Best Golf Rangefinders Under $200 Review

Getting good in golf doesn’t have to be all about your talent and skill. Even novice golfers have the chance to swing like a pro. One of the biggest questions that a lot of golfers have in mind is how to play in an unfamiliar golf course? Guesswork is usually the solution that a lot of golfers use when they play without the aid of any device.

But with new technology, golf rangefinders proved to be a game-changer for a lot of golfers even for pros. The golf rangefinders use either laser or GPS technology to give you an idea of the distance to the next hole, bunkers, and hazards.  In this guide, we’ll cover some of the best golf rangefinders under $200 in the market. We’ll cover the pros and cons and give you an in-depth look at how these golf rangefinders helped users deal with an unfamiliar golf course during practice.

Best Golf Rangefinders Under $200 Review

Callaway 300 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder with Slope Measurement

The Callaway 300 pro laser rangefinder with slope is a good option for a lot of golfers. Whether you are a pro or someone who is starting to learn how to swing like a pro, this device can help you in so many ways. The Callaway 300 Pro Laser Golf Rangefinder adjusts the measurement for you. It means that you don’t have to do any guesses in case you are dealing with slopes in an unfamiliar golf course.

When it comes to its optics, expect 6x magnification plus a range of 5 to 1000 yards. It is also fairly accurate with just a 1-yard discrepancy. It also made use of PAT or Pin Acquisition Technology that can lock into a pin at a distance of 300 yards away. Once it has acquired the distance, you will hear a chirping sound for confirmation. And one of the best things about this unit is that it has a scan functionality that allows you to acquire multiple distances from multiple targets simultaneously.

Though considered as one of the best deals on rangefinders, there are things that you have to know first. A common problem is that you couldn’t tell if you have the right lock unless you get to confirm it with other landmarks in the golf course. Some users mentioned that it feels as if it is picking up things such as trees and other objects beyond the pin.

And also, the instructions are limited which can be difficult to understand especially if you are using golf rangefinders for the first time.


  • Up to 6x magnification
  • With Pin Acquisition Technology
  • Only a (+/-) 1-yard discrepancy
  • Can measure up to 1000 yards


  • Tends to measure objects beyond the pin

TecTecTec VPRO500

The TecTecTec VPRO500 is another handheld laser golf rangefinder on our list. It is known for being lightweight and portable making it a handy tool for golfers who are unfamiliar with the golf course that they are playing in.

It has a Pin-Seeker Technology that allows accurate readings with just a (+/-) 1-yard discrepancy. It also allows the TecTecTec VPRO0500 to measure overlapping subjects which is a good thing if you are going to measure the distance of different golf flags along with hazards, and wooden areas.

This laser rangefinder can function up to 540 yards with its continuous scan mode. This is also a handy tool even if you get caught in the middle of the golf course raining. With its water-resistant design, you can be sure that it is going to work without any problem. The lens display is also easy to read including information such as your distance, battery meter, and other pertinent data.

It comes with a wrist strap so you don’t have to worry that you might drop the device while playing. This option is a good buy for $150. However, there are some complaints that you might want to also know. There are instances when it gives you wrong yardage plus it takes time before it locks in.

The TecTecTec VPRO500 also takes around 4 seconds to give you a reading which isn’t exactly bad compared to pocket golf range finders within its price range.


  • Processes the measurement around 4 seconds
  • Can measure up to 540 yards
  • With a +/- 1 yard accuracy


  • Hard to lock into your target

Precision Pro Golf NX7 Golf Rangefinder

Some users tend to prefer golf rangefinders that don’t give you a slope reading because the golf course that they are playing is usually flat. The Precision Pro Golf NX7 is a non-slope rangefinder that can deliver accurate reading with a (+/-) 1-yard discrepancy. It comes with a hard case to protect the rangefinder from impact when you are carrying it around. You even get a lanyard to keep it attached.

It makes use of TAG (target acquisition) technology that scans objects within its field of view. You can target and the object and this golf rangefinder can give you up to 6x magnification. And once you hit the target, the Precision Pro GolfNX7 Golf Rangefinder will vibrate.

If you are going to use the Precision Pro Golf NX7 Golf Rangefinder it tends to target different things such as trees lined up in the background. However, if the target is within 200 yards, then it won’t be a problem using the golf rangefinder. It’s a contender for the best cheap golf rangefinder in the market especially if you are just starting and you are not exactly a pro. And also, since you can’t deal with slopes, you will still end up guessing.


