11 Best Women’s Golf Bags 2022 Review

Golf clubs for women are generally a little bit shorter than the standard length, making it a hassle for some female golfers to find a convenient and secure bag for their smaller irons and other equipment. Some ladies are also particular about the style of their golf bags since they’re going for a more feminine look. Because of the specific preferences of female golfers, we’re going to introduce some of the best women’s golf bags.

Are golf bags for women all about size and fashion only? Definitely not. They should also be easier to carry. That’s why the strap should also be carefully considered. Let’s learn more about the must-have features of golf bags for female golfers.

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Best Women’s Golf Bags Review

TaylorMade Cart Lite Bag

TaylorMade Cart Lite Bag

Reinforced with a polymer to become more durable, the TaylorMade Cart Lite Bag has a structure that can maintain its shape no matter how strong the impact is or how crowded the cargo space is in your vehicle.

This product also uses materials that won’t wear out easily. It can last for many years without losing its beauty, which means it won’t go to waste when you buy a new golf bag. You can just give it to another person, especially to a family member or a friend.

Despite the heavy-duty construction of this golf bag, it’s actually very lightweight since it only weighs 5.5 pounds. That’s mostly because of its modern, compact shape, which is attractive as well. It even looks light with its gray and white combination.

In spite of claims that this golf bag has several dividers with a full-length design, it turns out that they’re not long enough to reach the bottom part.

When it comes to the strap, it lacks another strap for proper weight distribution. This leads to the possibility that it might be too hard for the user to carry this bag if the compartments are full.

Also, the base might not be sturdy enough to make this bag stand because of the lack of standing legs.


  • Durable materials
  • Structure can maintain shape no matter what
  • Stays intact after a strong impact
  • Won’t get crushed
  • Won’t wear out


  • Dividers not exactly full-length
  • Needs another strap
  • No stand

Glove It Women’s Golf Bag

Glove It Women’s Golf Bag

Technically a 14-way option for maximum functionality, the Glove It Women’s Golf Bag is a practical choice. Aside from its functional compartment for golf clubs, it’s also extremely durable, stylish, and unique.

This golf bag is also known for its portability. It’s very solid but even more lightweight than the previous option with its 5.2-pound structure. Since golf irons and other equipment can easily make any bag heavy, this particular product aims to give the user an easier time carrying it around with its three handles.

Next, we want to emphasize that this golf bag is packed with features, promoting value for money. We’ve already mentioned that this is a 14-way bag, meaning it has 14 dividers for golf clubs.

So, we’re going to highlight other features instead: the nine exterior pockets, the pocket specifically designed for golf balls, the temperature-regulating pocket for food or drinks, the softest pocket for fragile items like phones and jewelry, the umbrella compartment, built-in putter well, and rain hood.

As a plus, this product literally has a lot of color and pattern options. Each style is so unique to match different preferences in terms of design.

The beauty of this golf bag might not be a long-term thing, though. The knitted section might easily wear out. And, once it wears out, its appearance becomes hideous, to the point that it can ruin the entire look of the bag regardless of the attractive colors and patterns.

There are also downsides when it comes to convenience. This golf bag only has a single zipper for its big exterior pocket. Just like the first option, this one also has a single strap and zero legs, which isn’t enough for a lot of golfers.


  • Practical features
  • Unique design
  • One of the more lightweight options
  • Multiple handles
  • Colorful style


  • Knitted section wearing out quickly
  • Single zipper for the big pocket
  • Lacks an extra strap and a set of legs for standing

Sephlin – Women’s Golf Bag

Sephlin – Women’s Golf Bag

With its 34-inch length, the Sephlin – Women’s Golf Bag is perfect for female golfers. It’s meant for storing golf clubs with shorter shafts. Another reason why it’s ideal for women is its extremely lightweight structure. You can carry it however you want.

While many golf bags for women only have a single strap, which is a total hassle for some female golfers, this product stands out because it can be carried like a backpack. Its straps are similar to the ones attached to bags typically used by adventurers and students.

