Brandt Snedeker WITB – What’s In The Bag of Brandt Snedeker

Brandt Newell Snedeker was born on 8th December 1980 and currently plays on the PGA Tour. The American professional golfer has scooped several victories prompting Brandt Snedeker WITB a worthy bag to look into. In his golf career, he has managed one amateur win and 13 professional victories.

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Achievements Highlights

Brandt Snedeker

Brandt officially turned professional in 2004. From 2004 to 2006, Snedeker was playing in the Nationwide Tour. But his two victories, Showdown at Somerby and the Permian Basin Charity Golf Classic in 2006, saw him get entrance to the PGA Tour in 2007.

In the same year, 2007, Snedeker earned his first PGA Championship, the Wyndham Championship. Following the series of outstanding performances after his entrance in 2007, he earned the title PGA Tour Rookie of the Year. Also, in 2012, he became the FedEx Cup Champion.

In his entire career he has won the PGA Tour 9 times, European Tour once, PGA Tour of Australasia once, and Korn Ferry Tour twice. One of his best positions in the Official World Golf Ranking is 4th place in February 2013.

So how does his WITB differ from others, such as Aaron Baddeley WITB? Let’s find out in the review.

Brandt Snedeker WITB

Driver: Bridgestone JGR (9.5 Degrees)

Bridgestone JGR (9.5 Degrees)

The driver picks on a new power face milled design that offers a lower spin rate but more forgiveness on off-center hits. Its crown employs the FAST (flex action speed technology).

Therefore, by benefitting from the internal and external channels, the face can flex more hence boosting ball speed. Moreover, it also uses the speed arc technology that offers a stable base and so efficient transfer of energy. Accordingly, it also enhances ball speed and launches angle.

On the other side, the additional weight on the heel allows for draw bias, thus enabling you to achieve an accurate trajectory and control spin effectively. So the Bridgestone JGR benefits by enhancing control, speed, and distance.

Fairway Wood

3 Wood: Callaway X Hot at 15 Degrees

Callaway X Hot at 15 Degrees

Its face boasts 455 carpenter steel that’s stronger than standard steel. So that adapts the Callaway X Hot to greater ball speed. It then forges the steel into the speed frame face cup. Accordingly, the entire area on the face delivers consistent longer-distance performance.

Using the modern War Bird sole structure, the Callaway fairway wood acquires the versatility in shaping shots and enhancing performance from different lies. But owing to its low center of gravity, the club produces a penetrating directory, high speed, and distance.

It’s the combination of the features described above that makes the driver lives up to its name of Callaway X Hot.

5 Wood: Tour Stage X-FW at 18 Degrees

Tour Stage X-FW at 18 Degrees

The Tour Stage X-FW wood features the CNC milled face. Furthermore, its adjustable 8 face positions and lime angle give it the ability to deliver impressive carry distance. Moreover, its power slit design promotes a high launch angle and flight.

Irons: Bridgestone J15CB (4-PW)

Bridgestone J15CB (4-PW)

To an extent, the Bridgestone J15 cavity back irons offer appreciable forgiveness and workability. Moreover, the clubs have well-crafted cavity design, perimeter weighting, and generous sweet spot.

Therefore the blend of features produces an enhanced accuracy on off-center and center hits, thus registering consistency in ball distance.

At a glance, their appearance tends to blade than cavities. Having been forged from carbon steel, the irons present an outstanding feel. And owing to their simplicity, they are trouble-free to align at the address. The Bridgestone J15CB offers enhanced spin and a higher launch angle.


Bridgestone J15 (52 Bent to 51 Degrees; 56 Bent to 55 Degrees)

Bridgestone J15

At a glance, the Bridgestone J15 wedge has a head that presents a teardrop shape. Its clubface is soft and thus registers the unparalleled feel of the ball.

Also, the club has a sure contact sole design. That means it easily slides under the ball in every shot and thus produce consistent lie and increase in control ability. Though soft the machine-milled face exhibits more roughness and therefore translating into an increased spin.

Provided you maintain your hit at the sweet spot, the Bridgestone J15 is the wedge that produces consistent distance performance.

Titleist Vokey TVD Prototype (60-3 K Grind)

Titleist Vokey TVD Prototype (60-3 K Grind)

Snedeker finds the Titleist Vokey TVD Prototype wedge interesting and keeps it in his bag. Besides possessing an attractive look, the wedge registers a natural and impressive feel. With its wide camber sole structure, it makes it easy to make bunker shots.

Instead of the club digging into the sand, it slides smoothly on top of the sand beneath the ball. Apart from bunker shots, it also has the versatility to blend with other playgrounds. It’s the wedge that makes it easy to control the spin and your shot type.

Putter: Odyssey White Hot XG Rossie

Odyssey White Hot XG Rossie

It’s the highly cherished putter among Tour players and you’ll find it in Ryan Palmer WITB. The Odyssey White Hot XG Rossie has more weight concentrated on the perimeter of the head and thus achieves high moments of inertia.

Accordingly, the perimeter weighting feature gives the putter a higher degree of forgiveness compared to the previous models. At the same time, its use of the elastic elastomer gives it a better feel and resilience.

Ball: Bridgestone Tour B330

Bridgestone Tour B330

The Bridgestone Tour B330 ball has Tour-level quality. Further, it employs a core that’s 6 percent larger than the previous model. As you move from its inner core to the outer layer, the ball shows a steep gradient change in softness.

For that purpose, it registers minimal spin-off drive and enhanced ball speed. The use of proprietary gradient core technology help minimize the number of layers and thus maximizing energy transfer.

The B330 ball uses the R and D marvel cover has a high coefficient friction rating. Therefore, it induces an optimal greenside spin without compromising spin from the rough hence. The result is an increase in distance performance too.

Its self-repairing cover ability gives it high playability. Overall it’s the ball that promises consistency in accuracy, trajectory, and distance.


Unlike Lydia Ko WITB, Snedeker samples clubs from different brands, and gets the best from each company. Accordingly, he uses the clubs skillfully and thus has realized several victories with the same set of equipment.

That’s why we have dived into Brandt Snedeker WITB to showcase the proven clubs he uses. Go through it carefully and see which club suits your game.