8 Best Junior Golf Clubs 2022 Review

Some people might think that golfing is such a simple sport, but it’s super-effective for keeping you fit and holistically healthy. That’s why it’s ideal for all ages, making it a family-friendly activity. Since golf clubs usually have long shafts, kids need to use much shorter ones to prevent hurting their arms and perform like a pro.

That’s why we’re here to introduce the best junior golf clubs. This type of product is carefully designed from top to bottom to match the average height of children. However, since some kids are taller than others, golf clubs for younger players come in different sizes. Aside from the golf shaft’s length, there are other factors like the club’s weight. You can learn everything you need to know about junior golf clubs starting from the list of best products we recommend below.

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Best Junior Golf Clubs Review

PreciseGolf Co. Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set

PreciseGolf Co. Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set for Children Kids - 3 Age Groups Boys & Girls - Right Hand & Left Hand

To successfully encourage kids to play golf until they grow older, the PreciseGolf Co. Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set is all about making their first experience fun and exciting.

Each golf club from this set has graphite shafts. Graphite makes shafts lighter to enhance the golfer’s swing. Meanwhile, the product comes with two covers to protect the clubheads and keep them clean. And, the fact that the bag can stand on its own ensures convenience.

This golf club set can be an exciting gift even for toddlers. You don’t have to spend so much money on it since it’s affordable. In addition, instead of keeping things super-easy for them by giving plastic clubs, the slightly heavier weight can help you train them at such an early age.

These golf clubs aren’t exactly durable, though. After a few dozen hits, some units crack badly.


  • Exciting starter set especially for toddlers
  • Light enough for children even with the extra weight
  • Easier maintenance of the clubheads
  • Convenient to use
  • Effective for early training


  • Too heavy for some kids
  • Breakable
  • Detached clubhead
  • Holes in some club covers
  • Torn bag

Wilson Golf Profile JGI Junior Complete Set

Wilson Golf Profile JGI Junior Complete Golf Set

Coming from a world-famous brand, the Wilson Golf Profile JGI Junior Complete Set is a high-quality product. It features a special engineering technology called the Super Game Improvement to help kids perform better in a short period of time.

Additionally, the weight has a lower placement in the extra-large driver for higher launching of the ball. For precision, the sweet spot is bigger.

This golf club set is one of the more durable ones. Each item has a well-designed structure, including the bag which is easier to carry around than what other sets have. The enhanced durability and convenience is perfect for pre-teen golfers who can handle more challenging training.

Just be extra careful when you order this product online because of the wide range of options related to hand orientation, size, color, and style. The grips are also quite thin, which can be a factor to the learning curve.


  • Credible brand
  • Faster progress for younger trainees
  • Higher ball launch
  • High accuracy rate
  • Tough structure for more advanced young golfers


  • Overly thin grips for kids with bigger hands
  • Higher chance of buying the wrong set because of the number of options available

Tour Edge HL-J Junior Complete Golf Set w/ Bag (Multiple Sizes)

Tour Edge HL-J Junior Complete Golf Set w or Bag Multiple Sizes

Kids grow up fast, so it can be inconvenient and expensive to ensure that they’ll be able to play golf until their early teen years. Fortunately, the Tour Edge HL-J Junior Complete Golf Set will make things easier for parents. It comes in five options so you don’t have to look for other products when you need to purchase another set.

Another product with a graphite shaft, this set of golf clubs is lightweight for kids. It has a 350-cubic-centimeter driver with a high moment of inertia (MOI) for long drives that can fly higher than usual. Meanwhile, its irons are extra-large for a bigger sweet spot.

These golf clubs are perfect for beginners. They come in a spacious bag that can hold a lot of golfing gear like tees and balls because of its multiple compartments. Unfortunately, with heavy use, it’s possible for the driver and wood to break easily.


  • Long-term product for growing kids
  • Lightweight structure
  • High MOI for higher drives
  • Big sweet spot
  • More room in the bag for big and small items


  • Broken driver head
  • Chipped fairway wood
  • Poor stitching around the bag’s compartments

Wilson Profile Complete Junior Golf Set w/ Bag

Wilson Profile Complete Junior Golf Set w or Golf Bag

A value for money option, the Wilson Profile Complete Junior Golf Set has six pieces of golfing essentials. It comes with a driver, putter, wedge, short iron, head cover, and bag.