This option is more stylish than most golf bags. Its color combinations are unique and attractive. They revolve around the colors silver, gray, white, purple, and pink. You can even put a monogram team logo or name on one side because of its removable pocket that can be customized.

Despite the number of pockets around this golf bag, each pocket isn’t spacious enough for some essentials. You might resort to attaching small bags on each side of this product just to bring more balls or gloves.

It’s definitely a delight to know that this bag has backpack straps, but you should be aware of their level of durability. Some straps easily break because of poor stitching. Even the handle can be flimsy. Some units have detached handles in just a few months.


  • Length ideal for shorter golf clubs
  • Lightweight structure
  • Highly portable
  • Similar to a backpack
  • One of the most stylish options


  • Shallow pockets
  • Broken straps
  • Detached handle

Ram Golf Lightweight Ladies Cart Bag with 14 Way Dividers

Ram Golf Lightweight Ladies Cart Bag with 14 Way Dividers

Another option with a 14-way design, the Ram Golf Cart Bag can help you organize your irons and other clubs in the best way possible. It even has an extra-large slot for the putter to extend the compartment’s functionality.

Regarding the main pockets of this golf bag, they specifically focus on storing apparel, balls, valuables, accessories, and tees. They come in different shapes and sizes to improve organization.

As a plus, this product includes a pocket for bottled water and other drinks you want to enjoy on the golf course. It has insulation to make sure that your favorite beverage maintains its temperature. It even has three extra pockets for other items you want to bring with you while golfing.

Other important features of this five-pound bag include the rain hood, umbrella holder, clip for your towels or gloves, handle, and cushioned shoulder strap.

Speaking of straps, this golf bag doesn’t have a distinct feature that can support the cart strap. This can affect the security of the bag’s attachment to the cart.

Meanwhile, we all know that the 14-way compartment is practical. However, other users aren’t satisfied with its design. They think it needs improvement on how it stores golf clubs.

And, if you want an affordable golf bag that looks and feels expensive, you might want to consider other options. Some users think that certain sections of this bag are slightly cheap in terms of appearance and texture.


  • Lots of golf club compartments
  • More convenient organization
  • Can store different items
  • Multipurpose pockets
  • Lighter than most options


  • Not secure enough when attached to golf carts
  • Needs improvement in golf club storage
  • Not classy enough for some women

Birdie Babe Women’s Hybrid Golf Bag Tie Dye

Birdie Babe Women’s Hybrid Golf Bag Tie Dye

A multipurpose option with its own stand, the Birdie Babe Hybrid Golf Bag only has an eight-way top but is still a must-have for women. While most choices have their own simple insulated pocket for food and drink, this one takes it to the next level. Its compartment for that specific purpose is bigger than the standard so you can store a lot more treats and beverages.

And, the best part? This golf bag is even lighter than the previous option. It’s more lightweight than five pounds. No wonder a lot of users are contented even though it only has a single strap. The convenient handle is already enough for them.

You should also know that this golf bag is perfect for carts. It has a special holder for cart straps, making the attachment more secure.

If you really prefer to carry your personal golf bag like any other bag, however, this product might not be the right one for you. It’s simply not designed to be carried by your shoulders.

The colorful and bold style, no matter how appealing for many female golfers, can be off-putting as well. The tie-dye design is just not everyone’s cup of tea.


  • Multipurpose
  • Includes a stand
  • Bigger insulated pocket
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Designed for golf carts


  • Single strap
  • Not exactly convenient as a carry bag
  • Style not versatile enough

OGIO 2020 XIX Women’s Stand Bag

OGIO 2020 XIX Women’s Stand Bag

Specifically created for female golfers, the OGIO 2020 XIX Stand Bag is packed with innovated and perfectly engineered features to represent better design and construction from the brand.

