10 Best Women’s Golf Shoes 2022 Review

Golfing doesn’t exactly involve dynamic leg movements, so why is there even a demand for footwear specifically designed for female golfers? Swinging a golf club may look too easy for some people, but it actually requires maximum balance and stability from your lower extremity to ensure that most of your power and focus are reflected on your upper body. That’s why we’re here to introduce some of the best women’s golf shoes.

To guarantee minimal movement from your legs and feet while swinging your golf club, your shoes must have soles that are quite thick or bulky to accommodate a lot of spikes. This can really ensure total connection to the ground and freedom of movement throughout your torso, arms, and hands.

Since golf shoes for women are all about having the right size, shape, fit, material, and style as well, we’ve prepared an extensive list of options for female golfers with different preferences.

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Best Women’s Golf Shoes Review

Skechers Women’s Eagle Spikeless Golf Shoe

Skechers Women’s Eagle Spikeless Golf Shoe

Made of fabric and solid synthetic materials, the Skechers Eagle Spikeless Golf Shoe can resist water. That’s why it won’t easily wear out due to excessive absorption of moisture and constant wrinkling. It can also keep your feet clean and odor-free since the interior will stay dry.

More about their interior, these golf shoes use 5GEN foam. This type of padding will cover your entire foot sole to ensure full support while you’re standing or walking. Even though it’s slightly firm for support and durability, it’s still soft enough for comfort and flexibility.

Speaking of flexibility, these shoes have lightweight sections like their rubber outsoles so you can move however you want. The shaft also helps since it only has a mid-top measurement from the arch.

While spikes are highly recommended for golf shoes, this product promotes a “spikeless” design. Its outsoles are still extremely rough, but each “spike” isn’t pointy.

Despite the benefits of spikeless golf shoes, some female golfers don’t get the appeal. They think that the appearance of those shoes isn’t attractive enough.

There’s something wrong with the fit, too. The side sections and the tongue are too firm, hence the difficulty of making adjustments.

When it comes to arch support, it doesn’t exist for most feet. The 5GEN foam is all about overall support for your foot soles, not exactly your arches.


  • Versatile composition
  • Water-resistant
  • Won’t wear out quickly
  • Comfortable support features
  • Doesn’t have sharp spikes


  • Unappealing for some people
  • Not easily adjustable
  • No arch support

ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax

ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax

While most golf shoes are composed of synthetic materials for durability without the expensive price, the ECCO Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax takes it to the next level with its genuine leather composition. To be more specific, its upper is purely made of a luxurious natural fabric called yak leather.

The yak leather upper of these golf shoes can stay intact for years despite constant exposure to different weather conditions. That’s because of its naturally high level of strength and HYDROMAX treatment.

The upper is also soft with excellent ventilation to prevent overheating. As a plus, it will always look clean, thanks to the added formula that can resist stains.

As the upper contains leather, the traction bars of these golf shoes use a different yet still impressive material. They feature thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) to prevent premature wear and tear no matter which angle is used for grip.

Meanwhile, for traction concentrated on the feet, the insoles include silicon printing. Silicon printing can prevent unnecessary movement from your feet while you’re swinging your golf club.

The features and benefits provided by these golf shoes are quite irresistible. Unfortunately, they can’t be enjoyed by some women, specifically those who have bigger or wider feet. It turns out that this product runs small.

As expected from shoes made of pure leather, this option is too expensive for a lot of female golfers. Its price is much higher than other selections in stores.

And, worse, despite the pricey quality of these shoes, their pink fabric inside easily bleeds. Some users keep on buying white socks while others are forced to use dark-colored ones.


  • Real leather
  • Weather-resistant
  • Extremely strong
  • Soft texture
  • Foolproof grip on several interior and exterior sections


  • Runs small
  • Too expensive
  • Color bleeding

Adidas Women’s Pureboost Xg 2

Adidas Women’s Pureboost Xg 2

The lacing system of the Adidas Pureboost Xg 2 has a tidy look since its laces have the right length for the shoe’s design. More importantly, it’s secure so you can walk around the golf course without any hassle. It’s also very easy to tie it all up for a more efficient time during preparation.

