How to Bend Golf Clubs Lie Angle at Home

From the best Callaway irons to the top TaylorMade drivers, you can consider various tricks to optimize performance of golf clubs. In most cases, you can do such even at home. It won’t require too much effort and time to transform the clubs and elevate your game.

Among others, one of the best things that you can do is to bend golf clubs lie angle at home. It can be intimidating for beginners, but if you know the steps, the process is straightforward. Read on and learn how to do it like a pro.

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What is a Golf Club Lie Angle?

One of the most important things in golf is your swing. When learning how to swing a golf club as a beginner[how to swing a golf club for beginners], go beyond techniques. You need to understand the fundamentals, such as the lie angle of a golf club.

In a nutshell, the lie angle in a golf club is the angle between the shaft and the ground when you position the golf club upon address. When the lie angle is right, you can hit the ball more accurately, sending it exactly on the direction where you want it to be.

When the golf club is too upright upon impact, the ball will move to the left of your target. On the other hand, if the golf club is too flat, the ball will be traveling to the right of the target.

How to Bend Golf Clubs Lie Angle at Home

You can adjust the golf club in many ways. For instance, you can do so by changing golf club heads[how to change golf club heads] to optimize performance. Alternatively, you can also change the lie angle. You can do the latter even at home.

Invest in a Golf Loft Machine

The most important thing that you will need is a golf loft machine. It is a must-have investment if you want to customize your golf clubs, making sure that the lie angle is at par with your preference. It is essential for measuring and bending golf clubs.

Know the Lie Angle

Before you proceed, you must know the exact lie angle that you want for the golf club. There is no internationally recognized lie angle. The right choice will depend on several factors, such as the specific brand and model of the club that you have.

You will need to measure the current lie angle of the golf club that you will be adjusting. This will let you know the extent of the bending that you will need to do. Put the club on the machine by putting the shaft plate against the club’s shaft. Note the reading of the loft and lie angle.

Use the Bending Bar

After taking the necessary measurement, you can now bend the loft using the bending bar. The latter is what will be doing the magic trick as it bends the loft to the desired angle. You will need enough strength to exert the necessary pressure. Otherwise, the lie angle will not bend as it should. Nonetheless, you should not be pushing the bending bar too hard as it can exceed the lie angle that you are eyeing.

Measure the Lie Angle

After using the bending bar, you will need to once again measure the lie angle. See to it that it is exactly the angle that you want. Otherwise, you will need to repeat using the bending bar until you reach the right angle.


Bending golf clubs to change the lie angle is an easy task that you can do at home. You will need a golf loft machine to do this. Measure the lie angle and use the bending bar to modify the loft as needed. Measure again, and if it is still not the right angle, repeat using the bending bar.