How to Change Golf Club Grips

The overall construction of a golf club impacts its performance. Among others, one of the most important is the grip, which is also what most people ignore. For the best outcome in every swing, you need top-notch grip that is easy and comfortable to hold.

If you are clueless about how to change golf club grips, we got you covered! The best golf irons for the money, top fairways woods for high handicappers, and other clubs in your set up are prone to wear over time. Keep them in their peak by changing the golf clubs when necessary. Not to mention, this is a great way to customize the golf clubs in such a way that it will meet your exacting preferences.

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How to Change Golf Club Grips

Whether you are refurbishing golf club grips[how to refurbish golf club grips] to make it newer or you want to make it more comfortable, here’s how you can do it like a pro. While many may instantly run to a golf club store and pay someone to do the job, you can save money if you do it yourself.

Take Off the Old Grips

Before you can put new grips on a golf club, you will first have to remove the old one. To do this, start by cleaning the surface. The cleaner it is, the easier it is to remove the original grip. Once it is cleaned, lock it in a vice, which will make it easier to work on the clubs. This is not necessary but having a vice is good to make the grip more stable.

With the golf club now in position, hold a cutter or utility knife in your dominant hand. Cut lengthwise but without penetrating too deep. The goal is to cut through the top material but not on the steel. Pry the grip open and exert force to peel until it is completely off the golf club.

Prepare the Surface

After taking off the old grip, do not immediately proceed into attaching the new one. Instead, you should take the time to clean and prepare the area. This will make sure that the new grip will have a stronger attachment point. Otherwise, it might easily peel throughout the use of the club.

Once the area is clean, apply a double-sided tape. This will provide stronger adhesion, making sure that the new grip will have a strong foundation. Apply grip solvent on the top of the tape. Turn the golf club around so you can cover the entire area.

Apply New Grip

When you are done applying the grip solvent, you are ready to put the new grip on the golf club. Put the open end of the grip on the golf club and pull until it has fully covered the area. Pulling it should be smooth and easy because of the solvent. Turn the grip until it is aligned. It is best to leave the golf club a full day, giving the glue the chance to settle. If you use it immediately, you will end up with a loose grip.


Elevate your golf game with clubs that are working in mint condition. Start by removing grip tape[how to remove grip tape from golf club] by prying it open using a cutter or utility knife. Pull the adhesive, clean the surface, and apply solvent. Pull the new grip and leave it a day to settle.