8 Best Muscle Back Irons 2022 Review

Hard work isn’t the only factor to become one of the best golfers in the world. You also have to think about the golf club you’re using, especially if you’re always using an iron. Since professional golfers are known to be more analytical when they play, try to emulate their systematic approach by relying on the stronger feedback from muscle back irons.

Cavity back irons are definitely more comfortable and convenient, but the absence of strong vibrations doesn’t translate to feedback that can be useful for your performance. On the other hand, blades or muscle back irons allow the vibrations to reach your hands or arms so you can instantly tell if your hit is perfect, a near miss, or a total fail.

Learn more about muscle back irons by going over our chosen products of superior quality and then knowing the factors you need to consider before purchase.

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Best Muscle Back Irons Review

Wilson Staff Golf Men’s Right Handed Blades (8 piece Set)

Wilson Staff Golf Men’s Right Handed Blades (8 piece Set)

Generally, muscle back irons are known to be less precise than those with a cavity back for novice and intermediate golfers. However, the Wilson Staff Golf Men’s Right Handed Blades are precision-milled to perfectly balance the features.

The hosels of these irons can make your swings smoother because they’re inspired by the traditional design of the brand’s Dyna-Powered models. They’re more lightweight than the designs of other brands to prevent the possibility of an excessive overall weight caused by their wider soles and bigger clubheads.

Meanwhile, the sole camber is a little bit more rounded. The purpose of this design is to boost accuracy.

Since golf drivers are mostly considered to be better options when it comes to distance, this set of irons makes sure that each unit can make the ball fly further across the course. As a plus, it has a more attractive appearance with its diamond pattern which originally aims to enhance comfort and control.

Unfortunately, these muscle back irons are too stiff for golfers who prefer regular flex or shafts.


  • Very precise, considering the fact that these are muscle back irons
  • Smoother swings
  • Still lightweight despite the enlarged clubhead and sole
  • More accurate hits
  • Can reach further distances


  • Too stiff for some golfers

Callaway Golf 2019 Apex Irons Set

Callaway Golf 2019 Apex Irons Set

Aside from the fact that irons can either have a muscle back or a cavity back, they can also be forged or cast. The Callaway Golf 2019 Apex Irons Set is one of the best options for golfers who really prefer forged construction.

The main reasons why these muscle back irons have an extra-soft feel are their bodies made of forged carbon steel and urethane microspheres. For performance, they use features called the 360 Face Cup and the VFT Face for speed, spin, distance, and consistency. And, for precision, control, and flight, the center of gravity (CG) is easier to find since tungsten is infused into the structure.

If you’re prioritizing style as well, these irons have an attractive appearance because of their shape and light chrome finish. That’s a huge plus for muscle back irons that can consistently provide you with feedback through sound and vibration.

However, you should know that some buyers had a bad experience purchasing this product online because it either comes in a set or just a single piece of iron. Make sure to double-check everything before you place your order and contact the seller immediately if you’d receive the wrong number of irons.


  • High-quality forged construction
  • Softer feel than the standard
  • Consistent performance especially in terms of ball speed, ball spin, and distance
  • Edgy appearance
  • Feedback through sound aside from the expected flow of vibrations throughout the shaft


  • The possibility of receiving the wrong number of muscle back irons

TaylorMade Golf P760 Men’s Iron Set

TaylorMade Golf P760 Men's Iron Set

While still promoting the benefits of typical muscle back irons such as better feedback and style, the TaylorMade Golf P760 Men’s Iron Set is soft and easy to use–just like cavity back irons. That’s because it’s engineered to be a more precise forged iron.

Speaking of being a forged iron, this product has a body composed of carbon steel to ensure feedback, speed, and accuracy. Even better, the more lightweight design of its advanced SUS630 face enhances those three factors.

Another modern design included in these muscle back irons is the special Speedfoam technology. To be more specific, it’s only added into the irons ranging from 3 to 7.

If you’re a user of the brand’s P790 irons, don’t expect this option to automatically meet your expectations. The P760 is slightly smaller, which isn’t the best choice for high handicappers.


  • Combines the advantages of muscle back and cavity back irons
  • More accurate hits
  • Lightweight from top to bottom
  • Sleek metallic design
  • Reliable feedback


  • Too small for most high-handicappers

Mizuno 2018 MP-18 MMC Fli Hi Iron

Mizuno 2018 MP-18 MMC Fli Hi Iron


There are multiple MP-18 models out there, but the Mizuno 2018 MP-18 MMC Fli Hi Iron is one of the superior ones based on a few factors. It has a hollow body to guarantee higher ball flight and speed as well as more powerful hits. Its entire structure is also crafted meticulously to place more weight into parts that really matter and ensure that the CG is deeper and lower.

Despite its chrome finish, this muscle back iron won’t glare under the heat of the sun. You won’t get distracted as you focus on your swing speed.