One feature contributing to the effectiveness of the lacing system is the lightness of the upper. The section around the laces is stretchy because of mesh, which is also useful for ventilation. A stretchy fabric is important for some lacing systems because it allows users to tie their laces tighter without hurting their feet.

Since an overly soft upper is bad, the bottom half’s welding made of FilmFrame polyurethane (PU) balances it out. PU is known for its properties that can boost support on a fabric structure.

To keep the shoes comfortable despite the firmness of the PU material, the Cloudfoam sockliner is lightweight. The midsole also adds responsiveness so you can still move perfectly.

Additionally, this product is the spikeless type as well. Its Puremotion outsoles aren’t sharp but they can still provide grip and flex.

However, since the outsoles are a little softer and smoother than what other options have, they don’t have enough grip for some female golfers. The limited color, pattern, and texture options can also be off-putting for women who are planning to remain fashionable on the golf course.

For some reason, the color options are priced differently. This can be a disadvantage as well. It worsens the consequences of having a few style options.


  • Neat look
  • Convenient lacing system
  • Secure fit
  • Balanced upper
  • Light interior


  • Not enough grip
  • Limited design options
  • Different price for each color option

Adidas Women’s W Response Bounce Golf Shoe

Adidas Women’s W Response Bounce Golf Shoe

Another option with an upper made of leather, the Adidas W Response Bounce Golf Shoe has a timeless look. However, there’s a major difference. The leather used for this particular product is the microfiber type. That means it’s technically synthetic, not natural.

Don’t worry; microfiber leather is actually the best synthetic leather in terms of innovation. Its PU resins are combined with microfiber for maximum strength, durability, and response.

If your forefoot is wider than the average size, these golf shoes are quite roomy. They can keep your feet comfortable and secure at the same time.

While the previous option from the same brand is spikeless, this one has intricate spikes to really ensure superior grip. Each section on the outsole has six spikes merged into one tiny structure.

The spikes also include a technology that can make them extra durable. Their grip can last for years despite constant friction. They can also look brand-new for a long time.

These golf shoes aren’t exactly made for walking, though. They’re perfect for standing, swinging golf clubs, and riding golf carts, but the continuous movement while walking can easily contract the upper and squeeze your feet painfully.

One reason for that disadvantage is that the toe area is too narrow for some people despite the wider section for the forefoot. That kind of design isn’t just uncomfortable for certain foot shapes; it can also be unattractive.


  • Timeless appearance
  • High-quality synthetic leather
  • Wider forefoot area
  • Well-designed spikes
  • Durable spikes


  • Not made for long walks
  • Narrow toe section
  • Not attractive enough for some people

FootJoy Women’s DryJoys Boa Previous Season Style

FootJoy Women’s DryJoys Boa Previous Season Style

With their pure leather uppers with full-grain quality, the FootJoy DryJoys Boa golf shoes can be considered as one of the best options in terms of textile. Full grain leather is known as the best type of leather since it’s from the hide’s top layer, which means it covers 100% natural grain.

Now, one of the in-demand qualities of full grain leather is its undeniable softness. That’s helpful for comfort. However, it can also be waterproof and durable with great ventilation as long as it has the right coating, design, and construction.

Since the upper needs to be secured around the foot, the lacing system should also be one of the priorities. Instead of using the traditional design, these golf shoes are using cable laces or thin straps made of extremely durable material. This means no more loose laces while you’re on the move.

While the upper is mostly well-made, the tongue can cause a huge problem. It’s too long, which easily hurts the ankle. It’s also too firm, which might not soften in the long run because of its vinyl material instead of leather.

The outsoles can be a hassle, too. Some units have detached soles in just a few months.

If you have smaller feet, remember that this product runs large. It can stay loose even when you have thick socks on.


