12 Best Women’s Golf Clubs 2022 Review

Call us sexist, but we believe that golf clubs for women are different from those designed for men. Ladies have a slower swing speed and smaller body, which calls for the need to have lighter, shorter, and more flexible clubs.

With the growing number of women golfers, manufacturers are exploiting the market. With this, the options for the best women’s golf clubs can be overwhelming, each with their claim to fame. It can be challenging if you are a first-time buyer, but you should never decide in haste.

From the material to design, consider a variety of factors to help you narrow down the possibilities. If you are having a hard time deciding, keep on reading, and we’ll talk about some of the top-rated choices for female golf clubs.

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Best Women’s Golf Clubs Review

Callaway Women’s Solaire Complete Golf Set (11 Piece)

Callaway Women's Solaire Complete Golf Set (11 Piece)

As you search for the best lady golf clubs, Callaway is one name that is hard to miss. The reputation of the manufacturer alone is already enough reason to choose this club set over others.

It can be quite expensive, but the cost is easy to justify. Aside from being made by a brand you can trust, it also comes with the basic clubs you will need. It has a 3-wood, 5 and 6 hybrids, 6 to 9 irons, putter, pitching wedge, and sand wedge. The set is also inclusive of four headcovers and a cart bag.

The premium design is one of the best assets of this golf club set. It is available in high-end pink and black finishes, making the golf clubs a head-turner. You can be more confident playing when your clubs are these beautiful!

The #3 wood that comes as a part of this set has an 18-degree loft. Some beginners might be more comfortable playing with a wood that comes with a bigger loft.

Meanwhile, the 5 and 6 hybrids have a 24 and 29-degree loft respectively. They are large to inspire confidence among beginners, bringing a larger sweet spot.

The irons are equally amazing, which are made of stainless steel. They can be quite on the heavy side. Nonetheless, with practice, it won’t take long before you get used to its weight.


  • Perimeter weighted for game improvement
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Comes with a stand bag


  • Thick grips

Aspire XD1 Ladies Women’s Complete Right-Handed Golf Clubs Set

Aspire XD1 Ladies Women’s Complete Right-Handed Golf Clubs Set

In your search for the best starter golf clubs for ladies, this is one product that should not be missed. Except for the sand wedge, it has almost anything that you will need to master golf.

One of the highlights of this golf club set is the 460cc titanium head driver. It creates an affirming sound that you will surely love to hear! The generous 12-degree loft is also a plus, which is a good thing since it gives the golf club a larger sweet spot.

When you purchase this set, you will get a total of five irons, all of which are built with the needs of beginners in mind. Chipping will be easy! Plus, you will enjoy their exceptional speed without requiring too much effort on your end.

We also love the pitching wedge that comes with the set. It feels good when held and does a great job of making straight shots. It will be effortless to get the launch angle that you desire.

All of the clubs come with a 100% graphite shaft construction. Graphite has long been a preferred material for good women’s golf clubs because they are lightweight but durable, making it easy to swing.


  • Comes with standard and petite options
  • Graphite shafts
  • Great swing speed


  • Does not include a sand wedge

Precise M5 Ladies Women’s Complete Right Handed Golf Clubs Set

Precise M5 Ladies Womens Complete Right Handed Golf Clubs Set Includes Titanium Driver, S.S. Fairway, S.S. Hybrid, S.S. 5-PW Irons, Putter, Sta

One of the things that we love in this option for the best golf clubs for women is that it is available in two sizes – regular and petite. This means that there is something for everyone.

When you purchase this set, it comes with a 460cc driver. The latter is designed for both beginners and intermediate players, or anyone with slow swing speed.

The #3 fairway wood that comes with the set is also known for being over-sized. This is a good thing for beginners because it means that the clubhead will be more forgiving. Even if you do not hit the center, there is a high likelihood that you won’t be missing your shot.

Among the clubs in this set, the hybrids are possibly the best. The head is narrower compared to others. The weight on the heel is also a good thing, which improves balance when you swing the club.

More so, you will get 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 irons. They all come with premium graphite shafts. They are not only flexible but also lightweight. These are also the main reasons why they can optimize every shot, even for beginners.


  • Forgiving even in off-center shots
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Large clubheads


  • Bag is not comfortable to carry

Precise M3 Ladies Women’s Complete Golf Clubs Set

Precise M3 Ladies Womens Complete Golf Clubs Set Includes Driver, Fairway, Hybrid, 7-PW Irons, Putter, Stand Bag, 3 HC's Purple - Regular, Peti

This is made by the same manufacturer as the product mentioned above, so you can expect that the quality and performance will be equally amazing.

