Cameron Champ WITB – What’s In The Bag of Cameron Champ

One of the most promising golfers today, Cameron Champ is slowly but surely making a name for himself. Despite being a young player, Champ demonstrates that age is just a number. His recent victories prove such. While he is far from reaching the level of golf’s legends, it is undeniable that he is on his way there. With this, let’s have a quick look at Cameron Champ WITB and understand why he is so good at what he is doing.

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Who is Cameron Champ?

Who is Cameron Champ

Born on June 15, 1995 in Sacramento, California, Champ turned professional in 2017. In 2018, he immediately had his first PGA Tour win at the Sanderson Farms Championship. He has also won the Utah Championship. Another recent accolade was being hailed as the longest driver in 2018, recording an average of 343 yards.

One more thing that made Champ popular in golf is his race. It isn’t a secret that golf isn’t a diverse sport. It is a white-dominated field, and Champ is out there to prove that there is room for others. He is a mix of black and white descent, so he is advocating for more room for black players in the sport.

Cameron Champ WITB

Cameron Champ WITB

From Tigers Wood WITB to Rory McIlroy WITB, we love looking at the clubs of famous golfers to see how they are helping them do well in the sport. That said, here is a quick walk through at what’s in the bag of Cameron Champ. As you can see, most of his equipment are from Ping.

Driver: Ping G425 LST

Driver Ping G425

In the past years, Champ has been a user of Ping G410 LST. In 2021, however, he switched to Ping G425 LST, and such has proven to be beneficial for him. This has helped him to average more than 300 yards in his games.

With a 445cc and pear-shaped head, this driver reduces spin, which is beneficial for players with blazing swing speeds, such as Champ. Beginners might not easily notice the difference, but for the pros, the improvements are highly evident. It has a T9S+ forged face, which has been exclusively developed by the manufacturer.

Another good thing about this driver is that it offers several options for customization. You can shift its 17-gram center of gravity and you can choose from three settings depending on what is most appropriate for your swing.

Looking at the construction of this club, another notable feature is the internal ribbing. It reinforces the crucial parts of the driver to improve acoustics. More than having a pleasing and solid sound, it also enhances the feel.

Fairway Wood: Ping G410

Fairway Wood Ping G410

For years, Champ has been loyal to the G410 when it comes to his 3-wood. We do not see him switching to any other model soon since it has proven to be good for his games. The forged and maraging steel face of this club is one thing that sets it apart from many of its competitors. Aside from launching a ball easily, this is also responsible for delivering an incredible speed. In turn, it can also improve trajectory and distance of the ball.

More so, this golf club has 8-lobe trajectory tuning. It is a new and patented hosel that has been exclusively designed by the manufacturer for improving aerodynamics. It offers eight possible adjustments, so it can be customized depending on what the user prefers.

Iron: Ping i210

Irons Ping i210

In 2019 and 2020, we have seen Champ played with Ping i500 irons. In 2021, however, he made the switch to Ping i210, and such has proven to be a good move. Since it is still from Ping, it did not take a lot for Champ to adjust to his new set-up.

Built with a large and soft elastomer head, it will deliver consistent shots. The latter is also possible because of the club’s machined face and grooves. From forgiveness to precision, this iron delivers an incredible game.

Another notable feature is the HydroPearl Chrome 2.0 finish. It gives the iron a refined appearance and elegant appeal. More importantly, it also has great turf interaction regardless of the ground conditions.

Wedge: Ping Glide 3.0

Wedge Ping Glide 3.0

A lightweight and forgiving wedge, it delivers an incredibly high spin. This is an improvement from the Ping Glide 2.0, which is what you will find in Bubba Watson WITB. It retains the same good look and feel while also significantly improving the forgiveness of the club. The company had a grip-to-grind approach to deliver notable improvements.

Among others, the Glide 3.0 is well-loved by many because of its precision-milled grooves. It has a patented cut that results in a sharper edge. This improves ball interaction upon impact. Friction is also increased for better trajectory control.

It also stands out because of the four grind options available to suit different player requirements. You can choose from Eye2 Sole, Standard Sole, Wide Sole, and Thin Sole.

Putter: Prototype PLD Prime Tyne C Stealth

Putter Prototype PLD Prime Tyne C Stealth

While Champ has been using this putter, we cannot see much information revealed about this design. One of the few things that we see about the description of this club is that it has a center-shafted design. This has been with Champ for years, yet there isn’t enough detail available online for us to describe the features and performance of this putter.

Golf Ball: Srixon Z-Star XV

Golf Ball Srixon Z Star XV

Pushing distance to the limit – that is what you can expect from this golf ball. Unsurprisingly, this has been the default choice of Champ for years. It is the most powerful from the golf ball line-up of Srixon.

From the molecules to the dimples, this golf ball is designed with the best innovations possible. This ball refuses to compromise and demands nothing but the best, so it is trusted even by the pros. It has an improved inner core than makes the ball faster.


Looking at Cameron Champ WITB, we saw that he has been using mostly Ping. Through the years, he has changed the models of some of his clubs, but they are all from Ping. With his incredible club set-up, we expect to see more achievements in the professional life of Champ.