it comparable to many of its higher-end alternatives.

With its Bluetooth connectivity, you can update the courses wirelessly. This is important so that you can gain access to the latest global maps available in the system. It is preloaded with maps of more than 36,000 golf courses in over 30 countries.

You will also gain access to the comprehensive Bushnell mobile app. With this, you can enjoy advanced features through your smartphone, such as 3D flyovers and hole layouts with distances. You will gain a better understanding of your game while also providing insights that are vital for your improvement.

The large and easy-to-read display is also a plus. While it isn’t colored, the size of the screen is a plus, so you can quickly see the information that the unit display. Front, back, and center distances are conveniently shown on the screen for ease of monitoring.

Lastly, this GPS unit also has BITE Magnetic Mount Technology. This makes it convenient to mount the GPS on any metal surface because it comes with a magnet. Meanwhile, there is also a convenient clip holder if you want to attach it to your bag or belt.


  • Economical
  • Versatile clip-on design
  • Easy to use even for novices


  • Plastic cover feels flimsy

Garmin Approach G30, Handheld Golf GPS with 2.3-inch Touchscreen Display

Garmin Approach G30, Handheld Golf GPS with 2.3-inch Touchscreen Display

When it comes to the best golf distance measuring devices, this is another product that deserves your attention. The reputation of the manufacturer is already a good reason to include it on your list. We love the 2.3-inch touchscreen and color display, which is larger than what you will find in most of the products we are reviewing in this guide.

It is a must for the best golf GPS device to help improve your game. This model will do so by helping tracking your play. It has a digital scorecard feature, which you can use for analyzing your game and determining ways by which you can further improve. Aside from recording your round, you can also save the scores of up to four golfers.

Another feature that you will love in this product is Green View. With this, you can place the pin in the desired location. This is crucial for improving your distance accuracy.

As it is common with other Garmin golf devices, this model boasts incredible battery life. On each charge, you can enjoy up to 15 hours of battery, which is one of the best you will find.

Lastly, while you can keep on playing with the use of this GPS, you can also stay up to date. You can receive smart notifications, so you can easily respond when there is an urgent call, text, or email.


  • Great battery life
  • Sleek and compact for portability
  • Allows you to keep a digital scorecard


  • Response can be quite slow

Izzo Swami 6000 Golf GPS

Izzo Swami 6000 Golf GPS

If you are looking for the best value handheld GPS, this is another product that is worth your attention. With this device, you will access more than 38,000 golf courses globally. The list keeps on updating.

The accuracy of this device is another reason why it is an exceptional golf GPS equipment. From distances to hazards, it is amazing how this unit can track many things with precision. With its intelligent functionality, it is unsurprising that it is one of the notable golf measuring devices.

It has a large and bright two-inch display, which makes it easy to see any information that the unit would like to relay to its user. If there’s one improvement we would like to see, however, it would be a touchscreen functionality., which will put this product at par to the more expensive alternatives in the market.

Another good feature of this product is its water resistance. Even in the rain, there’s no need to worry that it will get wet.

More so, the battery is equally incredible. The lithium-ion battery will provide up to 167 hours of continuous power when it is fully charged.

The integrated magnet is another thing that we appreciate in this product. It allows versatile positioning as you can quickly attach it to any metal surface, especially in a golf cart.


  • Provides accurate distances
  • Allows automatic course recognition
  • Has a built-in magnet


  • Does not come with a touchscreen display

Garmin Approach CT10 Full Set 14 Sensors

Garmin Approach CT10 Full Set 14 Sensors

This is not your ordinary Garmin handheld golf GPS. Instead, it is sold as a set of 14 sensors, so there is one for every club in your bag. The sensors will track your performance and will send data to a compatible device. It allows automatic pairing, so you can effortlessly connect it to your Garmin smartwatch. It can also be linked to a smartphone, which will allow you to unleash the full benefits of the sensors.

Once connected to Garmin Golf app, it will reveal more information about how you are doing. From your shots to your strokes, you can analyze many things that are vital for your game. By knowing these small details, it is easier to analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

After the installation of the sensor, it will collect relevant information from the golf club. It will show your stats and scores, which will provide an excellent way to keep track of your game. You can use it as a digital scorecard.

