10 Best Odyssey Putters 2021 Review

Putting is one of the most important strokes in golf. It can be intimidating, especially if you are a beginner. There’s a lot that you need to learn, such as speed, control, and consistency. While techniques are crucial, it is equally important that you invest in the right tools. With this, you need to have the best Odyssey putter. If you are clueless about what to buy, read on and learn from some of our recommendations.

Best Odyssey Putters Review

Odyssey EXO Putter

Praised in many Odyssey putter reviews, this is one of our favorites because of its multi-material construction, which is also responsible for its forgiveness. It has a 6061 milled aluminum exo-cage. More than being lightweight, it also repositions the weight away from the center of the head. Instead, it is redistributed along the perimeter. The result is it has a high moment of inertia.

More so, it has a Stroke Lab Shaft. As with the head, this innovation is effective in the redistribution of weight. The shaft is made of a combination of steel and graphite. Most of the weight is on the end of the putter. In turn, it changes the dynamics to make your stroke smoother and more precise.

Additionally, it has a classic two-ball alignment system. The latter makes visualization a snap. This will let you hit the ball easily and direct it where you want it to be. Aside from easy aiming, it is also incredibly stable, even if you do not hit the ball off the center. It is also one of the reasons why it is a notable option for beginners.

The micro hinge insert technology is another notable feature. The latter has been developed exclusively by the maker of the putter for a smooth roll upon impact. This is an innovation that you will find even in putters that are used in professional tournaments.

Lastly, it has a premium appearance, which makes it fitting or its price. One look and you will immediately fall in love with the aesthetics. From the face medallion to the color scheme, it is one putter that can turn heads.


  • Has a multi-material construction that makes it forgiving
  • The shaft effectively redistributes weight
  • Easy visualization with the classic alignment system


  • Grip can be easily prone to discoloration

Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa

As you hunt for new Odyssey putters, this is another product that should be on your radar. It packs plenty of commendable features, and one thing that we love the most is the shaft construction. Like other putters in the Odyssey series, it has a Stroke Lab shaft, which is also responsible for most of the benefits that it can deliver. It uses steel and graphite as the main materials, with most of the weight distributed on the tip. As a result, it saves up to 40 grams of weight, which redefines the dynamics of the shaft.

More so, the grip’s sole and butt-end have additional weight. This will offer better dynamics, improving consistency and accuracy. Your putts will be smoother.

It is also well-loved by many because it is slightly stiffer compared to many of the shafts you will find in conventional putters. It lowers torque, providing users with better control when putting.

The putter comes with oversized grips. They are easy and comfortable to hold, which will have a positive impact on your overall performance during a game. Nonetheless, there are some people who note that it came with the wrong grips.

Lastly, it also has White Hot micro hinge. A common feature that you will find in Odyssey putters, this face insert makes the putter firmer upon impact. It improves the sound and feel, enhancing the overall putting experience. Additionally, it allows the ball to roll quicker without skidding, regardless of the surface at which you are playing.


  • Additional grip weight changes the putter’s dynamics
  • Has a stiff shaft that is easy to control
  • Comes with an innovative face insert that improves feel and sound


  • Might come with wrong grips

Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track

As you look for the best price Odyssey putters, this is another product that should be on your radar. It isn’t the cheapest, but the cost is justifiable given the many features and its superior performance.

One thing that makes the putter stand out is the Triple Track lines. This is an innovation that has been developed by the manufacturer for effortless alignment. You can position it in such a way that you can hit the ball directly to the hole. It is based on vernier hyper acuity. This is the same visual technology that aircrafts utilize for landing. There are horizontal stripes with a white background, so you can position it optimally.

More so, it has Stroke Lab, which is a multi-material shaft construction. This is the same technology that you will find in other putters from Odyssey. Graphite and steel are used as the main materials. They will improve consistency and tempo, which provides an exceptional counterbalance.

It is also well-loved by many because of the minimal face rotation. As a result, it is more stable, which is critical as well for having straighter putts. The head sits square, making it easy to hit the golf ball.

Lastly, it is a good putter because it comes with a headcover. The latter will protect the head of the putter against external elements that can speed up wear, such as dirt and dust. This will also minimize scratches, especially if you keep the putter in the same bag as your other golf clubs.


  • Easy aim alignment
  • Comes with a counterbalanced shaft for consistent putts
  • Has minimal face rotation


  • Not for golfers who like a soft face

Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0

With this blade-style Callaway Odyssey putter, it is easy to take your game to the next level. Compared to a mallet putter, blades are for people who already have an experience in playing golf. Otherwise, it takes quite a while before you get used to it. It has a simple and traditional design, which is well-loved even by the pros. From distance control to accuracy of long putts, a blade-style putter has many advantages.

More so, it is also incredible because of the crank neck hosel. It maximizes the feel and accuracy of the putter, which is another reason for its superb performance. This is also influential in the improvement of visualization and alignment, increasing the chances of accurate putting.