In many online women’s golf club reviews, this set is praised because of its maximum forgiveness. This is also one of the reasons why it is recommended even for novices. From the woods to the irons, they are designed with a large sweet spot to help you hit the ball even if you are new to the game!

There are three versions of this golf club set. Choose one that suits your height. The petite configuration is for ladies who are below 5’3”. The regular version is for those who are up to 5’9”. The tall version, on the other hand, is perfect for those who are taller than 5’9”.

Looking at the clubs, one thing that we loved the most is the design of the handles. They have a textured grip, which will be easy for you to hold. They are not easy to slip off your palm, regardless of how aggressive your swing is.

To keep everything organized, you will love how it comes with a bag, which can stand on its own. The bag is spacious and has plenty of external pockets to keep your stuff while you play.


  • Affordable
  • Comes with a bag
  • High-quality shafts


  • Driver head is easily prone to dents

Precise Premium Ladies Women’s Complete Golf Clubs Set

Precise Premium Ladies Womens Complete Golf Clubs Set Includes Driver, Fairway, Hybrid, S S 5-PW Irons, Putter, Stand Bag, 3 H-Cs

The best female golf clubs deliver exceptional quality without spending a fortune. If that’s the case, then you have one good reason to include this set on your list!

We love how it comes with a bag to organize all the clubs. The bag even has a rain hood for additional protection. However, one problem with the bag is that it seems heavy on the top, which makes it prone to falling.

It is a great option if you are looking for versatility since it is available in three configurations. Choose from Petite, Regular, or Tall depending on your height. The length and weight of the clubs are optimized depending on the requirements of the users.

Like the other products mentioned above, it also has 460cc titanium drivers. They are known for being forgiving, which is one thing that every newbie will appreciate.

It is also worth noting that the clubs come with 100% graphite shafts. This is a premium material that is known for being flexible but durable.

We also like how three headcovers are included in this set. The latter will protect the head of your clubs, making them not easily prone to wear.


  • Good for beginners
  • Affordable
  • Available in three sizes


  • Bag is heavy on the top

STRATA Women’s Golf Packaged Sets

STRATA Women's Golf Packaged Sets

This set of Strata women’s golf clubs may seem expensive at first. However, if you look at the inclusions and features, you will realize that the price is easy to justify. There are 16 pieces in this set, and that alone is already a compelling reason to pick it over others.

One of the highlights of this club set is the full-titanium driver. It is designed to be a forgiving golf club, making it a great choice if you are a beginner.

The fairway wood that is included is equally forgiving. Long and high-flying shots will be easy to accomplish, even if you are a beginner. The aerodynamic head shape is also notable, which will give more power as you hit the ball.

Meanwhile, the 4 and 5 hybrids included will be great alternatives to long irons. They are built to inspire confidence, unlike others that can be quite frustrating for a beginner to use.

The quality of the putter is equally impressive as the other clubs that come in this set. It has a precise face milling, which is beneficial in terms of ensuring accuracy and distance.

To keep all the clubs organized, your purchase also comes with a stand bag. It is lightweight but durable. We also love the padded straps, so carrying the bag around will not be a burden, even if it is loaded with all the clubs included.


  • Lightweight
  • Bag has comfortable straps
  • Comes as a 16-piece set


  • Durability can be an issue

Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set – Right-Handed

Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set - Right-Handed

In your quest to find the best beginner golf clubs for ladies, this is another option to consider. It delivers the best bang for the buck because it comes with almost everything that you will need, including a cart bag to organize and store the golf clubs.

The 460cc driver is one of the highlights of this set. It is the largest driver that is allowed. With its generous size, you will be happy with how forgiving it is, which is exactly what novices need to avoid missing their shots. It is also designed to offer extra distance, which will add power to your shots.

To add, there are also two hybrids in this set, which are meant to replace traditional long irons. They are made of stainless steel. More so, they have a wide sole, which will launch the ball with maximum intensity.
Another good thing is that it comes with a mallet-style putter. With the latter, your short strokes will be a lot better. This makes it easy to roll the ball in short distances!

Lastly, it is also worth highlighting that every purchase will help you make a difference. The company will make a $5 donation for every item sold, which goes directly to a charitable organization that they are supporting. The money raised by the foundation will be used for raising awareness about breast cancer.


  • Available in three sizes
  • Designed to deliver extra distance
  • Great for beginners


  • Bag does not come with a stand

Palm Springs Golf Visa V2 Youth/Teenager All Graphite Club Set & Stand Bag

Palm Springs Golf Visa V2 Youth-Teenager All Graphite Club Set & Stand Bag

This golf clubs set for women is designed for young players. As noted in the name, it is for youth or teenage golfers. This is also the reason why some people might find it to be too short for their height.

