Henrik Stenson WITB – What’s In The Bag of Henrik Stenson

A Swedish golfer, Henrik Stenson is currently a part of both the PGA Tour and European Tour. He made history for being the first Swedish male golfer to be a Nordic Major champion. While he has his techniques to thank for in his victories, it is undeniable that his equipment has also been a big help. That said, keep on reading and we’ll give you a look at Henrik Stenson WITB.

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Who is Henrik Stenson?

Who is Henrik Stenson?

Unlike many golfers who have been raised by a family of golfers, no one from the family of Stenson has been playing the sport. As a child, he has been playing mostly badminton and soccer. His first exposure to golf was through a friend who lives next to their house. He was 12 years old when he started taking golf seriously.

At 18 years old, Stenson was Sweden’s representative at the 1994 European Boys’ Team Championship. He has played many other tournaments as an amateur, including Italian Open Amateur Match Play and Telia Tour.

It was in 1998 when he turned professional. Since then, he had 21 professional wins, which include 11 at the European Tour, six at the PGA Tour, three at the Challenge Tour, and two at the Sunshine Tour. Aside from his tournament victories, he has also been bestowed several awards, such as Swedish Golfer of the Year and European Tour Golfer of the Year.

Henrik Stenson WITB

Henrik Stenson WITB

Over the years, most of what’s in the bag of Henrik Stenson are from Callaway. However, he made a couple of switches in his recent games, although most of his equipment are still from Callaway. This section will take you at a quick tour of what has been in his set-up.

Driver: Callaway Epic Max LS

Driver Callaway Epic Max LS

From Kevin Kisner WITB to Phil Mickelson WITB, Callaway is one of the most popular driver brands. For Stenson, his driver of choice is the Epic Max LS. It is built to meet the needs of low to mid handicappers, specifically those who are looking for better forgiveness, speed, and ball flight.

Like many of the drivers from Callaway, it has been designed with the help of artificial intelligence. This has been used for creating Jailbreak Speed Frame, which is a significant improvement from its previous Jailbreak technology. With this new innovation, the horizontal and torsional stability have been increased, which are known for delivering better ball speed.

The Flash Face is another feature made possible by artificial intelligence. It has a more expansive face, which has a positive impact on ball speed. The use of high-strength but lightweight titanium in the face is also beneficial, specifically for spin and forgiveness.

More so, it has a triaxial carbon cover, another innovation that has been exclusively developed by Callaway. Located in the toe and crown, it allows the driver to save as much as 13 grams of weight compared to using titanium. This material also allows the driver to have a higher moment of inertia and deeper center of gravity.

Fairway Wood: Callaway Diablo Octane

Fairway Wood Callaway Diablo Octane

Designed for distance, this is one of the best fairway woods manufactured by Callaway. From its construction to its technologies, it packs plenty of benefits that will meet the needs of expert players, such as Stenson.

One of the revolutionary features that you will find in this fairway wood is the Variable Face Thickness technology, making the club perfect even for aggressive players. It also increases the sweet spot, increasing the chances that the user will be hitting the ball, sending it to the intended direction.

More so, it has stainless steel and heat-treated construction, guaranteeing durability even after long-term use in harsh conditions. The material also makes the sound pleasant as soon as the ball is hit.

Iron: Callaway Legacy Black

Iron Callaway Legacy Black

Reflective of premium craftsmanship, this iron is well-loved by players like Stenson because of its precision. It has a compact design but a monster in terms of performance. One thing that contributes to the latter is the use of forged carbon steel. Not only that it is durable, such a material is also known for providing better distance and control to tour players.

To build this iron, the company used triple net forging. This innovative procedure helps in meeting the most precise dimensions.

The tight spacing of the grooves is also a plus. Consequently, this will provide players a better control of the iron.

Wedge: Callaway Mack Daddy 3

Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge

Similar to the wedge in Jim Furyk WITB, it is versatile enough to deliver superior performance in different conditions. The latter is possible because of the three grinds that are available, so there is something for every shot. The W-grind is slightly wide, which is recommended for soft conditions. On the other hand, the C-grind is a better option for firmer surfaces. Meanwhile, for the ultimate versatility, the S-grind is for playing in a wide array of surface conditions.

Aside from the grinds, this wedge is also well-loved because of the progressive groove optimization. You can choose from different lofts to optimize every spin.

Putter: Odyssey 2-Ball 10

Putter Odyssey 2-Ball

With its tour-proven design, it is a common option amongst seasoned players. The sleek head shape makes it well-loved by experts. This does not only improve the overall performance but also allows the putter to be more forgiving.

One of the most notable in this putter is the Stroke Lab Shaft. It is stiffer and lighter than the shaft of its predecessor, making the putter easy to control. To add, it also has a Micro-Hinge Star Insert. It has an immediate forward roll for enhancing speed and control.

Golf Ball: Titleist Pro V1x

Titleist Pro V1x

This is one of the most popular golf balls amongst tour players, and we are not surprised. It delivers total performance and a high flight. Some of the main features include the soft elastomer cover, 2.0 ZG process core, and tetrahedral dimple design. The combination of these technologies allows a higher trajectory and a softer feel, among other benefits.


With a look at Henrik Stenson WITB, you can see that most of his equipment are from Callaway. He has been loyal to the company through the years but has experimented with different clubs from the manufacturer.