How to Build a Golf Club Storage Rack

From the best golf irons for mid-handicappers to the top 60-degree wedges, you probably have a selection of multiple clubs in your set-up. While you can keep them in a bag, some people prefer having them in a rack at home instead. If that’s the case, then you can venture in an easy and quick DIY project. Read on and we’ll share some tips on how it can be done.

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How to Build a Golf Club Storage Rack

Organizing golf clubs in the garage[how to organize golf clubs in garage] does not have to be a burden. Here’s a quick guide on how you can build a simple rack, which makes your clubs easily accessible. They do not have to scatter all over the place when you have a single place to keep them.

Find a Spot

The first thing to do is to find a location in the garage or anywhere in your home where you would like to put the rack. Choose a place that isn’t crowded and easy to access, so it will be effortless to grab the club when you are good to go. It should also be away from direct heat, moisture, and leaks to prevent premature damage to the golf clubs.

Prepare the Materials

Once you found the perfect spot, gather the materials that you will need. Some of the must-haves are plywood, saw, drill, nail gun, wood glue, and wood stain. There can be additional materials, which will depend on the type and size of rack you will make. More so, some people might want to consider an alternative for wood if they prefer another rack material.

Draw the Layout

Cut the wood depending on the size of the rack that you want. Once done, draw the layout on the surface. This will require a bit of creativity. If you are not into DIY projects, you can try researching for layouts online. Consider several things, such as the number of golf clubs that you will be storing in the rack and the amount of space available in the garage.

Cut the Plywood

With the layout done, it is time to cut the board into the shape and size that you want the rack to be. You can use a regular saw or jigsaw to do this, depending on the shape and extent of cutting that you need to do.

Attach the Plywood

After cutting the pieces, it is time to put them together. This should be easy if you have a clear visualization of how you want the output to be. Use a glue to put them on the wall and make the puzzle whole. If you want a stronger connection, you can also screw them on the wall.

Arrange Your Golf Clubs

Similar to organizing golf clubs in a bag[how to organize golf clubs in bag], make sure that they are in proper places in a rack. Group them by type, such as whether they are putter or irons. It is also good to arrange by height so that they look neat.


Building a golf club storage rack is an easy DIY task for those who have the time and effort to spare. It is a great addition to your garage, providing a safe and neat space to keep your golfing essentials.