Bryson DeChambeau WITB – What’s In The Bag of Bryson DeChambeau

Nicknamed Golfing Scientist, Bryson DeChambeau is a an American professional golfer from Modesto, California. He has gained popularity for his scientific approach in the sport, capitalizing on analytics. The same approach was also used in his selection of golf equipment, especially his clubs. That said, this short article takes a quick look at Bryson DeChambeau WITB. Over the years, he has been changing equipment. Our focus in this article are those that we have seen in his recent games, including The Players 2021.

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Who is Bryson DeChambeau?

Travelers Championship - Round One

DeChambeau’s love affair with golf started when he was still studying. While he was at Clovis East High School, he won the 2010 California State Junior Championship at 16 years old. Meanwhile, at Southern Methodist University in Texas, he won the NCAA individual championship. In the same year, he also won the US Amateur. Other popular players who have won both the NCAA and US Amateur within the same year include Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, and Phil Mickelson.

He turned professional in 2016. Currently, he is a part of the PGA and European Tours. He won the PGA Tour eight times and the European Tour two times.

Bryson DeChambeau WITB

Bryson DeChambeau WITB

Known as one of the longest hitters in golf, he has his equipment to thank for his incredible performance in recent years. His clubs are of the same length, which he also attributes as the reason behind the consistency of his in-game performance. Below, we’ll talk more about what’s in the bag of Bryson DeChambeau and see how it has affected his games.

Driver: Cobra King LTD Pro

Driver Cobra King LTD Pro

One of the most important equipment in the bag of DeChambeau is the Cobra King LTD Pro driver, which he has at a loft of 7.5 degrees. This is basically an improved version of Cobra King LTD, with the biggest difference being the lower loft, which can range from seven to ten degrees. More so, another key difference is that it has various fade settings.

Appearance-wise, it is one of the best-looking drivers that you will find in the market. More than its commanding appearance, it packs plenty of technologies that make it a common choice for the pros.

One of the best innovations in this product is the SpiraLock technology. Weighing 16 grams, this is responsible for creating a low and deep center of gravity. The technology also minimizes the possibility of loosening upon impact, significantly minimizing the vibrations that the users will feel.

It is also worth noting that it has TeXtreme carbon fiber crown, which is up to 20% lighter compared to conventional carbon fiber. In turn, this increases the forgiveness of the club.

Fairway Wood: Cobra King Prototype B

Fairway Wood Cobra King Prototype B

Not much information is available online about this golf club in the bag of DeChambeau. What we know so far is that he has used it in a version with a 10.5-degree loft. Aside from this, he also has other fairway woods in his previous games, with one of the most notable being the Cobra King SZ Tour.

Iron: Cobra King One Length Utility

Iron Cobra King One Length Utility

Consistency is one of the best assets of this utility iron. It has a classic look that blends with modern technologies to come up with an iron that meets the requirements of the pros. From its construction to performance, this club is hard to match.

This iron features a PWRSHL face, which has been exclusively developed by the company. It comes with an insert with a forged face, which wraps the sole. In turn, it creates a larger sweet spot, which is responsible for minimizing the possibility of mishits. The design of its body is also a plus. It has exceptional flexibility, which can improve the ball’s speed at address.

More so, the club comes with a tungsten weighting. At 66 grams, it improves the position of the center of gravity, putting it behind the club’s hitting zone.

Lastly, it offers eight customizable adjustments. This will let users fine-tune the way the ball launches in the air.

Wedge: Artisan Prototype


Artisan is one of the best makers of wedges. No wonder, it is also a staple in Patrick Reed WITB in recent years before he switched to Titleist. Artisan is a company based in Texas and is known for making superior wedges that have captivated the attention even of the pros. It first gained global attention in 2018 when Reed won the Masters with Artisan wedges.

Many people may not recognize Artisan, but for experienced golfers like DeChambeau, this is one name that rings a bell. The company is ran by one of the most reputable clubmakers, Mike Taylor. He is the same name that worked with the clubs used by Tiger Woods when he was still with Nike. In the past, DeChambeau has experimented with wedges from PXG and Cobra before settling with Artisan in one of his recent games.

Putter: SIK Pro C Series Armlock

Putter SIK Pro C Series Armlock

If there is one thing that makes SIK putters special, it would be that they are made to the specifications of the users. This means that they do not have pre-built options. Instead, they will customize their putters depending on the needs and wants of the buyer. DeChambeau’s putter is built specifically for him. This is unlike the putters that you will find in Rory McIlroy WITB or Cameron Champ WITB, which are available to the general public who can afford them.

Golf Ball: Bridgestone Tour B X

Golf Ball Bridgestone Tour B X

This is the same golf ball that you will find in Gary Woodland WITB. Designed specifically for big hitters like DeChambeau, one of the best features is the REACTIV cover. This will deliver better distance and spin in every shot. If you are a novice, this isn’t the right golf ball for you. The manufacturer explicitly states that it best suits only those who have a swing speed of more than 105 mph.


With a look at Bryson DeChambeau WITB, one thing is apparent – he is used to mixing and matching different brands. He does not stay committed to a single manufacturer. He blends his clubs depending on the circumstances, and such has proven to be good for him. From Cobra to Artisan, he has trusted different companies throughout his professional career.