Value for money is one of the reasons why we are including this in our recommendations for the best clubs for women. It is cheap but comes with the basic clubs you will need for improving your game.

The oversized driver is the biggest allowable size, so you will be happy to know how forgiving it is. The result is that it will be easier to make longer and straighter shots. Not to mention, it increases the size of the sweet spot, which will minimize your misses.

The #3 fairway wood, meanwhile, has a loft angle of 15 degrees. It might be smaller than the driver, but you will be happy to know that the sweet spot is equally large. It also comes with a 100% graphite shaft with a regular flex.

For the irons, you will get six kinds in this set, which is one reason why it provides the best bang for every dollar. They have a cavity-back design, which lowers the center of gravity, making it ideal for game improvement.


  • Durable graphite shaft
  • Easy to hit
  • Forgiving


  • Some players may find it to be too short

TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver, Fujikura Ventus 6 Shaft

TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver, Fujikura Ventus 6 Shaft

The price of this golf club is perhaps the first thing that you will notice. Admittedly, this is also what might draw many people away from this product. Nonetheless, it is expensive for a reason. If you do not care about its price, then this is an incredible option for the best ladies’ golf clubs.

Among others, one of the best things about this product is that it comes with a multi-material construction. It uses carbon, titanium, and steel. These are premium materials, so it is easy to understand why it is expensive.

The reshaped design of the sole is another reason why it makes a great pick for women golf clubs. It is constructed in such a way that it significantly maximizes aerodynamics. It will also reduce drag.

The speed-injected twist face is another feature that we find impressive. The curved design will help in the reduction of sidespin. As a result, your shots will be straighter. With the corrective face angle, there is a lesser likelihood that you will be missing your shots.

Another revolutionary feature is the inverted cone technology. This will also help in making the sweet spot larger, which is great if you are a novice.

We also love how it comes with a 2-degree loft sleeve. This is great in terms of versatility. You can customize the angle of the left for optimal trajectory.


  • Designed for speed
  • Multi-material construction
  • Adjustable loft


  • Expensive

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Driver

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Driver

For the best women’s golf clubs, this driver is another product that is worth considering. Before anything else, however, take note of its price. It is expensive, so this isn’t for everyone. Luckily, the cost is justifiable because of its premium features and superb performance. Not to mention, it is from one of the most trusted brands in the global market, so you can be confident that the performance is second to none.

One of the many things that make this an innovative product is that it is designed by artificial intelligence. It was constructed with an emphasis on achieving exceptional speed. No wonder, the company claims that this is the fastest driver they have created!

Another reason to pick this product is its exceptional construction. It has a face made of FS2S titanium, a high-end material that is lighter by six grams compared to traditional titanium. The result is that it will be faster to swing while also delivering a robust spin.

It is also notable because of the presence of two internal jailbreak bars. They connect the crown to the sole while also helping to optimize speed.

Lastly, you will have options for customization, which is great for those who are looking for versatility. You can choose from two or 14-gram interchangeable weights depending on what a specific situation requires.


  • Incredible speed
  • Premium construction
  • Easy to hit


  • Not for fast swingers

Callaway Golf 2020 Women’s Mavrik Max Hybrid

Callaway Golf 2020 Women's Mavrik Max Hybrid

Given its high-end features and premium construction, you should not think twice about spending that much for a great product. Plus, it is from Callaway, which is already sufficient reason to pick this hybrid.

The company used artificial intelligence in designing this hybrid. They utilized advanced technology to create a golf club that is easy to launch while delivering a high ball flight. It makes sure that the loft is optimized for the best performance.

The construction is incredible, especially the high-strength steel face. Even after years of playing, it can take a beating. This is unlike cheaper hybrids that will demonstrate a significant drop in functionality after a while.

Another reason why we are recommending this for lady golf clubs is because of the UST helium shafts. The latter is known for its ultra-lightweight construction. As a result, it will be easier to swing while having an assurance that the ball will have an impressive speed once it launches.  Aside from the UST helium, this hybrid is also available in two other shaft configurations, which are equally amazing.

The confidence-inspiring shape of the hybrid also caught the attention of many of its users and is the main reason why it makes a great pick for newbies. It is created for maximum forgiveness, making it easy to avoid mishits. Gone were the days when your golf games will end up being frustrating!