Aside from the hosel, another good part of the putter is the jumbo grip. It is easy to hold. Plus, the putter is stable, which will help in making your putts straighter. The grip is also non-slippery. Speaking of the grip, it also has a full shaft offset that helps in improving the positioning of your hand.

It is also good that it comes with a headcover. The latter protects the end of the putter from scratches and other potential damages.

Best of all, it has an aesthetically pleasing design. A quick look at the putter will convince you that it is a notable product. The impressive finish does not only improve the looks, but it also effectively reduces glare. Even when playing on a sunny day, you will enjoy visual clarity for improved precision. More than being good-looking, the finish is also wear-resistant. Even after years of use, you can be confident that the quality is second to none.


  • The face insert results in better consistency
  • Sleek finish for aesthetics
  • Has a blade head that helps in alignment


  • Takes a while of getting used to

Odyssey DFX

There are countless reasons why it is one of the best Odyssey putters in the market today. Among others, it stands out because it has the softest insert that the company has developed. The DFX insert is known for being softer than the White Hot insert. As a result, it will improve roll and feel, resulting in a legendary performance.

The black and white color scheme is another thing that we noticed in this putter. It has a high contrast and can turn heads because of its distinct beauty. The choice of colors improves visualization and alignment. It helps in making it square wherever you are aiming.

More so, it is also great that it has a well-balanced construction. This is one thing that you will immediately feel as you hold it on your hand. With the even distribution of the weight, this is easy to control. Plus, it makes your strokes more consistent, making it easy to repeat the same putting performance.

Another feature that you will find in this putter is the double-bend hosel. The result of this feature is that it is balanced on the face. This means that it has a face that points to the sky. Another benefit is that there is minimal face rotation during the stroke, allowing you to send the golf ball in a straight direction.

There are also some issues that you should know before buying this putter. For instance, it might not do well in long putts. Additionally, some people think that the sound is a bit high-pitched. It can be off-putting for some people, although we believe that it should not be a big issue.


  • Exceptional overall balance for easy handling
  • High-contrast design for easy alignment
  • Promotes a consistent stroke


  • May not work well on long putts

Odyssey Stroke Lab EXO

While there are newer options available, the Odyssey putters old models are equally impressive. This product, for instance, has milled black stainless steel body. It is complemented with aluminum. With this combination, it demonstrates excellent savings in terms of weight. In turn, this is responsible for increasing the moment of inertia, which is also what makes it more stable upon striking the ball.

Performance-wise, many things will make this putter stand out. For instance, compared to the original iteration of the putter, the head is slightly larger. Plus, it has a perimeter weighting. The added weight makes it more stable. This way, your shots will be straighter. If it is lighter, the putter can be wobbly, which might make it more difficult to direct the ball where you want it to be.

Another notable technology that you will find in this putter is the White Hot technology. This is one of the best inserts you will ever find in a putter. The result is that it has an exceptional feel and sound, resulting in an iconic performance. It also improves distance control and forward roll upon hitting the golf ball.

The radical design is another thing that makes it a popular option for Odyssey putters. It has hints of red, making it elegant and appealing.

A good putter helps in making alignment a breeze. This way, visualization will be a snap to improve putting accuracy. However, some people might not like how it has multiple colors. It has black, red, and white. Some golfers might think that it is an eyesore, and it might take a while before you get used to it.


  • The milled stainless steel body saves weight
  • Has a radical design
  • Comes with perimeter weighting for better stability


  • Some might not like the multicolor design

Odyssey Golf 2021 Ten

Those who are looking for discount Odyssey putters might want to stay away from this model. The price can be discouraging, but if you look at its features and performance, you will realize that it is worth every dollar. No wonder, even experienced users trust this putter.

It has plenty of impressive innovations, and one of our favorites is the availability of different head shapes. This will make the putter versatile, making sure that there is something for every putting situation. The head shapes are ideal even for tour players. They are sleek and forgiving.

Like many of the Odyssey putters, the Stroke Lab shaft is another commendable feature that you will find in this product. This is a multi-material shaft that combines graphite and steel. It is tough without the weight being a burden. Because of this, handling the putter is easy. It does not put too much strain on your hand. Plus, the stability is great, so your shots will end up being straight and accurate.

As you would also find in other Odyssey putters, it comes with a micro hinge star insert. It provides immediate forward roll. The outcome is that it enhances speed and control.

Lastly, it comes with a sleek but forgiving head shape. It is designed in such a way that it has a generous sweet spot. As a result, it is easier to ensure that you will be hitting the ball. This is also one reason why it is a good option even for a beginner.


  • Choose from a wide array of head shapes
  • Easy to visualize alignment
  • Generates a forward roll for better speed and control


  • Expensive

Odyssey Red Ball

If you are looking for a game improvement putter, then this is one product that should be on your radar. It has a radical design that will redefine your game. According to the manufacturer, it accomplishes two things – proper set-up and accurate alignment.

Looking at its features, one of the most notable is the unique red ball that you will find inside the scope of the putter. This way, aligning the face to the start line is effortless. With the red ball, it is easier to diagnose the current set-up. You will immediately know if the ball is not at the center, and hence, you can reposition it accordingly.

