How to Avoid Casting the Golf Club

Learning the fundamentals of golf isn’t easy. You need to practice many things and avoid basic mistakes. Among others, one that you should know how to stop is casting. The latter is a swing error that makes you swing over the top, resulting in an early release. It has a negative impact on the ball.

If you want to learn how to avoid casting the golf club, read on and learn from the tips we’ll be sharing. When complemented with the top golf clubs for intermediate players, you can expect a better outcome if you stop casting.

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Tips and Tricks on How to Avoid Casting the Golf Club

From how to increase golf club speed to how to swing a golf club like a baseball bat, there are lots of techniques you must master to become a better golfer. Below, however, our focus is on preventing casting, which will let you swing like a pro.

Use Your Lower Body

Aside from keeping the golf club in front of your body[how to keep the golf club in front of your body], it is also crucial that you are familiar with how to make the most of your lower body when swinging.

Limited or lack of movements of your lower body can make you cast the golf club. Be more flexible and learn how your lower body can contribute to your swing. Otherwise, when only your upper body is working, you will be throwing the golf club from the top. To use your lower body more, you need to strengthen your core, make your hips more flexible, and prevent ankle restrictions.

Hold the Golf Club Properly

Another easy way to avoid casting the golf club is to hold it properly. By grabbing the club the right way, you can make the most of the energy in every swing. If you are too stiff, there is a high likelihood of casting. Hence, you must loosen up a bit.

One exercise that you can do to improve the way you hold the golf club is known as the noodle drill. Keep your wrist loose, so that it will be more responsive of the swing. Swing the golf club to your back at the height of your waist. Do this with just the right speed. While using your wrist, do not forget to make the most of your upper and lower body as well.

Shift Your Angle to Your Right Forearm

As you would know by now, preventing casting is possible by having a good grip of the golf club. Another thing that you should so is to keep your angle in your right forearm. Do not straighten your right arm immediately after swinging.

Prevent casting by holding your right forearm and elbow’s angle a little more until releasing the ball. If you release too early, it is possible that you will be losing the momentum, which is also what will result in casting.


Even if you have good golf drivers for distance, they are useless when you have poor swinging techniques. To prevent the latter, you need to avoid casting. Such is possible by using your lower body, holding the golf club properly, and shifting your angle to your right forearm.