10 Tips on How to Attach a Golf Bag to a Pull Cart

Golf bags nowadays have every feature necessary to make things easier for the users who usually just carry them from one location to another. One common aspect manufacturers typically improve is the set of straps attached to the bag, specifically made to be stronger yet more comfortable. However, there’s an easier way to transport the bag anywhere on the golf course without the need to drive or hold something heavy.

The key is to attach the golf bag to a portable cart mainly by utilizing the straps. But, since there are various bags and carts out there, the methods vary.

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Pull Cart vs Push Cart

There’s not much difference between pull carts and push carts. Aside from the obvious, which is the way they should be moved, another significant contrast has something to do with the wheels.

Trolleys, also known as pull carts, only have two wheels. On the other hand, to keep things smooth when pushing, push carts usually have three to four. Pull carts use the traditional design while push carts represent the modern variations.

Most golfers would agree that push carts are more convenient. However, since pull carts use fewer wheels, they’re generally more portable and storage-friendly.

Stand vs Tour vs Cart Bags

Stand Bag

This type of golf bag comes with at least two legs that are usually retractable so it can stand on its own and then help users transport or store it easily. Meanwhile, some legs can be removed from golf bags[how to remove legs from golf bag].

Stand bags are meant to be carried around, so it can be tricky to put them on any kind of cart. In fact, some of the best lightweight golf bags have stands.

Tour Bag

Tour bags aren’t meant to be carried all the time, but a lot of them are too big for carts. They’re technically the biggest golf bags, which makes them the most versatile as well.

Golfers can store almost anything inside the compartments of tour bags, although this also means a much heavier bag to carry. For example, top golf bags with coolers are mostly tour bags.

Cart Bag

What exactly makes a cart bag different from other variations? Its base has a non-slip surface, which is usually made of rubber, to ensure it will stick on the cart all the time. When it comes to size, it’s similar to stand bags, making it more compact compared to tour bags.

How to Attach a Stand Bag to a Pull Cart

  1. Lay the stand bag sideways to keep the legs from hitting the pull cart’s surface.
  2. If the pull cart has an adjustable space along the middle part, it can hold the legs just fine even when the straps are tightened and the bag isn’t placed sideways.
  3. When tightening the straps, make sure to wrap around the legs carefully to keep them from moving.
  4. If the stand bag isn’t long enough for the pull cart, put something flat and solid under its base to elevate it.

How to Attach Other Types of Golf Bags to a Pull Cart

  1. Use the bag’s handles to position the golf bag carefully on the pull cart.
  2. Shuffle the golf bag on the pull cart until balance is achieved even without the straps tightened just yet.
  3. Tie the straps around the bag’s base first (they’re usually Velcro so simply stick both ends together tightly).
  4. When tying the straps around the top half of the golf bag, make sure to let them pass through the handles for added security.
  5. If there’s a towel attached to the golf bag[how to attach towel to golf bag], it’s all up to the user’s preference to put the straps over or under it (depends on how frequent the golfer uses the towel).
  6. Test the golf bag’s stability by pushing and pulling the cart quickly for a few seconds.