Cameron Smith WITB – What’s In The Bag of Cameron Smith

The Australian pro golfer Cameron Smith was born on 18th August 1993. From partnering with other players to fronting the sport alone, Smith has established a solid record. Currently, he plays on the PGA Tour and PGA Tour of Australasia.

Altogether the Australian golfer has garnered three amateur wins and four professional victories. That makes Cameron Smith WITB worth inspecting among established players.

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Achievements Highlights

Cameron Smith

In 2013, Smith turned professional and joined the PGA Tour of Australasia. In 2014 he played on the Asian Tour and managed the top 10 positions seven times. He finished in the fifth overall position.

In 2017 after an impressive performance in the season, he won the Australian PGA championship. In the following year, despite the unique collection in Marc Leishman WITB, Smith defeated him and defended his title.

In January 2020, Smith emerged victorious in the Sony Open in Hawaii, marking his first solo victory in PGA Tour. Then having partnered with Marc Leishman in April 2021, the pair won the Zurich Classic of New Orleans the second time.

That brings us to the contents of Cameron Smith WITB.

Cameron Smith WITB

Driver: Titleist TSi3, (10 Degrees), Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 60 6.5 TX Shaft

Driver Titleist TSi3

The Titleist TSi3 abounds in features that make it unique. Its face is made from the tough ATI 425 Aluminum. Therefore it makes a clubface that’s optimized for speed in its entirety.

Besides being easy to align, its improved aerodynamic shape enhances the club’s speed too. However, it’s Titleist TSi3 multidimensional stability that outshines. TSi3 uses the holistically injected MOI such that it offers a tight spin range and high speed for every space on the face.

It also taps on SureFit CG track technology. So you can fine-tune the CG on five different positions and hence, optimize ball flight and performance for each swing.

Fairway Woods

3-Wood: Titleist TSi2 (15 degrees) and 7-wood: Titleist TSi2 (21 Degrees)

Fairway Wood Titleist TSi2

The fairway woods have high adjustability and thus allow each player to fine-tune the club to fit his game type, thanks to the adjustable weight and hosel. Thus you can reap maximum performance from every swing.

Tapping on the active recoil channel (ARC4.0) technology, Titleist achieves an aligned CG that allows for a more flexible face.

And, therefore the wood supports high ball speed even on the lower part of the face. Better still, it uses an ultra-thin steel crown and a variable face thickness (VFT technology) to influence the CG position. In effect, it places the center of gravity low, achieves high launch and minimal spin.

At the same time it combines its new streamlined shape and VFT, therefore, delivering in club speed. Accordingly, the fairway wood thus strikes the right balance between stability and speed. So from its unique design, the wood outshines in accuracy and tremendous speed on the entire face of the club.


Titleist U500 (4)

Titleist U500 (4)

One of its significant advantages is that it supports greater distances more than ordinary iron. The head features a strategically placed high-density tungsten weight that injects balance and stability.

Moreover, a super-thin face flex more and impart greater energy to the ball, thus optimizing speed. Its slim top line, short blade, and minimal offset make it a utility iron for low handicappers.

However, it’s slightly forgiving on small mishits. So if you can generate the fast and quality swings pictured on Tour level, then you will appreciate the excellent speed supported by the iron.

Besides, it doesn’t also disappoint in controlling the flight trajectory. If you are a highly skilled golfer, you’ll find the utility iron an asset. It can happily replace your long iron.

Titleist T100 Black (5-9), KBS Tour 130 Custom Matte Black X Shafts

Titleist T100 Black (5-9)

The T100 iron employs a fully forged steel design and therefore has very minimal moving parts. So the club offers a solid feel and high controllability that most Tour professionals require.

Among the T100 irons, the mid and long irons employ premium quality high-density tungsten iron in the toe and heel. In effect, that helps influence the center of gravity.

Besides the progressive center of gravity in the irons, the club’s co-forging process induces the tungsten weight into the head. That not only makes it attractive but also awards it a solid and stable feel.

Its sole features a more cambered shape and a pre-wear design. That, therefore, allows it to offer smooth and faster turf interaction.


Titleist Vokey Design SM8 (46-10F, 52-08F, 56-08M)

Wedges Titleist Vokey SM8

As the lofts of the Vokey Design SM8 increase, the clubs feature a progressive center of gravity (CG). That makes it simpler for a golfer to control the ball’s trajectory and spin. Further, with the CG positioned in front of the clubface, it’s easy to square than the previous models.

The frontal CG also injects improved feel and stability. Even controlling distance and flight are better.

And from the six sole grind options, golfers with different swing types find their exact match. On the other hand, the precisely cut spin milled grooves and microgrooves help improve spin and control on shots.

WedgeWorks 60T, KBS Tour 130 Custom Matte Black (46), True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Onyx X100 (52, 56, 60 Degrees) Shafts

WedgeWorks 60T

It represents the low bounce wedge club and it’s popular among Tour. When you look into Charley Hoffman WITB, you’ll find it there. If you are accustomed to making shallow angle attacks on firm golf courses, then the dual bounce of WedgeWorks 60T comes to your aid.

Putter: Scotty Cameron 009M Prototype

Putter Scotty Cameron 009M Prototype

When it comes to Putter’s choice, Cameron Smith stocks one of the rarest clubs among Tour golfers; Scotty Cameron 009M Prototype. However, he seems to have discovered a hidden treasure in the Putter, and it has steered him to the winning heights.

Ball: Titleist Pro V1x

Titleist Pro V1x

Similar to what you’ll find in Lee Westwood WITB, Smith also has a soft spot for Titleist Pro V1x ball. However, unlike the ProV1 ball, the Pro V1x features a urethane elastomer cover that’s 17 percent thinner. It’s the reduction in the thickness that adds speed to the ball without tampering with control and spin.

So when you need the ball that’s promising in giving consistent extraordinary distance, the Titleist Pro V1x is hard to beat. Furthermore, it’s good for drop and stop short game control.


As you have realized, Cameron Smith, this time, has decided to brave the season with Titleist golf clubs and ball. And so far, his performance is exemplary and places him in 29th position in the Official World Golf Ranking.

Therefore if you have found a club or ball from the post that you feel blends with your game type, don’t shy off from giving it a try.