How to Become a Golf Club Tester

There are many ways to demonstrate your love for golf, even without being a player. For instance, you might want to consider being a golf club fitter[how to become a golf club fitter]. Being golf course manager is also another option. In this article, however, our focus is on becoming a golf club tester. Read on and find out how you can have one.

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What is a Golf Club Tester?

As the name implies, being a golf club tester means that you will have to physically test the clubs. This is an opportunity to experience using the best golf irons for high handicappers or top golf drivers for women, among other clubs.

More than using different golf clubs, the most important part of being a golf club tester is providing feedback. This means that you will need to give your opinion about the overall experience. This can help manufacturers improve their golf clubs. At the same time, it can also help players pick the best for them through real-life experience and genuine opinion that you are sharing.

How to Become a Golf Club Tester

The process to becoming a golf club tester is quite straightforward. The first thing to do is to go online and search for companies offering testing opportunities. Look at the websites of popular golf club manufacturers, such as Callaway.

Once you find a website, there is often a section that says Become a Tester. All that you have to do is to fill out the form. It will ask for your full name, address, and contact information, which are required so that they can ship the clubs to you.

Depending on the testing offer, you might also be asked to fill out what are the clubs that you are currently using. This way, they won’t send anything that is already in your bag.

Next, wait for the golf clubs that will be delivered to your address. Upon receipt, it may include instructions on how to test the clubs and how to provide feedback. Once you have tried the clubs, provide your honest opinion. This will let the manufacturer know the strengths and weakness of their clubs, and hence, they can improve accordingly.


From fitting golf clubs[how to fit golf club] to designing golf courses, you have many ways to enjoy golf as a sport aside from being a player. In this article, however, we focused on being a golf club tester. You can find many opportunities online, including those that are offered by golf club manufacturers. As a tester, you will provide feedback, which can help companies in improving their clubs.