And, even though the 2 iron has a low loft, it’s surprising how forgiving it is. However, that should be expected from such a comfortable and convenient golf club in the first place.

Now, it goes without saying that this muscle back iron isn’t ideal for some skill levels. That’s why you need to be more aware of your capabilities as a golfer before buying a new golf club.


  • Can be the best MP-18 model for some golfers
  • Combines power, flight, and speed
  • Strategic placement of extra weights
  • Deep and low CG
  • No glare


  • Effectiveness depends on the user’s skills

LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons Individual or Set for Men

LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons Individual or Golf Irons Set for Men

Meant for all skill levels, the LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons are some of the most affordable irons you can buy. Another reason why they can be used by both beginners and experts is their variety based on how they’re numbered all the way from 2 up to 9.

Additionally, these muscle back irons have deep grooves so they can perform better on fairways, fringes, and roughs through more consistent control and spins. Other features and benefits include the regular flex, right hand orientation, steel shaft, and comfortable grip.

If you’re worried about the added weight of their steel shafts, you should know that these muscle back irons can still be as light as golf clubs using graphite. In fact, several seniors are delightfully surprised about the weight of these irons.

However, those seniors are considered to be physically healthier. The ones who are already experiencing back and joint pains should use more comfortable irons.

This set of irons can also be inconvenient for beginners. Some golfers don’t like the absence of markings around the grips for they still find it challenging to hold the club properly.


  • Much more affordable than most muscle back irons
  • Wide variety of numbered irons
  • Practical option for all skill levels
  • Can easily adapt wherever you go around the golf course
  • Still light enough despite the steel shaft


  • Not recommended for all seniors
  • Lack of grip markings that can guide your hands as you hold the iron

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Iron Set

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Iron Set

Want something more stylish than the first Callaway irons we’ve introduced earlier? The Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Iron Set looks so attractive with its usual black and silver combination but with a bit of color pop because of its orange accents.

More importantly, though, these muscle back irons are comfortable to use because of their special urethane microspheres that can dampen the vibrations caused by impact. They also ensure easier launch and higher flight through their tungsten weights and Flash Face Cup. Meanwhile, the 360 Face Cup is all about flex to increase ball speed.

Unfortunately, it’s possible you’ll receive only a single piece of muscle back iron. This is a common issue with companies offering iron sets due to seller mistakes. Also, according to a few experienced golfers, these advanced irons aren’t exactly better than some older models in terms of the loft.


  • Unique color combination
  • Controls the strength of the vibrations
  • More effortless launches
  • Can increase the speed of the ball
  • Offers different levels of flex


  • Seller might ship individual irons, not sets
  • Can’t surpass the quality of some older models when it comes to certain factors

TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons

TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons

Another option with a subtle pop of color, the TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons have cool blue accents to complement the black and silver theme.

These muscle back irons are more than just their trendy appearance, though. Their advanced technology called Speed Bridge is for their topline to maximize forgiveness and distance. Speaking of forgiveness, the Speed Pocket enhances the flex from the clubhead’s face to increase the ball’s speed despite lower hits.

Meanwhile, their ECHO system controls the vibrations to provide feedback without causing muscle or joint pain.

And, the downside? Nothing much. It’s just that this product isn’t ideal for buyers who prefer iron sets for it may come in separate units depending on the seller.


  • Fashionable design
  • Maximum forgiveness
  • Longer distance
  • Can perform great even with off-center hits
  • Painless feedback


  • May be packaged individually, which is a downside for golfers looking for iron sets

Wilson Golf – Staff D200 Combo Irons (7 Club Set)

Wilson Golf- Staff D200 Combo Irons (7 Club Set)

One of the most attractive muscle back irons we’ve ever seen, the Wilson Golf – Staff D200 is much more stylish than the other Wilson product we’ve described earlier. That’s because it looks eye-catching with its dark red accents that perfectly complement the basic black and silver combination.

Regarding its important features, this golf iron uses Speed Sole Technology for additional flex from the lower part since it’s more likely to receive the impact. Also, it has weight pods in its toe and heel to increase forgiveness and enlarge the sweet spot. Lastly, it includes Right Light Technology for lightness, stability, and feel, which is crucial for the success of your swings.

Now, the heavier face is certainly beneficial for some golfers. Sadly, other players just can’t deal with the extra weight.


  • Stunning design
  • More flex from the lower section
  • Higher level of forgiveness
  • Bigger area for the sweet spot
  • Lightweight yet sturdy for balance


  • More weight in the face

How to Choose Good Muscle Back Irons

Muscle Back vs Cavity Back

Muscle Back

First of all, before you buy muscle back irons, make sure they’re the right type of golf clubs for your skill level in the first place. Who knows? Maybe you should use cavity back irons after all. That’s why we’re here to explain the differences between the two variations.