The wide compatibility of the sensors is also a good thing. Refer to the website of Garmin to know exactly what watches are compatible with the unit. We can safely say that it is compatible with most of its popular models.


  • Easy to connect to golf clubs
  • Provides intelligent golf insights to up your game
  • Automatic pairing to compatible devices


  • Sensors only

Bushnell Neo Ion 2 Golf GPS Watch 368850

Bushnell Neo Ion 2 Golf GPS Watch 368850

Sleek and comfortable – these are two of the best things that you can expect in this product. Many online golf GPS reviews are all praises for the design of this product. It is unlike other watches that are bulky and heavy. Plus, it has reversible bands, making it a fashionable accessory more than being a functional GPS watch.

The battery life is another good reason for choosing this golf GPS tracker. According to the manufacturer, a full battery is good for up to three rounds of golf.

While the display isn’t colored, we love how it is large enough, so you can easily see the information you need to know. It conveniently shows front, back, and center distances. The screen also shows a shot distance calculator, so you can make the most out of every stroke. This is a good way to improve your game, especially if you are a beginner.

With the use of this GPS device, you can access more than 36,000 golf courses in 30 countries. It also allows wireless course updates, which means that you can access the latest versions of the golf courses that are available in the system.

Lastly, it is useful beyond the golf course. You can use it as a fitness tracker as well, such as for counting your steps. This is a good investment for tracking your physical activity.


  • Long battery life
  • Convenient shot distance calculator
  • Includes access to a comprehensive app


  • Not as feature-packed as its higher-end competitors

Bushnell Hybrid Golf Laser Rangefinder + GPS

Bushnell Hybrid Golf Laser Rangefinder + GPS

If you are looking for the best handheld rangefinder with a built-in GPS functionality, this is one option that should be on your list. It has an integrated laser, that makes the information more accurate. This is a great way to improve your precision. No wonder, even experienced golfers are using this product.

Another notable feature of this product is the PinSeeker with JOLT technology. It has short vibrations, which will be indicative of locking the flag. This will eliminate guesswork and doubts, making you more confident with your every stroke.

The screen is conveniently located on the side. Although it isn’t colored, it is large enough so that you can see the necessary information.

It is also notable because of its dual battery source. This will minimize the chances that you will end up with a drained battery in the middle of your game. It has a CR2 battery for the laser function and a USB rechargeable battery for the GPS function.

One thing that some people do not like in this product is that it is quite bulky. This is justifiable because it combines the functions of two products in one handheld unit. The size should not be an issue as it comes with an ergonomic grip. It is also non-slippery, making it easy to hold.


  • Combines the functionalities of a rangefinder and GPS
  • Dual-battery source
  • GPS readouts are easy to see


  • A bit bulky

Garmin Approach Z82, Golf GPS Laser Range Finder

As you read online golf GPS rangefinder reviews, this is one of the products you will see commonly recommended even by experienced golfers. The price of this product can discourage many people, but that should not be the case. It is expensive for a reason – it has advanced functions that you will not find in a simple golf GPS.

This option for the best GPS rangefinder combines form and function. It has a beautiful two-toned body with an ergonomic design. You can hold it easily, even if it is bulky. The rubber body will prevent the unit from slipping.

The precision of this product makes it a must-have in your list of the best golf GPS rangefinder. It has image stabilization technology, so you can accurately measure distances in a snap. There is also a convenient vibration feedback, which will let you know that you have locked in the flag.

It is preloaded with over 41,000 golf courses, which is one of the most extensive in the products in this guide. What’s even better is that the list keeps on updating, so you can expect that more courses will be added. Plus, it has a full-color 2D mapping, which will provide a more accurate representation of the golf course where you are playing at.


  • Easy and comfortable to grip
  • Image stabilization for better precision
  • Full-color and 2d mapping of golf courses


  • Expensive

How to Choose Good Golf GPS Handheld

With too many choices for golf GPS devices, making the right choice isn’t easy. To help you narrow down your choices, below are some of the most important considerations.