The driver is guaranteed to be designed for junior golfers because of its kid-friendly flex, weight, and length. Meanwhile, the sweet spot is large, thanks to the versatile design of the cavity iron. Both features are contained in a stand bag that can act as a carry-on when the player uses the shoulder strap.

This golf set can help a child to become more independent for it’s light enough for an average kid to carry it around. In fact, the bag can be worn like a backpack. Its color combination isn’t too youthful so the young golfer can use the set until he grows older.

However, for older kids, these golf clubs may not be fun enough for them. It turns out that the iron and wedge aren’t exactly the best when it comes to launching balls.


  • Includes every basic item for first-time players
  • Right flex, weight, and length for junior golfers
  • Large sweet spot
  • Convenient bag
  • Timeless design


  • Could be better when it comes to the technology used for the golf clubs
  • Excessive flex for some players

Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Set

Callaway Boys XJ Hot Junior Kids Golf Club Set

For professional quality, the Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Set is a good choice. It uses advanced technology to enhance forgiveness and distance. Forgiveness in the world of golf refers to the quality of the player’s swings in simpler terms. A higher level of forgiveness means higher accuracy and better contact with the ball.

While junior golf clubs are generally lightweight, this one takes it to the next level. It’s called an “ultra light” set, aiming for more effortless swings. Inside the bag, you’ll find a putter, sand wedge, fairway wood, driver, and 7 and 9 irons.

Kids will have so much fun with these golf clubs for they can hit the ball farther without too much effort. Also, they will surely appreciate the playful combination of blue, black, silver, and white.

If you prefer a hybrid, though, the set doesn’t have one. It’s either using wood or iron with this product.


  • Professional quality
  • Modern features
  • High forgiveness
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Fun style


  • Doesn’t have a hybrid

Precise XD-J Junior Complete Golf Club Set for Children – 3 Age Groups Boys & Girls – Right Hand & Left Hand

Precise XD-J Junior Complete Golf Club Set for Children Kids - 3 Age Groups Boys & Girls - Right Hand & Left Hand!

To make a child instantly love golf, a set of high-quality clubs should be used. Each club in this set is much smaller than the standard sizes. It also prioritizes forgiveness to keep things exciting for the kid on the golf course. That’s totally possible since each shaft is 25% lighter compared to most options in stores.

These golf clubs may appear too big for some kids, but their lightness ensures easier swings. The color options available can also boost a child’s confidence and independence while playing.

The downsides? This golf club set isn’t very durable. For instance, the driver is easily damaged by frequent use. Additionally, the clubs are still too heavy for some children.


  • Perfectly small sizes
  • More lightweight than most golf clubs
  • Can enhance swings
  • Several color options
  • Sufficient level of forgiveness


  • Damaged driver
  • Can be too heavy for some users
  • May require you to make the driver shorter

Confidence Junior V2 Golf Club Set with Stand Bag (for Kids Ages 4-7 Years, Right)

Confidence Junior V2 Golf Club Set with Stand Bag (for Kids Ages 4-7 Years, Right)

The bag alone of the Confidence Junior V2 Golf Club Set is something worthy of your purchase. It has its own stand, shoulder strap, four-way divider, umbrella holder, rain hood, Velcro glove tab, and four outer pockets. It’s packed with exciting, functional features.

Now, about the golf clubs. The fairway wood has an additional loft to let the player hit the ball effortlessly. Meanwhile, the 30-inch 7 iron and 29-inch 9 iron have soft grips and graphite shafts.

It’s amazing how affordable this product is despite its exceptional quality. Kids can successfully keep up with older family members on the golf course because of the durability of each item. The only bad thing about these golf clubs is they’re too small for some kids.


  • Unique multipurpose bag
  • Easier swings
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Stiff structure of the clubs
  • Durable set


  • Can only be used by a specific age group (4-7 years old)

Young Gun ZAAP Eagle Junior Kid Golf Club Youth Set & Bag

Young Gun ZAAP Eagle Junior Kid Golf Club Youth Set & Bag


The 3 wood of the Young Gun ZAAP Eagle Junior Kid Golf Club Youth Set has a modern design to stay aerodynamic, which can significantly help the player. Meanwhile, the 7 iron is lightweight with enough flex for young golfers because of its graphite shaft. Both clubs are contained in a stylish bag.