  • Pure leather
  • High-quality textile composition
  • Soft to touch
  • Waterproof surfaces
  • Modern lacing system


  • Uncomfortable tongue
  • Weak adhesive around the outsoles
  • Runs large

Skechers Women’s Max

Skechers Women’s Max

If style is very important for you, the Skechers Women’s Max golf shoes offer a lot of design options. There are no bright colors, but the choices are timeless and attractive.

Just in case the grass is dewy from the rain or cold weather, the surfaces of these golf shoes are resistant to water. The moisture of the grass won’t affect your movements as well since the shoe’s padding is more lightweight than the standard, hence a better response time.

More about the padding, the insole foam has a higher rebound rate. For each step you take, the impact is absorbed efficiently for comfort and performance.

Just like the first Skechers option on this list, these golf shoes are spikeless. To enhance the grip even without intricate and sharp spikes, the outsoles are made of durable TPU.

Other features you need to know about this product are the rubbery texture of the outsoles, the mid-top measurement of the shaft, and the synthetic composition of the upper.

However, since the plastic outsole has a more solid structure due to the absence of spikes, it’s too slippery on concrete floors and other hard surfaces. You might slip and fall once you’re out of the grass. These shoes aren’t versatile enough.

Every component on the outsole isn’t too durable as well. The alternative for the spikes can start wearing out in just a couple of months.

You should also pick a bigger size. The toe area is narrower than expected. That’s why several users claim that this product runs large.


  • Lots of stylish options
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Lightweight
  • More responsive
  • Better impact management


  • Slippery on solid surfaces
  • Worn-out outsoles in a few months
  • Narrow toe box

Adidas Women’s Adizero Sport II

Adidas Women’s Adizero Sport II

With fabrics and solid synthetic materials combined, the Adidas Adizero Sport II is a quality affordable product. Its upper is mostly fabric while the outsole is synthetic.

Because of their mesh upper, these golf shoes are lightweight and breathable. They’re also durable since they have a special protective layer called Climaproof.

The softness of mesh has a disadvantage–it’s not sturdy enough for some situations. Fortunately, these golf shoes include a TPU layer to keep your feet stable at every side movement. The addition of TPU can affect comfort, so it’s a good thing that the sockliner has extremely comfortable padding.

To improve traction and flex at the same time, the spikeless outsole has a swing-plane grip. Its lugs are also versatile since they can maintain their quality despite frequent exposure to friction.

In addition, the color choices are quite limited, but each one of them is intended for a specific preference. They’re either light, dark, or bright to make sure that there’s an option for everyone.

No matter how perfect the color is, the bulkiness of these golf shoes can be a turnoff. Some women think that certain size options are only ideal for men.

The disadvantage of the bulky structure is also evident on how wrinkles appear consistently in specific areas even if you’re just walking. One might think that it’s because of the mesh material, but it’s rarely the case.

It turns out that the mesh fabric isn’t even soft compared to other designs. Possibly due to the water-resistant properties of the upper, the fit can be too tight for some feet, especially the wider ones.


  • Composite materials
  • Affordable price
  • Breathable
  • Protective layers
  • Can handle too much friction


  • Too bulky
  • Wrinkly sections
  • Slightly firm mesh

FootJoy Women’s Emerge-Previous Season Style Golf Shoes

FootJoy Women’s Emerge-Previous Season Style Golf Shoes

Focusing on having a meticulously designed form, the FootJoy Emerge Golf Shoes aim to complement any foot shape. The pointy toe section is rounded or has softer edges, the forefoot is pretty solid, and the heel and instep follow the standard design.

Aside from the shape, the interior is made to be extra comfortable even for your first time wearing these golf shoes. It feels luxurious because of the lightweight foam that’s perfectly molded for foot soles.

For absolute traction on the grass, the rubber outsole has foolproof grip. It’s durable as well so you can use it all the time.

Meanwhile, the color options are very elegant. They look perfect with the flattering shape of the shoe.