  • Decent range
  • Vibrates when you hit the target
  • Has a (+/-) 1-yard accuracy
  • Weather-resistant


  • No slope
  • Hard to pick up the target

Bozily Golf Rangefinder 6X Laser Range Finder 1000 Yards with Slope ON/Off Technology

If you are going to take a closer look at an affordable golf rangefinder, you’d notice that not a lot can reach a 1000-yard range. The Bozily Golf Rangefinder has a decent range of up to 1000 yards. Most options within the $100 to $200 price range can only cover around 600 yards. The Bozily golf rangefinder can also make use of digital technology to enhance the accuracy of its reading.

The optics can offer up to 6x magnification and has a 7 degree filed angle. It has 2 scan modes, one is the general mode and the other is slope mode. This alone helps minimize the guessing game if you are dealing with slopes.

And the thing with the Bozily Golf Rangefinder is that you can switch from meters to yards. It allows you to use whatever unit of measurement you are comfortable in.

Next, this comes in handy regardless if it’s raining or not. It has a water-resistant design that can tolerate rain. This rangefinder is mostly made of plastic and has small construction. One of the biggest issues is that it sometimes gives different readings. If you don’t have training partners that have other golf rangefinders to confirm their reading, you’d sometimes want to do it three times just to be sure. It’s a time-consuming method if you want to be sure that you have the accurate reading.

Some users also complained about the unit shutting off completely because of the battery compartment being loose and the unit shutting down in the middle of a game.


  • Can be used for slopes
  • 2 scan modes
  • Has a 1000 yard range
  • With 6x magnification


  • Times when it gives an inaccurate reading

PinSightz Golf Range Finder

The PinSightZ Golf Rangefinder is a good option if you want to get an accurate measurement of different things that can affect your game. It’s a top option if you are in it for the best rangefinders with slope feature.

It measures not only the horizontal distance with precision but it even gives you an idea about the slopes, the height, and the speed. All of which are important information that you will need to improve your game. It also gives you an ultra-fast reading once you locked in on your target. It also has a Pin Finder Technology that allows you to easily find the flagpole. Once the PinSightz Golf Rangefinder vibrates, it means that you’ve hit your target and the unit is ready to take the measurement.

It gives you an enhanced view of up to 656 yards plus it has an accuracy of +/- 1 yard. It made use of a 21mm objective lens that can provide up to 6x magnification of your subject. Though it doesn’t cover 1000 yards like other golf rangefinders, you get to have an accurate reading every time. It means that you don’t waste time retaking the measurement because you doubt the accuracy of your unit. Instead, you can simply point it and just trust in whatever is given back to you. The only issue with the PinSightz Golf Rangefinder is the poor instruction to start it up.


  • 6x magnification with its 21mm objective lens
  • Covers slopes
  • Accurate reading


  • Poor instructions on how to start the rangefinder

NuTech Pro Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder with Slope USB Charging

The NuTech Pro Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder is a handy option for those who want to make the most out of their game. This golf rangefinder can cover up to 600 meters. You get to see everything on its LED screen. It has an ergonomic design that even has a non-slip grip, something that you don’t see in a budget rangefinder.

One of the downsides is that it takes some time before it gets to process measurement beyond 150 yards. Though it can measure multiple targets, you just have to wait a bit before you get the reading if you are trying to measure form beyond the 150 yards. Also, it’s a common struggle among users to measure the distance of objects in the background instead of the flag.

The NuTech Pro Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder removes the guessing game when you play golf. It offers an accurate measurement regardless if it’s a flat surface on the golf course or if it involves slopes. It also has superb optics that offer up to 6x magnification. It even produces sharp images that make it easier to find the target that you want to lock-in.

The battery is also something unique about the NuTech Pro Rechargeable Golf Rangefinder. It made use of a built-in rechargeable 750mAh battery that can take more than 3,000 measurements. And if in case you forgot to charge the device, you can have a power bank to charge the unit with its USB port.  It comes with a carrying case to protect it from bumps when handling the golf rangefinder.

Is it the best rangefinder under 200? Though it isn’t exactly perfect, you’d say that you get what you pay for. It offers decent performance for its price. Plus, it is relatively easy to use despite the drawback that it measures the background in some instances.


  • Has a slope feature
  • The battery is rechargeable via USB
  • With 6x magnification


  • Would sometimes measure the trees at the back of a flag

PEAKPULSE Golf Laser Rangefinder with Flag Acquisition, Pulse Vibration and Fast Focus System

Peak Pulse Golf Laser Rangefinder is an easy to use option if it’s your first time to use a golf rangefinder. What makes it beginner-friendly? It offers a flag acquisition technology that makes it easy even for those with shaky hands to target the flag and let the laser rangefinder to do its job. Once you’ve locked on your target, the Peakpulse Golf Laser Rangefinder vibrates to let you know that you are locked in.