Muscle back irons aren’t as precise as those with a cavity back. No wonder they’re ideal for advanced golfers. Experienced players can already master their hits, which means they don’t really need higher precision from their clubs.

These irons are also great for low handicappers since those golfers have a higher chance of hitting the ball accurately every single time. Low handicappers have better swings as well, which can add flight and distance to the ball since muscle back irons aren’t the best clubs for that.

The reason for the lower ball flight is the muscle back iron’s design. This type of iron has a clubhead with a full back, hence the higher CG. Higher CG means lower flight, a more preferable result for golfers who can make the ball fly so high that they achieve a shorter distance.

We should also note that the design of muscle back irons isn’t just functional. It’s also more attractive for many golfers.

And, while vibrations from off-center hits are terribly uncomfortable for beginners and high handicappers, pros live for that. They prefer it that way because of the feedback they can use to analyze their performance and improve their next game. That’s exactly why muscle back irons are still in-demand nowadays.

Besides, more and more muscle back irons are designed for precision. They feature some aspects you can see from cavity back irons. That’s already expected from the nonstop innovations in the world of golf club designing and engineering.

Cavity Back

Ideal for most golfers, especially the beginners, seniors, and high handicappers, cavity back irons focus on perimeter weighting for higher forgiveness even with off-center hits, higher MOI (moment of inertia), and a bigger sweet spot. They guarantee higher chances of perfect hits because of the hollowed back of their clubhead which reduces the weight in the middle while increasing the weight of the edges.

Unfortunately, you can’t significantly improve as a golfer with cavity back irons compared to the muscle back type. You can’t experiment with different techniques since there’s not much feedback from the hollowed design. If you’re an intermediate player who’s ready to perform like a pro, skip the cavity back and push yourself to the limit with a muscle back.

Individual Unit vs Set


Once you’re certain that muscle back irons are indeed the right golf clubs for your skills and preferences, the next factor you need to think about is whether you should buy a single iron or a complete set with extra items or accessories.

The plus side of buying individual irons is you can ensure that you’ll receive the exact type of club you’re looking for. Remember that irons are labeled differently and the right number for you may not be included in the set.

However, that’s only ideal if you know exactly the type of iron you should use. That’s why experienced golfers are usually the ones who buy individual clubs.


If you’re still trying to figure yourself out as a golfer, you should try a wide range of golf irons. Instead of breaking the bank by buying individual irons, buy a set with additional items for convenience.

The set should contain various irons, a couple of extra clubs, and some free items like clubhead covers to ensure value for money. It should also come with a durable, ergonomic bag that has its own stand and shoulder straps. Special compartments like water bottle and umbrella holders are a huge plus as well.



After deciding on the number of irons you should purchase, check the material used for the club’s shaft. The major options are graphite and steel.

Let’s talk about graphite shafts first. They’re more lightweight than steel ones to help high handicappers, seniors, and beginners swing faster and achieve a longer distance. They can add five yards or more even if you’re experiencing body pain from time to time, thanks to their material that can dampen vibrations. All of these benefits can compensate for the limitations and disadvantages of a muscle back clubhead.

Unfortunately, too much flex from graphite shafts can be a bad idea sometimes. It can affect precision. Graphite shafts are also pricier.


Don’t be surprised by the fact that most muscle back irons use steel shafts. Since muscle back irons are all about feedback, they can easily enhance the vibrations with steel. That kind of metal will totally allow the vibrations to dominate the shaft until they reach the golfer’s hands. Most professional players prefer this effect.

What exactly happens once the golfer receives feedback? He can identify immediately whether the quality of his hit was good or bad. He will then adjust factors like the strength of his swing the next time he launches the ball.

Despite the heavier nature of steel than graphite, it can still be an advantage for golfers who tend to swing faster than necessary. It can help them improve control.

As a plus, steel shafts are cheaper. They’re mostly found in affordable iron sets.

As for the ultimate downside, off-center hits can hurt your hands badly because of much stronger vibrations. This can affect your endurance as a golfer. You might not be able to play longer than expected.

If not sudden pain, steel shafts can leave you with strained muscles or joints after a long game. That’s because they’re heavier and stiffer.


Since the Callaway Golf 2019 Apex Irons Set successfully combines performance and comfort, we specifically recommend it not just for advanced golfers. It uses steel shafts, but the addition of carbon, forged construction, and urethane microspheres make softer feel possible. It can still guarantee feedback but not as painful as other options, partly because of the sound it makes that can help you analyze your hits without too much vibration.

Aside from the amazing feedback you get from muscle back irons in general, it’s also easier to decide on which product to buy since there are only a few factors to consider before purchase. Blades are already a specific type of golf irons, which means only a couple of factors are left to think about. Should you buy a set or not? Do you prefer a graphite or steel shaft? Simple as that.