How to Change Golf Club Length

Investing in top-notch golf equipment is a must-have to elevate your game. No wonder, people spend on the top blade irons or best driver shafts to be better. Nonetheless, even if you have the most expensive clubs, they are not enough. One of the most important is to match it to your specific requirements. With this, you should know how to change golf club length.

Shortening or lengthening a golf club will alter its in-game characteristics, making it an important part of customization. You might have also been gifted a club that does not suit your preference, so you should know how to modify the length. Read on and learn from the tips we’ll share.

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How to Change Golf Club Length

Whether you want to make your golf club shorter or longer, here is a quick guide on how you can do it right. Even at home, you can modify your golf club to unleash it full performance based on player-specific needs.

Making Your Golf Club Shorter

By shortening a golf club, you are reducing the length of the shaft. This is common amongst people who are short and have clubs that are too long for their height. Additionally, it is also a must if you want to make your golf club lighter.

  1. Start by removing the grip tape from the golf club[how to remove grip tape from golf club]. You can use a utility knife or cutter to cut the grip from the top. Pry it open and peel until it is out of the shaft.
  2. Measure the shaft from one tip to the other. The measurement should match the size that you want. Use a marker to identify the length that you desire.
  3. Cut the shaft at the length you have marked. Use a hacksaw or any kind of saw that is strong enough to penetrate the material of the shaft. Use a clamp or vise to keep the club in a stable position while you are cutting. Make sure that you are cutting from a single direction, which will make the cut more even.

Making Your Golf Club Longer

On the other hand, if your golf club is too short, you can make it longer, especially if you are tall. This is a bit more complicated than shortening the golf club, but it is one task that you can also do yourself.

  1. The first thing to do is to take the grip off, which is the same with what we talked about above.
  2. Prepare the shaft extension. This is basically a tube that you will use to extend the length of your golf club.
  3. Use a hacksaw to cut the shaft extension. Put it in a clamp or vise to make it more stable as you cut.
  4. Put the extension on the original shaft. This is the most important step, so proceed with caution. You will need a glue or epoxy on both ends. Wipe the excess glue and let it dry.
  5. With the extension already attached, the next step is to apply the new grip. This will give your hand a comfortable place to grab the shaft.


There are tons of options for customizing golf clubs to suit your preferences and playing style. For instance, you can change golf club swing weight[how to change golf club swing weight] or change golf club length[how to change golf club length]. Above, however, our focus was on changing golf club length. You can cut the shaft to make it shorter or sue a shaft extension if you want it longer.