How to Carry Golf Clubs on a Motorcycle

Bringing your golf clubs around requires a careful consideration of the best method possible. You can carry your golf clubs on a bike[how to carry golf clubs on a bike] if you do not mind exerting manual effort pedaling. Otherwise, you can also carry it on a motorcycle. The latter is a better option for longer distances, such as when you are golfing out of town.

From safety to comfort, you need to learn how to carry golf clubs on a motorcycle. If you do not do it properly, there is a high risk of damaging the golf clubs. Worse, you might end up in an accident!

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How to Carry Golf Clubs on a Motorcycle

If you have the best golf wedges for mid handicappers, top fairway woods for high handicappers, or any other golf clubs, it is crucial that you handle and move them with caution. For those who wish to move them around in a motorcycle, below are some of the options that are worth considering.

Carry a Bag

One of the easiest solutions is to bring a bag that you will strap on your back. Choose specialty bags that are made specifically for golf clubs. Find a bag with thick straps, making sure that it is secure throughout your ride.

If you opt for this method, then you should know how to organize golf clubs in bag. Group similar golf clubs, such as drivers, putters, and irons. The bag should have partitions, which will prevent damage. Proper weight distribution is also necessary.

While it is an effective way to carry golf clubs, it is also dangerous. The weight at your back might cause you to lose balance, especially if you do not have a strong upper body. It is most dangerous when you are on rugged terrains or curves.

Install a Rack

For a safer way to transport golf clubs in a motorcycle, consider installing a rack. If you often haul cargo, then this is a practical idea. While you can buy ready-made racks, you can also have it customized to suit your preferences.

However, even when there is a rack, you will still need a bag. The bag will then be strapped on the rack, so you can carry it to your destination. See to it that the rack is rigid enough, so that it can support the weight of the clubs. Choose a rack that is made of a strong material to ensure its reliability.

Build a Golf Side Car

This is the most expensive option when carrying golf clubs in a motorcycle, but also the most efficient if you have to bring a lot. Nonetheless, it only works best when you are transporting the golf clubs in shorter distances since you cannot drive a motorcycle with side car in many public roads, especially highways.

You will need to work with a pro to customize a side car. Some are big enough to carry not just golf clubs but also passengers. It works like a golf cart, except that it is often smaller, and hence, has a minimal capacity.


If you want to carry your golf clubs in a motorcycle, you have three options. The first is to carry it in a golf bag strapped on your back, but it can be dangerous and uncomfortable, especially when heavy. The second is to build a custom rack, which will provide a safe place to hold the golf bag as you travel. The third is by installing a side car, which is also the most expensive but will let you carry a lot of golf clubs at a time, or even a passenger depending on the size of the side car.