  • Promotes a straighter ball flight
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Enhances swing speeds


  • Expensive

Cleveland Golf 2020 Smart Sole G 4.0 Wedge RH 50 Steel Wedge

Cleveland Golf 2020 Smart Sole G 4.0 Wedge RH 50 Steel Wedge

Wrapping up our list of the top women’s golf clubs is another option from a reputable brand. Before choosing this steel wedge, however, take note that it is not a great choice for beginners. It has advanced construction and features that are more suitable for experienced users. Not to mention, it is also quite expensive, especially considering that it comes only with one wedge.

Looking at its features, it is one of the most forgiving women’s golf clubs because of the three-tiered sole. This makes the sole wider compared to what you will find in traditional wedges. Nonetheless, despite having a large coverage area, some novices might still find it difficult to hit with this club.

This wedge comes with aggressive milled grooves. The latter is the one responsible for improving the spin performance of the ball regardless of the playing conditions. This make sure that you will be hitting the ball with enough power.

Another exceptional feature that you will find in this product is the improved feel balancing technology. It redistributes weight from the hosel. The result is that it moves the center of gravity closer to the center to improve the consistency of your shots.


  • Aggressive grooves
  • Lightweight
  • Durable construction


  • Not ideal for beginners

How to Choose Good Golf Clubs for Women

One mistake that you should not commit is to pick golf clubs based on price. To make a smart decision, below are the most important considerations.


While you can buy an individual club, most will opt for a set of clubs. This is a great way to save money while also making sure that you have whatever you will need in a specific scenario. So, consider the clubs that you will be using the most and buy a set that includes them.

In a standard set of women’s golf clubs, you will find six irons, two wedges, putter, driver, and fairway wood. Take note that the more clubs are included in the set, the more expensive it will be. This makes it important to factor in your budget as well.

You also need to consider the length and the weight of the items that are included as a part of the golf club set. If you are petite, you need smaller clubs. Using heavy and long clubs when you are short can make it more difficult to swing. This increases the chances that you will miss your shots.


You also need to consider your skills when choosing the best golf clubs. If you are a beginner, you need more forgiving golf clubs. They are usually easier to swing, without the complications in higher-end clubs. These are often affordable.

If you are an experienced golfer, on the other hand, be prepared to spend more. You should pick clubs with more advanced features that are compatible with your skills.


The construction of the golf clubs is important because it will indicate its playability, durability, comfort, and price, among other things. If you are a first-time buyer, you need to know the anatomy of the golf club so that you can evaluate each part.


This is the part that connects the clubhead. It is in the middle, between the head and the grip. It acts as the lever, making it possible to hit the ball even at a distance.

When you are choosing women’s golf clubs, the level of flex of the shaft is one of the crucial considerations.  It is best to choose a more flexible shaft, especially if you are a beginner. It has a slower swing speed.

The material of the shaft is also an important factor. Graphite is one of the most popular, which is perfect for women because it is lightweight. This also means that it will be easy to swing. Steel is more powerful, but it is heavy.


As the name implies, this is the part of the golf club that you will be gripping when you are playing. This is the top-most part. It is made of a hollow piece of rubber that is slid on the top, providing a textured surface where you can wrap your hand as you hit the ball.

The size of the grip is important. Some might prefer a small grip, especially if you have small hands. However, a lot of women are also opting for the standard men’s grip, which is a good choice if you have long fingers.

Aside from the right size, the texture of the grip is also a crucial concern for many. It would be best if it is a bit rough so that it won’t easily slide. If it is too smooth, you might lose grip, especially if you swing aggressively.


This is the bottom part of the golf club. It is the only part that touches the ground and will also be directly hitting the ball. The appearance of the clubhead will vary, which will depend on the type of golf club. For instance, woods have a larger head compared to wedges.


Especially if you are buying a set of golf clubs, it is best to pick one that already comes with a bag. This will make it easy to organize, store, and carry all of the clubs.

Some bags have a stand. This is good because it lets the clubs stand upfront without leaning on any other object.

Another feature to look for in the bag is the compartment. It is good to have compartments so that you can keep the clubs separate, preventing them from scratching.

You will benefit from choosing a bag that comes with multiple pockets, which will provide space for your valuables while you play.


Golf is fun, but it can also be a frustrating sport! Especially if you are new in the game, you have a lot of techniques and tricks to master. To make it easier to unleash your full potential, you need the best women’s golf clubs, including those we have briefly reviewed above.

It is crucial to choose clubs that are specifically designed for the swing speed and body structure of ladies. This will help in optimizing your performance on the golf course! Plus, the right clubs will make sure that you are comfortable with it.

What are you waiting for? Unleash your best performance! Now is the time to invest in women-specific golf clubs!