5 Tips on How to Attach Towel to Golf Bag

Not everybody uses a towel when they’re on the golf course. However, it’s highly recommended that every golfer should have at least one towel with them for various reasons. Some players may not know where exactly to put it, though.

Read on to find out the most convenient ways to attach towels to golf bags.

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Why Use a Towel When Golfing

Sun Protection

Umbrellas are enough for some golfers when it comes to sun protection. But, sometimes, too much heat and sunlight can hurt the skin and eyes. One effective way to solve that is by covering exposed parts with a towel.

Sweat Control

Moisture from the hands can affect anyone’s game on the golf course. That’s why there should always be a towel nearby to keep the player’s hands dry when holding a golf club.

A towel is also useful for preventing drops of sweat from reaching the golf clubs. As long as it stays clean, it can be used to dry the face, neck, and arms.

Equipment Maintenance

Golf clubs and golf balls need to be cleaned all the time to ensure better performance and durability. Constant dirt, grime, and dust can deteriorate the quality of golfing equipment. Rangefinders attached to golf bags[how to attach rangefinder to golf bag] can also benefit from regular cleaning to make sure the user reads data correctly.

How to Choose the Best Towel for Golfing


The main purpose of any kind of towel is to absorb moisture from surfaces. However, some towels are noticeably heavier after absorbing a considerable amount of moisture. Nobody wants that on the golf course since playing the sport requires constant movement in a massive area.

Golf towels need to be very lightweight when dry. Another way to keep golf bags lighter is by using a towel that won’t absorb too much moisture. The level of absorbency must only be sufficient for cleaning equipment and drying sweat, nothing else.


A medium-sized towel is ideal for golfing. Too big, and it might touch the ground when attached to a golf bag. Too small, and it might not be enough to serve its purpose on the golf course.


Microfiber, cotton, nylon, and polyester are the common fabrics used for golf towels. Out of all the materials mentioned, though, microfiber is widely considered to be the best option.

That material doesn’t only clean surfaces effortlessly; it’s also extremely lightweight. It will remain lighter than other fabrics despite absorbing a significant amount of moisture. That’s because it dries out quickly.

How to Attach Towel to Golf Bag

  1. Hang the towel through the loop installed in the front part of the golf bag, if any (check other sides of the bag if there’s no loop in the front).
  2. Buy a metal or plastic loop that can be attached to golf bags if the bag doesn’t have one (even some of the best cheap golf bags under $100 still don’t include a loop).
  3. If the towel comes with its own loop, it can be attached to the golf bag through a carabiner or cord (this is perfect for a list of Sunday golf bags because they’re known for their minimalist design).
  4. Attach the towel anywhere you want, including the push or pull cart holding the golf bag[how to attach a golf bag to a pull cart], if it comes with a clip.
  5. If the towel has a hole in the middle (some golf towels are designed this way), let an umbrella or a random golf club inside the bag hold it.