As you evaluate your options for a top golf GPS, make sure to look at the functions. This will be indicative of the overall quality and price of the unit. The more functions there are, the more expensive it will be. If you are a beginner, stick to the most basic functions if you want to save money.

Below is a quick rundown of the most common features that you will find in the best GPS for golf.

Access to Golf Courses

Choose a golf GPS that has access to tens of thousands of golf courses around the world. This means that it should have pre-loaded maps wherever you will be playing. See to it that you can update software as needed so you will enjoy the latest maps available.

Maximum Range

It dictates the maximum distance that the unit can track. This is especially important if you are playing in a large golf course. Most units will have a range of 500 to 1,000 yards. The higher the yardage, the better.

Score Tracking

One of the must-haves in a golf GPS, this is important for evaluating your overall performance in a round of golf. Aside from score, choose one that can also measure total time and distance played. It is better if the device can track more statistics, which will be useful for game improvement.

App Integration

Many of the best-rated handheld GPS devices for golf will offer an app integration. This means that you can download an app on your smartphone or computer and connect the GPS to such. This will allow you to evaluate more factors that are critical to your game. Without an app, it will be more difficult to make sense of the information that the device captures.


Speaking of app integration, it is also a must for the GPS device to have Bluetooth integration. This means that you can connect the unit wirelessly to another device, such as a smartphone. It will allow you to transfer data, which the system will need to evaluate your performance and provide more information about your game.


A good golf GPS finder is one that can deliver the highest possible level of accuracy. Otherwise, the device will be useless in tracking your game. To learn more about how accurate a golf GPS is, we recommend reading reviews and learning from the real-life experiences of other users. This will make it easier for you to trim down your list.

Ease of Use

Especially if you are a beginner, this is an important consideration. Most people do not have the luxury of time to deal with complications when they learn how to use a golf GPS. Find one that is built with the needs of beginners in mind. Otherwise, it can be a headache to make the most out of the GPS unit.


There is no wrong or right size for a golf GPS tracker. It all boils down to personal preferences. Do not feel the pressure to decide based on what others are saying. The most important is that you are comfortable with the size of the device that you are using.

Some people might prefer a small handheld device because of portability. By being lightweight and compact, it is easier to bring around, unlike others that are too bulky and heavy.

Nonetheless, some people would rather have a bigger unit. This means that the display will be easier to see, and the buttons will be more accessible. In most cases, bigger GPS devices will also display more information, making it more crucial in improving your game.


The best golf GPS units are the ones with an incredible display. From the size to the resolution, consider the different technical specifications that impact the display of the unit. This will make it easier to monitor the information that the unit is providing to the user.

One of the most common problems in cheap handheld golf GPS units is that the display is hard to see when you are under direct sunlight. So, pick one with a non-glare screen. Preferably, it should have a backlight, so you will not have a problem seeing the display in different environments.


An important part of golf yardage devices is their battery. This is what provides power to the unit, making sure that it is functional when you need it the most. It is frustrating if the battery suddenly runs out while you are in the middle of the game.

Make sure to choose a unit with a long-lasting battery, which should be at least 10 hours. Aside from the battery life, you should also consider how long it takes before the unit fully charges.


You will be using golfing GPS units outdoors. Most of the time, the weather is unpredictable. You never know when it will rain. With this, it is good to choose a GPS that is water-resistant. Even better, pick one that is waterproof, even if it means an additional cost. This will allow you to use the device without worries even as it rains. You don’t have to think about water penetrating the device and damaging the internal components.


It is also a must to consider how durable the GPS unit is, which will make sure that you will be getting the best value for the money. Even if you accidentally drop it on a hard surface, it should not easily break. Consider the material used as you evaluate durability.


A lot of people are concerned about the aesthetics of the golf GPS that they are buying, especially if it is in the form of a watch. The latter is one thing that you will be wearing, so it is good if it is stylish. Find a color that suits your personality. If you feel good wearing or using the device, then this will inevitably have a positive impact on your game.


The best handheld golf GPS is one of the must-haves if you want to improve your game. From gauging distances to evaluating your performance, a good GPS packs plenty of benefits that will help you become better in your play.