How to Apply Lead Tape to Golf Clubs

The secret to a good golf game lies beyond techniques. Other factors come into play, and one of the most important is your golf club. It is not enough that it is from one of the best golf club brands. It should exhibit different characteristics, including adjustability.

Many of today’s clubs are advanced enough to offer options for customization. Meaning, they have an adjustable weighting system so you can tailor-fit the performance depending on what a shot requires. However, for older clubs without such adjustments, there is one solution – lead tape.

Find out how to apply lead tape to golf clubs in this guide. Aside from the steps, we’ll also share why doing so is a must.

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What is Lead Tape?

As the name implies, lead tape is a tape with lead as the main material. Since lead is one of the heaviest metals, expect that this tape is going to be heavy as well. The heaviness of the tape is the main reason why it makes a great addition to the top golf irons ever, or any other clubs that need adjustment.

Why Use Lead Tape on Golf Clubs

The main reason to use lead tapes on golf clubs is its adjustability, specifically in terms of changing the swing weight. It increases the weight so you can feel more heft after every swing. The exact way it changes the weight will depend in the length of lead tape that you will apply.

When you are using a lightweight club, the lead tape can help in making your shots straighter and further. This way, it is a great help for beginners who aren’t confident of the power of their swing. This makes it important if you are interested to learn how to increase golf club speed.

While changing swing weight is the most significant benefit, it can do other things. For instance, it can make the ball more square upon impact, increase loft, reduce fade, and raise trajectory.

Some people might be concerned about the legality of using lead tape, but there is no reason to worry. Even in professional tournaments, lead tape is allowed. No wonder, many tour players are also known for using lead tape on their winning clubs.

It Does Not Change Center of Gravity

A quick note about using lead tape – it does not impact the center of gravity. To be able to change the center of gravity, you need to move it at least a quarter of an inch to see significant change. Doing so will require too much lead tape, which isn’t realistic to be placed on a golf club.

How to Apply Lead Tape to Golf Clubs

Applying lead tape is pretty much straightforward. First, you need to lightly sand and clean the area. If it has dust or debris, the tape won’t properly sick. Cut the tape depending on the desired length. When ready, put it on the golf club and use what is needed. To change the club by one swing-weight point, you will need 4.5-inch lead tape.

Even if the lead tape is just a square inch, it can add up to 1.2 grams of weight on the club, which makes it influential of your swing weight. Use it with caution to enjoy the full benefits.

Knowing where to add the lead tape is also crucial to experience the full benefits. If you add it to the toe, it will reduce hook. Meanwhile, adding it to the heel can reduce slices. If you put it on the front of the sole, on the other hand, the tape will lower ball flight and reduce spin.

Below, we’ll give you a quick look at some of the most common clubs and pointers on how to use lead tape on them.


If you want extra forgiveness, then you should add the lead tape at the back of the driver. Positioning it at the sole plate can give extra height. Meanwhile, if you want to tape the toe, place it between the crown and the sole plate.

Fairway Woods

The good fairway woods for high handicappers will also benefit from adding a lead tape. The benefits will depend on where you put the tape. The best position is similar to what you did with the driver. With the lead tape on, it will be easier to control sidespin.


In a blade iron, lead tape is often applied at the middle portion for added weight. You can also put it on the heel or one to improve shot accuracy. Meanwhile, in cavity-backed irons, the lead tape is on the center of the club. You can also adjust the toe or heel depending on what you envision from the shot.


Add lead tape under the leading edge of the hybrid club. This will prevent flying too high. The ball flight will be more piercing but controlled.


In most cases, the lead tape is placed directly at the back of the wedge’s middle part. This will result in a heavier swing weight, which also positively impacts the ball flight. Some people also put lead tape at the lower part of the club, which is believed to help in increasing launch.


Even Tiger Woods has been using lead tape on his putter. You can place it on the sole if you want to be more square during a hit. Meanwhile, adding lead tape at the back of the clubhead’s middle part will help you putt harder on slower greens. You can also add it to the shaft if you want better tempo.


From changing golf club grips[how to change golf club grips] to installing golf club adapter[how to install golf club adapter], new golfers need to learn a lot of things. In this guide, however, we focused on applying lead tape to increase the swing weight of the golf club. As mentioned, adding lead tape is pretty straightforward. Start by cleaning the area, then you can proceed o sticking the tape depending on the size that you need.