Graeme Mcdowell WITB – What’s In The Bag of Graeme Mcdowell

From the tender age of 8, Graeme Mcdowell began playing golf in Rathmore Golf Club, his uncle being the coach. Born on 30th July 1979, Mcdowell has shown remarkable performance as a professional golfer.

You can find him playing the sport on the European and PGA Tour. In his amateur career, Mcdowell scooped six victories.

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Achievements Highlights

Graeme Mcdowell

In 2002, Graeme turned professional in the sport. And in the same year, he won the Volvo Scandinavian Masters. Still soaring high in his career, From January to March 2011, he maintained the 4th position in the Official World Golf Ranking chart.

Since he turned professional, Graeme has won 11 European Tours, 4 PGA Tours, and the Asian Tour once. One of his resounding victories is in the Major Championship of 2010, US Open at Pebble beach.

He has also garnered several achievements and awards. That includes winning the Haskins Awards in 2002 and the European Tour Golfer of the Year 2010.

His solid record of success has aroused a high level of curiosity in many people about the Graeme Mcdowell WITB.

Graeme Mcdowell WITB

Unlike Michelle Wie WITB, most of the clubs in Mcdowell’s golf bag are either Srixon or Callaway.  And in his professional career, he uses the following pieces of golf equipment.

Driver: Srixon Z 785 (9.5°), Miyazaki Kusala Indigo 56X

Driver Srixon Z 785 (9.5°)

The driver uses a sturdy alloy face of titanium Ti51AF and blends it with a weld-free face. The design thus creates a broad zone that provides impressive ball speed even on off-center hits.

As for the crown, it picks on a Mitsubishi carbon crown. Although the material is one of the sturdiest, it provides a soft and hot feel punctuated with a muted sound.

It employs a tour-oriented shape that enhances low spin and therefore leading to more penetrating flights. Since it employs one of the lightest, thinnest but strongest materials on the face, it makes a driver that benefits you in speed and distance. An enhanced face, on the other hand, makes it very forgiving and thus inspires confidence.

Fairway Woods: Callaway Mavrik 3-Wood (15°)

Fairway Woods Callaway Mavrik 3-Wood (15°)

Callaway Mavric uses a Flash face design and a new forged steel face. Moreover, the club’s face that’s of C300 Maraging steel delivers in speed and forgiving too. The Callaway Mavrik fairway woods are available in three models (Sub Zero, Max, and Standard) with 16 different face designs. So you can easily find the club that matches your need.

The fairway woods also possess a broad face whose point of impact is strong, resilient, and forgiving. So that helps to optimize the ball speed on a wide part of the face. So in case you erroneously hit the ball with the bottom of the club, you still generate ample speed on the ball.

Srixon Z F85 5-Wood (17°), Miyazaki Kusala Indigo 72X

Srixon Z F85 5-Wood (17°)

Instead of the usual titanium, the Srixon Z F85 fairway wood employs the steel body. It then combines it with a weight-saving carbon crown. So it shifts most of the mass to the edges of the head. As a result, it boosts the club’s moment of inertia and stability.

Furthermore, it taps on the Crown Step technology to significantly lower the center of gravity. In effect, it makes up for the more pronounced leading edge.

That makes the Srixon Z F85 5-wood forgiving and able to deliver consistency in the distance. The sturdy steel cup face helps deliver a powerful penetrating ball trajectory on the fairway.

Hybrid: Ping G410 (22°), LA Golf Red 85X

Hybrid Ping G410 (22°)

Structurally, the Ping G410 hybrid is slightly large, forgiving, and possesses high moments of inertia. For that reason, it boosts confidence at the address. Its maraging steel face is thin and flexible.

Accordingly, it, therefore, enhances the speed of the ball. Besides, unlike the Ping 410 crossover, it has increased tungsten weight on the toe that injects more stability.


Srixon Z 565 (3)

Srixon Z 565 (3)

The Srixon Z 565 (3) has the structure and design that boost accuracy and consistency in hitting the ball right. If you mostly hit the ground before reaching the ball, the higher bounce ability of the Z 565 suits you. Its wide grooves further optimize the spin and control ability of the iron.

Srixon Z 745 (4-9), Project X 6.5

Srixon Z 745 (4-9)

Similar to Russell Knox WITB, Graeme also stocks the Srixon Z 745 (4-9) iron in his bag. The club employs the V.T. sole design. Therefore it minimizes shot dispersion, promotes consistency of strikes and straight ball trajectory.

Considering that its leading-edge bounce is high and uses the double milled face the iron boasts an improved spin and feel. If you need control of distance, the Srixon Z 745 (4-9) irons are worth the investment.

Wedges: Cleveland RTX 2.0 Custom (46°, 52°, 58°), Project X 6.5

Wedges Cleveland RTX 2.0 Custom

Wedge plays an integral role in a golfer’s bag. So Cleveland gives the custom edition with the Rotex face technology. Its overall design adapts it to a wide variety of golfers and conditions. The versatile wedge presents a medium bounce. It also blends trailing edge, forgiveness, and playability required at the Tour level.

Putter: Odyssey White Hot #7

Putter Odyssey White Hot #7

Besides the Graeme Mcdowell WITB, you’ll also find the odyssey putters in March Leishman WITB. It features more weight on the perimeter of the putter’s head. As a result, that creates a balanced effect and increases the moments of inertia.

At the core of the putter is the two-part urethane insert that improves the sound, feel, and speed of the ball. Its heel-to-toe weighted flanged mallet gives it an iconic shape.

Ball: Srixon Z Star XV

Golf Ball Srixon Z Star XV

Whereas Jonas Blixt WITB keeps Titleist Pro V1x, Mcdowell decides to go with Srixon Z Star XV ball. It targets golfers with high swing speeds.

The ball uses a thick urethane cover and a reformulated FastLayer inner core technique. Such a makeover produces a significant boost in the ball’s speed.

Further, it assumes the 338-speed dimple pattern with the dimples being slightly deep. And accordingly, that gives it an improved aerodynamic and boost in flight too.

Srixon has also invested Spin Skin technology in the ball. The technique effectively increases the spin and makes it easy to grab the ball since it sinks deeper into the grooves. As a result, the ball inspires confidence in every shot.


It’s only by matching his skills to the right golf clubs that Graeme has been able to register an impressive performance. Choosing the appropriate clubs will see you improve on distance, speed, and accuracy. Graeme Mcdowell WITB presents some of the clubs to help improve your performance.