However, some colors look dull up-close. For example, the bronze accents may appear brownish without the metallic shine.

The shape isn’t attractive for some women as well. The pointy toes can be unappealing.

Discomfort is also possible since these shoes have a narrower form. Sometimes, buying a bigger size isn’t even the solution because the width remains narrow.


  • Well-designed shape
  • Luxurious feel
  • Great traction outdoors
  • Elegant colors
  • Lightweight


  • Matte colors instead of metallic
  • Too pointy for some women
  • Too narrow for some feet

FootJoy Women’s LoPro Collection

FootJoy Women’s LoPro Collection

Even though its style options are generally simple, the FootJoy Women’s LoPro Collection is quite unique on its own special way. It only uses color accents instead of having a darker color on its entire upper. Not only that, a textured fabric is added to those dark accents to provide depth.

In terms of shape, these golf shoes have rounded toe sections just like the previous product. However, the only part with a standard design is the instep. The rest are a little bit modified such as the shallower forefoot and the narrower heel.

Now, let’s focus on the best aspect of these golf shoes. Their spikes look like snowflakes because of their detailed design for maximum grip.

As for the worst characteristics of these shoes, they don’t have much support for stability and space for comfort. The lack of space easily results in constant friction on your toes, eventually triggering pain.

The width can be tighter than expected, too. We can try to focus on the fact that these shoes have thicker outsoles and longer options for comfort, but pain is still possible if the user walks around the golf course for a long time.


  • Simple style options
  • Unique application of color
  • Interesting textures
  • Detailed spikes
  • Special form for certain foot shapes


  • Lacks generous support
  • Friction on the toes
  • Too tight

Adidas Women’s W Adipower Boost BOA

Adidas Women’s W Adipower Boost BOA

Microfiber leather is used for the entire upper of the Adidas W Adipower Boost BOA golf shoes. That’s because it’s durable, attractive, and more affordable than natural leather. It’s technically a high-quality synthetic fabric.

Meanwhile, the sockliner contains PU foam for a more secure fit and comfortable feel. Its padding can also maintain stability since it provides more support.

As for the color combinations, they’re quite interesting. The gray and mystery ruby combo looks edgy while the real coral and silver metallic theme is fun and youthful.

Unfortunately, the beautiful color combination can be ruined by the bulkiness of these golf shoes, especially if they have a bigger size. You can buy something smaller, but you might encounter another problem since this product actually runs small.

It’s a good idea to prioritize snug fitting, but these golf shoes are surprisingly too narrow in the toe area. Some users can’t even bear the pain.


  • Affordable
  • Secure fit
  • Comfortable interior
  • More support
  • Unique color combinations


  • Larger sizes are too bulky
  • Runs small
  • Painful toe area

How to Choose Good Women’s Golf Shoes


Spiked vs Spikeless

The first thing you should check when going over a golf shoe’s features is the outsole. After all, that’s what makes golf shoes different.

The outsole itself should be made of rubber. At the end of the day, golf shoes are still considered athletic footwear, which means that the standard material for the soles is rubber to ensure comfort, support, performance, and durability.

Finally, let’s find out–are spikes necessary for golf shoes? First of all, the spikes are technically called cleats and their main purpose is enhanced traction. They need to be firmer than rubber, hence their usual plastic material. However, they shouldn’t be too sharp as well, which is why soft plastic is often used.

On the other hand, the spikeless type is much flatter since both the smooth and rough areas are made of rubber. You might think it can’t beat the quality of spikes, but there are actually a few factors to consider. The fact remains that there are still a lot of golfers who prefer spikeless shoes.

Now, to answer the question: yes, spikes are absolutely necessary for golf shoes BUT only if you’re standing on a slope or soft ground. Most golf courses have small hills and they’re obviously grassy, making spiked outsoles a standard.

