How to Attach Umbrella to Golf Bag

One of the challenges of playing this sport is to endure the intense heat of the sun or the consequences of sudden rains on the golf course. Without proper protection, golfing can easily ruin someone’s day no matter how much they love the activity.

Sometimes, caps or hats aren’t enough. That’s why golfers should always bring an umbrella.

However, since that can be very inconvenient especially when it’s time to play, what are the different ways to attach umbrellas to golf bags? Also, can players use any kind of umbrella they want?

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Why Use an Umbrella for Golfing


While the main purpose of golf umbrellas is protection from different outdoor elements, they can be more interesting than that. The usual colorful designs of umbrellas intended for golfing are meant to enhance the visibility of the player’s spot whenever it gets dimmer outside.

No matter how small a golf ball is, it can still cause harm to anyone due to its speed and tough material. That’s why every golfer on the location should be aware of where players are standing all the time.


Compared to regular umbrellas, the ones specifically designed for golf are safer in general. For one, a golfer is less likely to get skin cancer because of the bigger shade provided by the larger canopy.

And, since golf umbrella shafts are typically made of fiberglass, the likelihood of lightning hitting a golfer through an umbrella is so too low.

How to Attach Umbrella to Golf Bag

Simply use the built-in connector for the umbrella, which is usually one big loop on the side with a string that can tighten the fit. The umbrella is typically exposed due to the lack of an actual compartment or pocket for it.

Unfortunately, based on a review of women’s golf bags as well as men’s, not all options out there have that type of feature. One efficient way without the risk of damaging golf clubs is to use a separate holder that can be attached to the top part of a trolley or cart.

For a much easier time, use top golf bags for push carts to avoid time-consuming preparations.

Moreover, individual umbrella holders should be adjustable and big enough to serve their purpose. They usually come with screws to ensure security even with constant adjustments.

Lastly, one of the best things about that kind of product is the golfer doesn’t need to fold or collapse the umbrella anymore. It can hold an open umbrella, which can be the main protection for the entire golf bag whether it’s sunny or rainy.

Just in case the changing weather conditions eventually make the bag smell bad, there are ways to remove mildew from golf bags[how to get mildew out of golf bag].

How Golfers Should Deal with Changing Weather

  1. Always wear a cap with a wide bill or visor as well as a pair of sunglasses to shield the eyes from the sun.
  2. Waterproofing golf bags[how to waterproof a golf bag] can protect equipment from sudden rains.
  3. Wear breathable clothes to minimize the effect of intense heat.
  4. Make sure to drink a sufficient amount of water for the entire session.
  5. Attach a large towel to the golf bag for hygiene, equipment maintenance, and overall protection.