These golf clubs promote standard junior sizes for they can be used by toddlers as well as pre-teen kids. It’s not difficult to choose the correct size with this product.

You should know, however, that the bag is too short for the clubs. It can’t even stand, which is a huge inconvenience because the clubs are slightly heavy.


  • Aerodynamic
  • Good flex for kids
  • Ideal for ages 3-11 (depending on the set)
  • Attractive design of the clubs
  • Fashionable bag


  • Mismatched dimensions of the clubs and the bag
  • No stand for the bag
  • Slightly heavy

How to Choose Good Junior Golf Clubs

Are golf club sets really ideal for junior players? What about the ideal weight for kids? Learn more about junior golf clubs below:

Single vs Set

Here are the pros and cons of buying separate golf clubs and choosing sets:


Sometimes, the most effective way to keep a child’s attention on a certain sport is by keeping things slow and simple at first. Leave the kid wanting more by only presenting a small part of the activity in the beginning.

With that goal in mind, it can be effective to just buy one golf club for starters to prevent losing the child’s focus. Giving the kid a set of clubs can cause confusion and pressure. This is more likely to happen with toddlers.


Most children are fast learners. So buying separate golf clubs can take a toll on your budget. Why not just buy a set and introduce one club at a time? At least by the time the kid is ready to learn all the basics, there’s no need to look for another type of club anymore.

Besides, several manufacturers nowadays are producing golf sets for toddlers. At such a young age, children now have a chance to learn things like how to use irons and putters. And, the best part? They get to feel independence early on with their own bag of clubs, boosting their confidence as young golfers. That sounds like the making of future pros.

But, then again, kids have different ways of learning new things. If the child needs more time to learn, feel free to buy just one golf club. Buying a set can still be a waste of money if it won’t be fully used for years. Children grow fast, which will only force you to purchase a new set for every couple of years.


In most cases, lightweight golf clubs will always be better for kids. Heavier ones can slow down the progress of a child’s training.

That’s because mastering the basics of swinging may take longer than necessary if the kid can’t ensure total control. A heavy golf club can make it difficult for a child to hold it correctly.

Just don’t forget to still prioritize flex. With the right weight and flex, a child can play like a pro in no time.


Also called a driver at its biggest size, the wood is meant to close the distance between the ball and the hole. It can powerfully hit the ball to reach a farther distance because of its longer shaft and bigger head compared to other types of golf clubs.

Despite the advantages of shorter woods for junior golfers, there’s one good thing about buying a longer wood for a young player.


Shorter woods can easily help a child improve timing. They will also make it easier for the young golfer to swing at a certain angle that can guarantee a direct hit right in the middle of the clubhead’s face. That’s important for accuracy in terms of hitting the ball.


It’s not too bad to buy a longer wood, though. Like what we’ve said before, kids grow fast. Buying a set of longer woods for future use can save you the trouble once the wood becomes too short for the child. Using a longer wood can also help during training as the kid slowly transitions into a more serious player.


This type of golf club has a function similar to woods, except for its smaller head and shorter shaft. It’s made of steel or iron, of course. Meanwhile, its face is angled, flat, and full of grooves.

What’s the right iron for junior golfers? Its center of gravity should be placed lower to consistently make the ball fly higher with minimal effort.


While drivers/woods and irons are all about long-distance and high-speed hits, putters are for shorter distances and gentler swings. This golf club should be evaluated based on its style, weight, and length.


Putters are either mallets or blades. Choosing one is entirely based on which is easier and more comfortable for the child. You should know, however, that mallet putters have a much bigger sweet spot than blade ones. They’re the safer option.


Even though the overall weight of golf clubs should be lighter, a heavier putter is usually better. The added weight will make it easier for the player to position the club lower, which is important for the ball to roll smoothly.


One of the best things about putters is that using a longer one won’t affect the player’s performance too much, unlike when the golfer uses a longer iron. As long as the putter isn’t excessively long for the kid, it’s okay to choose a slightly longer unit to quickly adapt to a growing child.


While golf bags are just a bonus for adults who are looking for new clubs, a single bag can actually make or break a child’s first experience on the golf course. An inconvenient bag can ruin a young golfer’s day, especially a beginner, so be more patient in choosing the right set of clubs for kids.