It also made use of a fast focus system that allows you to get to the target quickly. Plus, you get clear optics that provide up to 6x magnification. And even if you are dealing with slopes, the PeakPulse Golf Laser Rangefinder can come in handy.

However, there are some considerations that you will have to make. It accurately measures up to 400 yards, something that is quite short compared to the other inexpensive range finder options that you see online. Some users also complained about the rangefinder that stopped functioning after a few rounds making the durability of the item questionable.


  • Accurate
  • Works on slopes
  • Has 6x magnification
  • Can lock in on target quickly


  • Durability issue


If you are not into measuring objects from too far away, the TecTecTec VPRODLX  can come in handy for you.

The TecTecTec VPRODLX laser rangefinder has a range of up to 600 yards plus it made use of the Pin-Sensor Technology that made TecTecTec famous among golfers. It has a water-resistant body that allows you to use it regardless of the weather. And even if you are not playing in the rain, you can have peace of mind that the unit is protected from moisture and from getting wet.

One of the things that you can expect from the TecTecTec VPRODLX laser golf rangefinder is that it can accurately target the object and take its measurement. The Pin-Sensor technology minimizes the overlapping of objects. It even has different scanning modes appropriate in different situations.

If you have shaky hands, you might find the TecTecTec VPRODLX a bit difficult to use especially when you go beyond around 260-yard mark. You might be getting the measurement of the things that you see on the background if you don’t have steady hands. Some also complained about the gray indicators that tend to be harder to see in low light conditions.

However, it’s a more economical option especially if you’ve bought from brands such as Bushnell. Other than gray indicators and the difficulty targeting objects from afar, it is still a good candidate for the cheap rangefinder golf. It even comes with a case to keep your golf rangefinder secure.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Affordable
  • With Pin-Sensor Technology
  • Water-resistant


  • Misses a lot after 260 yards
  • Hard to use with shaky hands

Leupold RX-650 Micro Laser Rangefinder 120464

Leupold RX-650 Micro Laser Rangefinder is something that can be used regardless if it’s raining or if you plan on doing golf when it’s foggy. It is waterproof and fog proof giving you peace of mind while you use the golf rangefinder. It has 6x magnification thanks to its great optics. It measures up to 650 yards while it provides you a wide field of view. It is also known for its fast-focus eyepiece and precision clicks that allow you to make quick adjustments without wasting precious time on the golf course.

The Leupold RX-650 even has a high contrast LCD that allows you to see the numbers when you measure the field. It’s one of the top rated golf rangefinders for these reasons.

Though it is quite straightforward to use, this unit fails to capture the yardage when you are dealing with slopes, which is something that can be considered a deal-breaker for some golfers. It means that you will still be guessing in case you are dealing with slopes. The rangefinder has been used by other users for hunting because it works well especially with a large target. However, when you use it on the golf course, that’s where you will realize that it’s a mediocre product given that it tends to measure the trees behind rather than the flag. But in terms of accuracy, it gives you accurate numbers if you can pin a small target like a flag.


  • Used for hunting and other activities too
  • High contrast LCD
  • Accurate
  • With 6x magnification


  • Hard to target small objects when you are almost at its limit

CaddyTek Golf Laser Rangefinder with Pin Seeking and Slope Compensate Distance

The CaddyTek Golf Laser Rangefinder allows you to take accurate measurements regardless of whether the golf course has slopes or not. It offers users different modes that can minimize the guessing game when measuring the distance across the golf course. It has an IPX4 waterproof design that can give you peace of mind when it starts to rain in the golf course.

It has a flag seeking technology that can help users to aim towards a small stick and not measure the trees and other objects found on the background. It has a range of up to 800 yards, which is above average compared to the other best rangefinders with slope feature.

The design is ergonomic and comfortable to the user’s hands. It even has an accuracy of +/- 1 yard making it one of the highest rated golf rangefinders in the market today. But then, it isn’t exactly perfect.

It’s a decent option but there are some areas that the company could improve on. If you‘ve tried other gold rangefinders, these things usually vibrate once it has locked in on a target. With the CaddyTek Golf Laser Rangefinder, you don’t get this technology making it hard to tell whether you have a target locked in. However, if you are going to compare the CaddyTek Golf Laser Rangefinder to a more expensive golf rangefinder, it can compete in terms of performance.


