How to Blacken Golf Clubs

Picking a golf club to use in your next game entails the need to look at different factors. For instance, some might prefer those that are from the top golf club brands. Others, meanwhile, would find those that suit their playing styles. Meanwhile, there are also players who would like to base on appearance. With this, some might have an inexplicable preference for black golf clubs.

Thinking of what to do with old golf clubs? You can still salvage them and make them look good as new. This is possible by blackening the club. Read on as we share how you can do so.

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How to Blacken Golf Clubs

Whatever your purpose is, blackening a golf club does not have to be difficult. From the best Callaway irons to the top TaylorMade drivers, there is something appealing with the color black. With this, follow the steps below and you can blacken your clubs quickly and like a pro.

Smoothen the Surface

Like when painting golf clubs[how to paint a golf club], the first thing that you need to do is to make the surface smoother. This will let you get rid of the nicks and dings. Plus, this will make sure that whatever you will apply later on will have a powerful grip on the surface.

While you can do sanding to smoothen the surface, a better alternative is sand blasting. It utilizes air pressure for propelling fine and abrasive media to create a uniform and smooth finish.

Apply a Cleaner/Degreaser

Now that the surface is smooth, you can apply a cleaner or degreaser. You will find many commercial products that are meant for blackening golf clubs, such as those from Birchwood Casey. Apply on the golf club using cotton buds. Once you have covered the area that you would like to blacken, rinse in cold water and dry with paper towels.

Apply Liquid Gun Blue

Another product from Birchwood Casey, Liquid Gun Blue is a part of their cleaning kit that is designed for touching up and re-bluing guns. You can use it even in golf clubs. While the name says blue, when applied, it looks black, so this is what we will be using in this tutorial. Use cotton buds to apply the product on the golf club. Apply liberally and exert enough pressure to spread it evenly. As it settles, it will make the golf club blacker. You can also use a stainless steel darkener for this process.

Let It Dry

Next, wait for the putter to dry. This will take anywhere from ten to 15 minutes. During this process, there is a chemical reaction that coats the surface, which will also protect it against rust and other superficial damages.

Finish by Bead Blasting

After the clubs are dry, you will need to bead blast them again. This will make the surface smoother. Expect the shade to be a lot lighter. This process is necessary to improve the appearance and protective properties.


Give your old golf clubs a more modern look              ! Do not throw them away as you see nicks and dings. Instead, follow the things mentioned above to blacken the putter, which will make it more beautiful and playable.