The black and white framing is also a plus, which creates a high contrast for better visualization. Regardless of the conditions of the external environment, you can enjoy optical clarity when putting.

More so, it has the legendary White Hot RX insert. Aside from improving the sound and feel, this is also responsible for making the ball roll smoothly.

This putter has a mallet shape. This is a great alternative if you prefer this style over blade putters. It has better stability, which is also the reason why your shots will be straighter. This is unlike other putters that can be prone to wobbling, which can derail the direction of the golf ball. Additionally, mallet putters also have a large head, which makes them more forgiving, especially if you are a newbie.

Nonetheless, take note that the overall design is different from what you will find in a traditional putter. Some people might not be used to its mechanism, which can make it tricky to figure out how to make the most of this putter.


  • Has black and white lines for a high contrast
  • Comes with a revolutionary insert for a smooth roll
  • Stable mallet-style head


  • Can be tricky to use

Callaway Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0

Putting is frustrating when you do not have the right help. While you can be as technical as you wish when it comes to the technique, such will be useless if you do not have the right putter. That said, this model is another option that you should be looking at.

Praised in many Odyssey putters reviews, one of its most notable features is the tour-winning insert. It has been a steady fixture in putters that have brought victories to many players. With the insert, you can expect the putter to deliver improved sound and feel. The insert revolutionizes the face of the putter, making it influential of delivering a better overall performance.

More so, this product is also commendable because it has tour-proven head shapes. They are available in different variations, so you can pick which one is most suitable for your game. Regardless, its heads are incredible, promising to unleash the best golfer in every user.

Another good thing about this putter is the mirror-based Eye Fit system. This will let you choose the right head shape. In turn, you can optimize the set-up of the ball to make putting more accurate. If you want to create a straighter shot, then you will need to be closer to the ball.  The farther you are, the higher is the chance that you will have an arched stroke.

Lastly, we also love how it is inclusive of a head cover. The latter will help in protecting the head against scratches and other damages that can minimize its functional life.


  • Comes with a tour-winning insert
  • Available in various head shapes
  • Includes a head cover


  • Grip can be too small for some users

Odyssey 2017 O-Works

The list of the top Callaway putters is incomplete without mentioning this model. Like the others in this list, it has plenty of innovative features. For instance, it has the micro hinge insert technology. The latter enhances the topspin and roll upon impact. You can enjoy this benefit regardless of your stroke.

While many of the old-style putters have a soft insert, this model has a hard one. It utilizes a stainless steel hinge. The latter feels more solid upon hitting the ball, which also improves the overall feel and sound. Plus, the insert is molded into a thermoplastic elastomer layer. It adds a hint of softness while also being effective in shock absorption. This is great in assuring your comfort when putting.

Even tour players trust the performance of this putter. One of the reasons for the latter is the presence of tour-proven shapes. They have been credited by many professionals for their victories. Over the years, the manufacturer has been introducing several tweaks to make the head shape better and keep up with the changing demands and needs of its users.

The Versa Alignment technology is another feature that leaves us in awe of this putter. The latter makes it easy to set the face angle before hitting the ball.

Appearance-wise, we love how it has a high contrast with the black and white sections of the putter. Plus, there are red sightlines. With the combination of these colors and design of the head, visualization is a snap. This makes it quick to set the alignment, so you can hit the ball and direct it exactly where you want it to be.


  • Improve topspin and roll with the micro hinge insert
  • Black and white sections create a high contrast
  • Has a thermoplastic layer for your comfort


  • Some might not like the stitching at the back of the grip

Odyssey 2018 O-Works

Wrapping our list of Odyssey putters is another product with top-notch innovations that make it worth every dollar. One thing that caught our attention is its elegant design. From the choice of color to its finish, the aesthetic is hard to rival. The best thing is that it isn’t just all about the looks. It effectively combines both form and function.

The O-works is a collection of different models. They have different characteristics but also has common denominators. Among others, one thing that they share is the micro hinge plate insert. If you can remember from our discussions above, this is the technology that improves the sound and feel of the putter. It is complemented by a thermoplastic elastomer layer. It makes the shaft more flexible without losing its rigidity. This is also effective in minimizing the shock that your hands feel, making it crucial for your comfort.

It is also worth mentioning that these putters are available in prolific head shapes, which are suitable even for the pros. This Odyssey mallet putter has a toe hang, which allows the putter to rotate more upon impact.

If there is one thing that might make you hesitant in choosing this product, it would be that it is an old model. Some might like a new Odyssey putter from 2021 series with more innovative features.


  • Aesthetically-pleasing design
  • Has a micro hinge insert to improve sound and feel
  • Comes with prolific head shapes


  • Old model


Complete your golf equipment setup with the best Odyssey putter. A Callaway putter, which is where the Odyssey line belongs, has top-notch construction and superb performance. From beginners to pros, they are amongst the best in the market. They might not be the most affordable, but they are worth every dollar! Consider our top recommendations above and it will be hard for you to go wrong.