What makes this golf bag significantly better than some options is its meticulously designed system focusing on portability. First off, its strap system has a co-axial design to achieve a more comfortable horizontal and vertical fit. It’s also very secure and efficient with its anchors that can quickly lock into place.

Adding to the durable straps with their apparent lightness and excellent ventilation, the Fit Disc Technology and the special hip pad can reduce pressure and improve weight distribution.

Just in case it rains suddenly, the pockets for your valuables have a higher resistance to excessive moisture. It also goes without saying that those pockets have soft liners to protect delicate items. The lining is made of fleece, which means insulation as well.

Even though this golf bag follows the standard of full-length dividers, its own design seems strange for some users. Its length is completely fine, except for the fact that the sides are open. That results in golf clubs getting stuck every time the golfer tries to take one out of the compartment.

Additionally, the color and pattern combinations available for this product are quite limited. Some features even look different from the pictures, especially when it comes to the actual color of the prints.


  • All features are meant for female golfers
  • Promotes innovation
  • Modern strap system
  • Proper weight distribution
  • Water-resistant pockets


  • Open sides for the dividers
  • Limited design options
  • Differences between the actual appearance and the pictures online

Ping Women’s Hoofer Lite Stand Bag Garnet

Ping Women’s Hoofer Lite Stand Bag Garnet

If you prefer more unique colors, the Ping Hoofer Lite Stand Bag is a good option. It’s mostly garnet with heathered gray as the accent color.

Also, if you want a simpler golf bag, this one only has a four-way design. It can even be better than other bags with more dividers in some ways, especially the fact that it comes with a stand and each club compartment is more spacious.

When it comes to its strap system, this golf bag is super-convenient. The connectors for the straps are highly efficient because of their swift mechanism.

Since golfers need to stay hydrated on the golf course, water bottles should be very accessible. Fortunately, you can effortlessly reach the pocket for your bottled water because of its convenient position.

Compared to other golf bags, however, this option is one of the heaviest. Instead of the usual five-pound weight, this bag weighs seven pounds.

This golf bag can be pricey, too. You can definitely find cheaper options in stores without compromising quality.

And, no matter how beneficial spacious dividers are, some golfers bring a lot of golf clubs and they obviously need more individual compartments. Four dividers are just too few compared to eight- or 14-way tops.


  • Unique colors
  • Free stand
  • Simple design
  • Spacious dividers
  • Efficient strap system


  • Heavy structure
  • Too expensive for some people
  • Not for golfers who always carry a lot of golf clubs

Birdie Babe Flower Power Pink Women’s Golf Cart Bag

Birdie Babe Flower Power Pink Women’s Golf Cart Bag

With more front pockets than the first Birdie Babe option, this product looks more practical. The key difference, however, is how the Birdie Babe Flower Power Golf Cart Bag looks brighter and more feminine because of the patterned sections dominating its whole appearance.

Another significant difference is that this golf bag has more dividers. The previous Birdie Babe bag only has eight while this one has 14. The latter also includes three full-length dividers and a built-in putter compartment.

When it comes to similarities, both golf bags are lighter than five pounds. They also have a pocket that can keep drinks cold inside because of their insulated interior, which is crucial for hot days.

Lastly, they’re both designed for golf carts. Each product has a holder specifically designed for the straps attached to those vehicles.

Unfortunately, despite the youthful and adorable appeal of this golf bag, some female golfers obviously prefer something simpler and more elegant. Let’s face it; cutesy patterns aren’t for everyone.


  • More front pockets
  • Brighter colors
  • Feminine style
  • More dividers
  • Great for golf carts


  • Too bold for some people

Sun Mountain Ladies 4.5 Ls Stand Bag

Sun Mountain Ladies 4.5 Ls Stand Bag

There’s one specific aspect that makes the Sun Mountain Ladies Stand Bag ideal for female golfers. It’s guaranteed to be an inch shorter than the standard length to make sure that it can perfectly hold golf clubs for women.