  • Weatherproof design
  • Clear image with 6x magnification
  • Ergonomic
  • Accurate


  • Hard to tell if you are already locked in on your target

BOBLOV 650 Yards Golf Rangefinder

The Boblov 650 Yards Golf Rangefinder is a good option for those who are looking for a golf rangefinder that provides fast and accurate measurements on the golf course. The Boblov 650 Yards Golf Range Finder is equipped with three modes. It has the ranging mode, the flag locking mode, and the speed mode. Each mode comes in handy for different situations.

It vibrates once you’ve locked on your target. It can even take the distance well even when there is a slope. However, the downside is that you get a reading that’s1 to 3 yards off if the measurement is within 200 yards. It offers measurement of up to 650 yards plus it gives you 6x magnification. It even has a speed mode that makes it useful for car racing or horse racing as well.

Charging is straight forward thanks to its USB charging feature. However, some users complained that the cable gets very hot when you charge it.


  • Offers 6x magnification
  • 650-yard range
  • With USB charging


  • Cable gets hot when you charge the battery

TecTecTec Laser Golf Rangefinder VPRO500S Slope with Battery

The TecTecTec VPRO500S can cover up to 540 yards and has the famous continuous scan mode that made TecTecTec golf rangefinders popular. Though the range is mediocre at best compared to some of the other budget golf rangefinders, this provides accurate reading once you have the target locked in. Finding a target is also simplified with its Pin-Sensor technology. On top of that, you won’t have any problems if the golf course has some slopes on it. You can minimize the guesses when it comes to the distances even with a slope involved thanks to the slope mode functionality of the VPRO500S.

In terms of construction, it has a durable and water-resistant functionality that makes it possible for you to have it around even if it is already raining. The optics is also superb with 6x magnification. Is this the best budget rangefinder? It depends on what you are looking for. But one thing is sure, it’s easy to use. It compensates the distance based on the angles too. However, if your hands are a bit shaky, you might find it difficult to target a flag.


  • Easy to use
  • Good optics
  • Accurate


  • Hard to target a flag if your hands are shaky

Saybien Golf Rangefinder

The Saybien Golf Rangefinder is a favorite among golfers because it’s an affordable option at less than $100. So what makes this rangefinder under $100 a good option? The Saybien Golf Rangefinder is lightweight and portable. On top of that, you also skip buying expensive batteries and therefore save more money in the long run because it uses a lithium-ion battery that can be charged using a USB cable.

It offers 6x magnification plus it can accurately measure up to 1,200 yards without any problem. The only issue with this unit is just like any other inexpensive laser rangefinder, it tends to have a problem locking on a target. But the good thing is that it can adjust the yardage on slopes.


  • Under $100
  • Can measure up to 1200 yards
  • With 6x magnification


  • Problematic when it comes to locking on target

SereneLife Advanced Golf Laser Rangefinder

The SereneLife Advanced Golf Laser Rangefinder is an easy to use golf rangefinder. It proves that you don’t need to spend more than $100 to get a handy tool for golf. The SereneLife Advanced Golf Laser Rangefinder is a lightweight, dust resistant, and a durable option for golfers. It’s a tough contender for the best value golf rangefinder even for those who had some experience using more expensive golf rangefinders.

The SereneLife Advanced Golf Laser Rangefinder has an accurate reading within 540 yards. It offers an accuracy of +/- 1 yard. Though the range isn’t exactly exceptional, it is something that you can use for most occasions. It has a 7° field of view allowing you to see a majority of the field. Plus, the magnification is at 6x.

It has a smart pin seeker mode that makes it easier to find the flag. And if it’s your first time to use a golf rangefinder, it has a one-button operation. Plus, even if you are dealing with slopes, this unit provides an adjusted measurement that can help minimize the guessing. The downside is that some users find it difficult to lock in on a target.


  • Accurate
  • With 7° field of view
  • 6x magnification


  • Hard to lock in on a target

Wosports Golf Rangefinder 650 Yards Laser Distance Finder

Wosports Golf Rangefinder is a device that is popular not only in the world of golf but even in the world of hunting. It made use of an innovative battery cover design that prevents you from losing the battery cover.

The golf rangefinder can identify the distance between you and an object from 5 to 650 yards. However, the flag lock can only work within 180 yards. And once it has locked in, you will feel the Wosports Golf Rangefinder to vibrate. It also has 6x magnification allowing the user to have an easier time viewing from a distance.

Though it is a good inexpensive rangefinder, users complained about the unit fogging up. Plus, there were instances when they find it hard to lock on to a target which can be frustrating.


  • With 6x magnification
  • Flag lock up to 180 yards
  • Innovative battery cover


  • Fogging up when there’s a change in temperature and weather

How to Find Good a Golf Rangefinder Under $200

There’s no denying that a golf rangefinder can help boost your overall game. These units lessen the guesswork and even give you an idea about the slopes and distance. But for someone new to golfing, things can get a bit confusing when buying a cheap range finder. There are a lot of options to choose from to the point that it might seem intimidating at first.