Of course, there are disadvantages to wearing spiked shoes. Golf shoes with spikes aren’t versatile fashion-wise, not to mention how out-of-place they look when you’re indoors. The worst part is the plastic spikes scratching precious floors or making you lose your balance because of the uneven sections.


Even if you’re wearing spiked golf shoes, that’s not a guarantee that you’d have the best time walking on the grass. Grassy areas are often damp and the moisture can easily penetrate poorly designed outsoles. That’s why the soles of your shoes should be coated with a waterproof layer to keep your feet totally dry on wet grass.



The fabric of golf shoe uppers can be synthetic, including some types of leather, but we’re going to focus on the solid plastic ones that are usually combined with textile. The purpose of that combination is to provide support on the soft fabric.

No wonder most plastic sections are on the lower half while the top part of the upper focuses on comfort and water resistance. Lateral movement usually involves the sides of your forefoot, hence the bottom placement of the firmer synthetic sections.


There are two common types of leather being used for golf shoe uppers. Microfiber or synthetic leather is typically found on cheaper options.

On the other hand, genuine leather is obviously more expensive because of its superior quality. It’s just a matter of how much you’re willing to pay for a pair of golf shoes.


Generally placed on the top half of the upper, mesh looks like a net covering your shoe. The net-like design of mesh fabric is highly effective in allowing more air to circulate the interior for a cooler feel around your feet during hot days.


We’re specifically referring to weather-resistant coating. The upper should be able to protect your feet from water coming from the rain or moisture from the dewy grass.

However, since harsh sunlight can also affect the quality of the upper and the temperature inside the shoe, the coating must also have the ability to reduce the effect of ultraviolet rays from the sun over the fabric.



The footbed must have cushioning that’s thick enough for support yet still lightweight for comfort. Synthetic foam is the best material for the interior padding since it’s durable, soft, and light.

Polyurethane is commonly used for synthetic foams while the popular technologies or systems for golf shoe insoles include the 5GEN from Skechers and the Cloudfoam from Adidas.

Moisture Management

If you don’t like to wear socks all the time, then prioritize choosing golf shoes with insoles that can keep your feet dry. The footbed must dry quickly to stop retaining sweat that can speed up the accumulation of odor-causing bacteria.

The mesh fabric of the shoes can actually contribute to the drying process, which somehow proves that the exterior and interior areas are equally important.


It’s a big deal whenever a product claims that the golf shoes have high rebound. That means that the footwear is more responsive to your every step.

Better response is represented by how efficient the shoe is in absorbing impact from your foot movements so you can walk longer without any pain.



The traditional lacing system still works nowadays because customized fit with shoelaces feels much more comfortable. However, it can be distracting to look at since the result can be uneven. Longer laces also tend to have a messy appearance.


The Boa dial closure is the most popular type of modern lacing system for footwear. More and more golf shoes are using Boa cables and dials since a lot of golfers prefer ergonomic designs.

Boa dials are super-easy to use. Simply turn the tiny knob to tighten or loosen the straps or cables. You can do this while you’re in a hurry, unlike laces that will force you to stop and spend some time securing the closure again.


Color, texture, and pattern are the three major factors to consider when it comes to the golf shoe’s style. Do you prefer a lighter or darker color theme? Are you looking for something smoother or heavily textured? Quirky patterns, yea or nay? Feel free to let your personality show on each footwear you own.


Because of their classy shape and style even with intricate spikes, the FootJoy Emerge Golf Shoes are highly recommended for women. Their form is well-thought-out, which greatly affects their appearance in a good way. As a plus, these shoes have a luxurious appeal despite their heavy-duty construction for frequent golfing.

Just don’t expect the metallic options of that product to look sleek and shiny up-close. These shoes are also narrow, which can be a challenge for women with wider feet.

When looking for other options, check the outsole’s design first. Make sure it’s waterproof. More importantly, decide whether you want spikes or not. After deciding on which type of sole you want, think about other important features such as the upper, closure, insole, and appearance. It’s crucial that both the interior and exterior aspects of the product are carefully considered.