Compartments and cushioning are very important for the clubs’ protection inside the bag, but the overall structure shouldn’t be too heavy for a child. That’s why lighter materials should be used around the bag, reinforced with foolproof stitching to lower the risk of ripping fabric.


Two shoulder straps are highly recommended for golf bags. A double system spreads weight distribution better to help a young golfer carry the whole set independently without body pain afterward. It will be just like carrying a backpack to and from school.


What is a junior golf club?

Junior golf clubs are specifically designed for young golfers. The shaft of junior golf clubs is usually more flexible than the shaft of golf clubs for adults. They’re also lighter in weight and more lofted, which results in fewer mishits, more spin, and higher trajectory.

Golf brands use a variety of materials for their junior golf clubs. Some of these materials include graphite, steel, and titanium.

What age are junior golf clubs for?

In the United States, a junior golfer is an amateur golfer who hasn’t reached the age of 19 during the calendar year. Most junior golf clubs on the market are available for young golfers who are ages 3 through 17.

How big are junior golf clubs?

Junior golf clubs are sold for children 36 inches tall (size zero set) up to children 69 inches tall. The thing is most of the “standard-sized” junior golf clubs are not the same for all brands and manufacturers. But in general, they’re designed to fit a specific size.

How long are junior golf clubs?

For a child who’s 5 feet in height, the longest listed golf club length is 38 to 39 inches. But there are brands that make golf clubs that are suitable for taller junior golfers. For instance, PING manufactures junior sets that have drivers as long as 39 inches, which are appropriate for 10 or 11 year olds who are 54 to 60 inches in height.

Here’s the general rule: As long as they’re not 60 inches (5 feet or 152.4 centimeters) tall, they’ll benefit from a set of junior golf clubs from a good brand.

How much are junior golf clubs?

Like golf clubs for adults, junior golf clubs are available on different price levels. If your child is serious about golf or renting is becoming too inconvenient for you, you could already buy good-quality junior golf club sets for $110 to $399.

The price of junior golf club sets depends on different factors, such as the material they’re made of. Affordable drivers are usually made of aluminium or stainless steel, while more expensive ones are usually made from titanium.

Tip: Since aluminum is a weak metal, the head of a golf club should be thicker.

How to fit golf clubs for juniors?

There are two ways to fit golf clubs for junior golfers:

  • By age
  • By height

If you want a more accurate fit, shop by height. The first step is take your child’s height, and then refer to the brand’s size chart to know the correct club length for his or her height. When measuring the height, make sure your child is wearing his or her shoes.

Another common way to measure a golf club is the wrist-to-floor measurement. For this method, simply take the distance between the floor and the crease of your child’s wrist.

How many golf clubs in a junior set?

You can buy as many junior golf clubs as you want, depending on your child’s age, skill, and swing speed. According to most experts, children who start at an early age (around 4 or 5 years old) need at least two golf clubs: a pitching wedge and a putter. As they progress, you can add a 7 iron, and then a hybrid golf club and 3-wood driver.

Basically, the most important golf clubs in a junior set are an iron, a putter, a wedge, and a wood. Once they’ve gained enough swing speed, they should have at least 10 or 12 clubs in their junior golf club set.

Are women’s and juniors golf clubs the same?

Women’s and junior’s golf clubs are not the same. But it’s not unusual for petite female golfers to use junior golf clubs.

Here are two of their key differences:

  • Length – The length of women’s golf clubs ranges from 33 inches (putters) to 44 inches (drivers). In general, they’re an inch shorter than those made for men. Since junior golf clubs are manufactured based on age and height, you can expect them to be much shorter (i.e., 20.5 inches for putters and 41 inches for drivers) than women’s golf clubs.
  • Grip – The grip slightly differs in golf clubs made for women, children, and teenagers. Junior golf club has a smaller and thinner grip compared to the grip of women’s golf clubs to accommodate their smaller hands.


Just because the player is a wee little kid doesn’t mean you can just forget about top-notch quality when buying new junior golf clubs. With the Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Set following professional standards, expect highly durable clubs that can endure constant impact and abrasion. Despite the lack of hybrids, that won’t change the forgiving design of each club.

Lastly, after deciding whether to go for a single club or an entire set of essential items for golfing, make sure the product is worthy of your purchase by checking its weight, type, and free bag (if any).