If you are in the market for an inexpensive golf range finder, you must know some things first. For instance, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to know the distance from point A to point B. A cheap rangefinder can do wonders for your game especially if you are not exactly a pro. Here are some things that you might want to consider if you want to find a cheap but good golf rangefinder.

GPS or Laser?

There are two types of golf rangefinders based on how the device gets its data. You can get either the GPS or the laser golf rangefinder. The debate whether to go for laser or go for a GPS golf rangefinder is usually a choice between accuracy and versatility.

If you will ask the pro golfers to come up with their top 10 rangefinders, don’t be surprised if they are going to give you a bunch of laser golf rangefinders.

The laser rangefinder works by emitting a pulse of laser that hits an object similar to how you have laser-operated yardsticks in construction. The unit will then measure the time it takes for the light to travel and come up with a distance reading.

One of the reasons why it is appealing is the fact that it is straightforward. You can be an old golfer and not know anything about satellites. You simply just aim it to a flag or the next closest target that you have and it gives you a distance after pressing the button.

If you are into the best value rangefinder or something that can offer a decent range, the laser might be a good option. A lot of laser golf rangefinders can accurately measure objects at least 400 yards. This is a good way to obtain distances from one point to the next. This will even give you data when you are dealing with slopes.

So what’s the usual downside if you are going to use the laser golf rangefinder? This type of budget golf rangefinder only operates based on what it sees. This requires a line-of-sight. With trees at play, you still get a blind spot and revert to the usual guessing game.

This is why a lot of golfers in the market are looking for the best deals on golf rangefinders turn to GPS models instead. With satellite at play, you can still get the critical information regardless if you can’t see the flag because of some trees. Many GPS versions have become sophisticated to the point where you get to find the information such as yardage that is required to clear a bunker and the distance to the next flag.

However, the downside when using the GPS golf rangefinders is that it isn’t exactly as accurate compared to having a laser golf rangefinder. If you will take a closer look at the cheap GPS rangefinders, most of them are inaccurate by a few yards.

Handheld vs. Wearable GPS Golf Rangefinder

There are two types of GPS golf rangefinders. You either get a wearable or you get a handheld option. So what’s the best option? It depends on the type of golf player you are. If you are looking for a cheap golf range finder then you might want to have the handheld option. This version functions similar to binoculars.

The wearable GPS golf rangefinders, on the other hand, are typically more expensive because it even allows users to catch calls and texts. However, other than multi-functionality, a lot of golfers consider the handheld units as the best buy golf rangefinder because it features slopes and other pertinent information regarding the golf course. Plus, it is cheaper.

Weatherproof Construction

Regardless if you are going for a cheap golf laser rangefinder or a GPS version, it is important to have a design resistant to weather changes. Though you must dry the unit after using it, it needs to have a waterproof construction that prevents water from getting inside the electronic parts of the golf rangefinder.

Processing speed

Once the laser golf rangefinder locks into the target, it measures the distance by considering the time involved for the light to bounce back to the unit. As for the GPS version, it makes use of satellites to give you an idea about your distance to the next flag or the next hazard. One thing that golfers love even in a low-cost range finder is the fact that it can process information accurately. However, you also need to consider the processing speed. Units can give you a data roughly within 10 seconds after pushing the button.

Slope Feature

If you are in the market for the best golf rangefinder for under $200, might as well check the slope feature. You need to account the elevation in the golf course. Slope function inside the 150 yards can come in handy because it can give you an accurate reading.


You also want to compare the optics when you are interested in cheap rangefinders. Though you are buying an inexpensive unit, you want something that has good optics. What’s the basis for good optics whenever you are comparing cheap range finders? You want to take a closer look at the magnification. A top rated golf rangefinder has a magnification of up to 6x. Also, does it provide you with a clear image?

Battery life

The last thing that you want during practice is for the battery to run out. Normally, even an inexpensive range finder has decent battery life. These units are also rechargeable which means that if you ever run out, you will just have to charge it at home.

If you are going to have a GPS golf rangefinder, the wearable options are typically don’t have a long battery life compared to handheld options.


Improving your game can be tricky without the aid of technology. The good news is that there are the best rangefinders in golf that don’t cost a lot of money. However, there are considerations that you will have to make if you want to find the best budget golf rangefinder. The best inexpensive rangefinder should give a solid performance and should even go toe to toe with more expensive versions. To have the right match for your needs, you want to compare at least five models and see which one gives the best experience.