How to Attach Rangefinder to Golf Bag: 5 Ways You Need to Know

One of the best inventions for golf enthusiasts is the rangefinder. That device can significantly help golfers improve their experience on the golf course. It’s so handy that it can be placed in pockets and attached to belts. But, sometimes, users prefer to attach rangefinders to the best golf stand bags they can buy to feel more comfortable when playing.

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Why Use Rangefinders When Golfing


A person can only improve their skills when it comes to golfing if they’re knowledgeable enough about loft and different types of golf clubs. They can learn more about those factors when they use rangefinders.

However, golfers need to ensure that their rangefinders are precise and convenient for better results. The device must have different settings available, a powerful zoom feature, and a reliable system to effectively measure distance.

Additionally, to guarantee an easier time choosing golf clubs, preparation should start at home. Building a golf bag organizer[how to build a golf bag organizer] can help players avoid hassle on the golf course.


With rangefinders, golfers don’t need to stay on the golf course all day anymore, especially when they’re training. Estimating distance manually can go on for hours in total, unlike when the player uses a measuring device that can process data automatically.

How to Attach Rangefinder to Golf Bag

  1. Attach a carabiner first to one of the handles of the golf bag to give the rangefinder something sturdy and secure to hang on to (most of the time, the device should stay in its case for added security).
  2. Other types of cords, especially the ones typically used for keys, can be used as an alternative to carabiners.
  3. If the rangefinder has its own loop or strap, it can be directly tied to a handle on the golf bag (although this can be a hassle to do, especially when the knot is too tight).
  4. The towel ring on golf bags, if any, can also be used for strapped rangefinders.
  5. If the rangefinder uses a magnet, removing and attaching it on zippers and other metallic parts of the golf bag will be so much easier despite not being 100% secure.

Other Types of Golf Rangefinders

Golf rangefinders that are usually attached to bags use lasers and they look like mini cameras. Other designs can be considered more convenient since they don’t need to be attached to something so bulky like golf bags, although there are a lot of good golf travel bags that are lighter and more compact.

GPS is the other common type of rangefinder. Devices under that category use the Global Positioning System through satellites to track distance. They’re generally in the form of wristwatches and mobile apps.

Wristwatches are obviously easier to use since the user can simply check the numbers while playing. No need to remove and clip a device repeatedly every time the golfer needs to know the distance.

When it comes to using mobile apps as rangefinders, it’s just a matter of knowing where to put the smartphone while golfing. If the phone fits perfectly in pockets, then the user is less likely to complain about bringing it on the golf course. On the other hand, bulkier phones can be inconvenient, especially if the player is wearing tighter pants.

Meanwhile, some golfers are contented just putting their rangefinders inside golf bag pockets. They should keep golf bags lighter[how to make your golf bag lighter], though. A crowded bag can easily damage devices.