Now, let’s focus on the pockets of this golf bag. It has a full-length compartment for your apparel, a pouch for your drinks, and different pockets for accessories. One of those accessory pockets has a liner made of velour and a water-resistant surface.

Other helpful features include the rain cover and the panel on the lower half for easier lifting. The panel is specifically an integrated component on a pocket.

Meanwhile, the design of this golf bag is unique. It has an edgy camouflage print and its legs are even designed to look more attractive by having a nicer shape and color.

Of course, this product isn’t appealing to women who prefer a more feminine design. All the colors are darker except for the neon green accent and the pattern is quite masculine.


  • An inch shorter than the usual length
  • Secure holder and storage for women’s golf clubs
  • Spacious pocket for your apparel
  • Several accessory pockets
  • Cool design


  • Masculine design that might not be appealing for some women

Taboo Fashions Monaco Premium Lightweight Ladies Golf Cart Bag

Taboo Fashions Monaco Premium Lightweight Ladies Golf Cart Bag

Because of its 14-way dividers with full vertical coverage, the Taboo Fashions Monaco Premium Golf Cart Bag is great for all skill levels. It also has seven pockets with foolproof zippers to ensure maximum protection for your belongings.

In particular, one pocket is meant for storing drinks since it provides insulation. There’s also a pocket inside to store some items far from other people’s reach.

Aside from the zippers, the materials used for this golf bag won’t wear out easily to maintain a protective exterior for all of your valuables. In addition, despite its heavy-duty construction, the structure will remain lightweight.

The stitching on some units isn’t good enough, though. They have threads sticking out from different sides.

Also, if you’re using an extra-large grip for your putter, you should know that the compartment reserved for it isn’t big enough. That can break the putter if you’re going to slide it forcefully into the compartment.

The same problem is possible for other golf clubs if each compartment is occupied. The dividers are just too narrow for some clubs.


  • Decent option for different skill levels
  • Durable zippers
  • Tough protective surfaces
  • Hidden interior pocket
  • Heavy-duty structure


  • Messy stitching
  • Too tight for large putter grips
  • Narrow dividers

iBella Ladies Golf Cart Bag

iBella Ladies Golf Cart Bag

Arguably the most beautiful option on this list because of its elegant tan color, classy fabrics, timeless patterns, and gold accent, the iBella Ladies Golf Cart Bag is an irresistible choice for ladies who want to bring style to the golf course.

The main reason for the beauty of this golf bag is its quilted material. It’s made of polyurethane, but it definitely looks like real leather. That’s why it has a luxurious appeal.

While the exterior design is stunning, the interior is a bit problematic. For starters, the dividers aren’t the full-length type.

Another problem with the dividers is their cheap construction. They don’t look and feel durable for frequent golfing.

The fabric looks impressive, yes, but it’s not practical for golf bags. Some sections are too delicate for outdoor activities.


  • Beautiful appearance
  • Gold hardware
  • Knitted sections
  • Looks expensive
  • Won’t go out of style easily


  • Dividers don’t fully occupy vertical space
  • Flimsy dividers
  • Not heavy-duty

How to Choose Good Women’s Golf Bags



Golf cart bags aren’t meant to be carried all the time. They usually have one strap only since their main purpose is easier attachment to golf carts. Their single strap and handle are simply for portability once it’s necessary to remove the bag from the cart.

What really makes this type of golf bag different from the rest, however, is its holder for the cart’s strap. It will allow you to arrange the cart’s strap through the bag in a foolproof way for a more secure hold.


This is the best type of bag on the golf course itself. That’s because you can place it in close proximity to your spot and just leave it there while you’re focusing on your shot. Its stand is either integrated into the bag or a separate attachment that needs a quick installation.

Standing golf bags can be heavier, though, because of the weight of the metal stand adding to the overall structure. Fortunately, a lot of them have better strap systems so they can be worn like backpacks.

