Francesco Molinari WITB – What’s In The Bag of Francesco Molinari

An Italian golfer, Francesco Molinari has been a part of the top 100 of the World Rankings since 2008. He has played at many events globally, making Italy proud. While we can credit many things for his success, his equipment is one of the most significant. That said, this short article will give you a sneak peak of Francesco Molinari WITB.

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Who is Francesco Molinari?

Who is Francesco Molinari

Born on November 8, 1982, Molinari is from Turin, Italy. His brother is also a professional golfer, so it is safe to say that golf runs in their blood. He has already been making a name for himself during his amateur playing years. One of his earliest achievements was winning the Italian Amateur Stroke Play Championship two times. In 2004, he also won the Italian Match Play Championship. It was in the same year that he turned professional.

As a professional, Molinari is currently a part of both the PGA Tour and European Tour. He had ten wins playing professionally, including three at the PGA Tour and six at the European Tour. In 2018, he won the Open Championship, making him the first Italian to enjoy such an achievement.

Francesco Molinari WITB

Francesco Molinari WITB

Historically, Nike has been a staple in what’s in the bag of Francesco Molinari. However, since the company has stopped manufacturing golf equipment, he has experimented with other brands. Nonetheless, he signed a multi-year contract with Callaway, so such is the brand that makes most of his set-up.

Driver: Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Triple Diamond

Driver Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Triple Diamond

Inspired by the suggestions of tour players, this driver is constructed with inputs of the pros in mind. That way, it delivers the most exacting specifications that seasoned players expect from a driver.

Among others, this is a notable driver because it has been created with the help of artificial intelligence. This means that tons of information have been processed to come up with the smartest design possible.

More so, it has Flash Face technology, which significantly improves ball speed. The design of its face is radically different than many of its predecessors and competitors. Plus, its advanced head shape is also crucial for increasing moment of inertia. It lowers spin while making the driver more forgiving.

The adjustable perimeter weighting is one more thing that we love in this golf club. It provides users with opportunities to reposition the 12-gram weight, depending on what a specific situation requires.

Fairway Wood: Callaway Mavrik Subzero

Fairway Wood Callaway Mavrik Subzero

This is the same fairway wood that is present in Phil Mickelson WITB. Do not be fooled by its compact head. It might be small, but it can deliver a surprising performance. No wonder, even seasoned players believe in it.

While there are many things that make this an impressive fairway wood, one of our favorites is the Flash Face SS20, which has been designed with the help of artificial intelligence. More so, it uses exotic materials, which have been carefully crafted by the manufacturer to make sure that each club stands out in a sea of competitors.

We also love how it comes with interchangeable weights. You can choose from two or 14 grams. This way, you can fine-tune the performance of every shot based on what a specific situation necessitates.

Iron: Callaway Apex Pro 19

Iron Callaway Apex Pro 19

This is the brand’s first tour-level iron packed with distance technologies, making sure that the ball will travel as far as you would like to send it. This is targeted towards experienced golfers, so it will not work for everyone.

The body of this golf club is made of 1025 mild carbon steel. It saves weight without compromising durability. This is also the reason why the iron can deliver an extremely soft feel.

Additionally, it is well-loved because of the 360 Face Cup Technology, which is amongst the many things that set it apart from the competition. It promotes higher ball speeds regardless of where in the face it is hit.

Lastly, it has advanced tungsten weighting. At 50 grams, the latter optimizes the position of the center of gravity, positively influencing control, launch, and flight.

Wedge: Callaway Jaws Mack Daddy 5 Raw

Wedge Callaway Jaws Mack Daddy 5 Raw

This is a collaboration between the Callaway research and development team and Roger Cleveland. The result is an all-new groove design that gives the wedge a plethora of benefits over many others.

The 37-degree wall angle of the groove of this wedge is one of its most notable features. It elevates groove-edge sharpness, and in turn, maximizes grip and spin in different environments.

We also love how there are five grind options available. Depending on the specific requirements of the user, you can find one that is more suitable to your playing style.

Putter: Odyssey Toulon Austin Prototype

Putter Odyssey Toulon Austin Prototype

These are limited edition putters that pack exclusive technologies to meet the demands of the most discerning users. It is crafted by experts using only premium materials, making it a rare breed. In a market that is saturated by putters, Odyssey is one name that stands out. Unsurprisingly, this is the same brand that you will find in other professional players, such as Luke Donald WITB.

Across the face, this putter has a deep diamond mill. It has cross-hatch grooves that channel vibration. As a result, it has an incredible sound and feel.

Golf Ball: Callaway Chrome Soft X

Golf Ball Callaway Chrome Soft X with Triple Track

The same golf ball that you will find in Jon Rahm WITB and Xander Schauffele WITB it is a modern tour ball that is designed for elite players. It has Soft Fast Core, which is the one that is responsible for improving distance and speed in every shot. More so, it has a dual-mantle system, which maximizes ball speed while making the spin more consistent. The thin urethane cover is also a plus, optimizing every shot around the green.


As a Callaway staffer, most of what you will find in Francesco Molinari is from the latter. From his driver to irons, he trusts only Callaway. Looking at his performance in recent years, we have good reasons to believe that Callaway is indeed one of the best brands out there.