As for the downside, only a limited variety of golf stand bags have cart strap holders. A lot of users resort to buying cart bags and then just purchase bag stands sold separately to get the best of both worlds.


5 lbs

Based on the golf bags we’ve introduced, the two numbers that usually appear whenever weight is considered are five and seven pounds. The most lightweight bags are typically claimed to be under five pounds while the medium-sized ones tend to reach 5.5 pounds.

Lighter golf bags are obviously much easier to carry. However, they’re usually not stable enough when standing with just their flat base and zero legs. They can also shake a lot when transported by a golf cart.

7 lbs

With the added weight of golf clubs and your personal belongings, seven pounds is definitely too heavy for a golf bag. On the bright side, it can maintain stability even without a stand.

It’s also an effective option for keeping your golfing equipment safe from damages caused by transportation since their heavier weight can anchor the bag closer to the vehicle and minimize vibrations.


Single Top

Because of its sole opening, only a limited number of golf clubs can be placed inside a bag with a single top. The result is a more lightweight bag even when the compartment is full.

Since there are no divisions, single tops can be inconvenient. Golf clubs easily get stuck when you’re trying to take one out of the compartment. This may lead to an unnecessarily time-consuming game or broken clubs.

4-8 Dividers

If you want to limit the number of golf clubs you can put in the compartment without the hassle of some clubs getting stuck, choose a bag with only four to eight dividers. This can ensure a consistently lighter bag plus better organization.


On the other hand, if you prefer bringing all the golf clubs you want to use or try for the first time, you need a bag that can help you organize everything in the most efficient way possible.

Since more dividers mean better organization, choose a 14-way golf bag. If you can find something with more than 14 dividers, then feel free to buy it. That’s quite rare, though. And, of course, expect a much heavier bag with more compartments.



We highly recommend more front pockets on your golf bag so you can quickly store any item whenever you’re in a rush. The bag should also have an interior pocket for your valuables.

Water Resistance

Even if your golf bag has a rain hood or cover, it’s still wise to ensure that the exterior pockets are all resistant to water or moisture. They should be able to keep your things dry outdoors most of the time.


What better way to hydrate on the golf course than drinking a cold bottle of water? Since it’s highly impractical to bring a cooler with you while playing golf, make sure your golf bag can provide you with anything you need to play longer despite hot weather.

To achieve that benefit, the golf bag must have an insulated pocket. Insulation happens because of the liner’s material, which is usually composed of fleece.

Strap System


Despite the undeniable advantages of having two straps on a golf bag, a lot of options still use the single-strap system. That’s because one strap is easier to handle during transport. It’s less likely to get all tangled up on a golf cart.


If you prefer carrying your golf bag anywhere like a backpack, it should have two straps for your shoulders. Some straps are connected in the middle to avoid sliding off your body.


The straps should be adjustable so they can be used by any female golfer regardless of her height and body type. Making them longer or shorter shouldn’t be too hard to do. It’s all about the efficiency of the mechanism and the grip of the strap.


Comfort should be a priority as well when it comes to the strap system. Golf bag straps should have sufficient padding to avoid digging into your shoulders when the golf club compartment gets too heavy. However, make sure the cushioning isn’t too thick so you can still move properly.

The material should be breathable, too. It must not cause stress on your shoulders so you can play like a pro.


Since it’s a 3-in-1 golf bag with its stand, backpack strap system, and cart-friendly features, the Sun Mountain Ladies Bag is a must-have option for most female golfers. It’s an inch shorter than an average golf bag for men, making it an excellent choice for women.

Despite its masculine camouflage pattern, this golf bag has superior quality. At the end of the day, style is just a secondary factor since we’re talking about bags that should be heavy-duty and ergonomic no matter what.

As for the factors you need to consider before buying a golf bag designed for women, don’t forget to think about the type of bag you need as well as its weight, club compartments, pockets, and strap system. If you’re a more careful buyer, the likelihood of you purchasing an ultra-versatile hybrid golf bag is higher.