How to Change Golf Club Shaft

As a golf enthusiast, you can do many DIY tasks to customize your golf clubs to suit your preferences. From changing golf club swing weight[how to change golf club swing weight] to changing golf club grips[how to change golf club grips], you can explore various options for personalization. In this short guide, however, our focus is on how to change golf club shaft.

Re-shafting is done for numerous reasons. For instance, it is a great way to save an old golf club. By changing a damaged shaft, you do not need to buy a new golf club. At the same time, it is also for making it lighter or heavier, depending on what suits your playing style. Regardless, read on and we’ll walk you through the things to do to change a golf shaft.

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How to Change Golf Club Shaft

Whether it is for good golf clubs for tall men or top golf drivers for seniors, there are several instances that warrant re-shafting. If there is a need for the latter, you do not need to pay a pro to do the job. You can do it yourself by following the steps mentioned below.

Clamp the Golf Club

It is easier to work on a golf club if you are not holding it. It will leave your hands free to do the re-shafting. Hence, it is best if you have a vise wherein you will clamp the golf club. As a result, it will be in a more stable position.

Remove the Club Head

Once the golf club is in position, take the head of the golf club off. This can be quite difficult, especially if the golf club is old. The deposits inside can make it harder to pull. It is a good idea to use a torch to heat the hosel for about 30 seconds. With your gloves on, twist the head of the golf club and pull.

Measure the New Shaft

With the hosel out, now is the time to measure the length of the new shaft. Once you know the measurement, cut it to the desired length. Make sure that it is appropriate to your height. It is best if you can physically try the shaft to see if you are comfortable playing at its length.

Clean the Hosel

Before putting the new shaft, clean the hole of the hosel. You can use a hard wire or a cotton bud to remove any deposit inside. This will remove the excess epoxy, which will be an easier job when you do it if it is still warm.

Insert the New Shaft

Apply epoxy or glue on the tip of the new shaft. Insert it on the hosel. Rotate it from the left to the right, which will distribute the adhesive and ensure a stronger bond. Let it dry overnight and remove the club from the vise. You are now ready to use your golf club with a new shaft.


Changing a golf club shaft is an easy task. As mentioned above, you need to clamp it in a vise to make it more stable. Heat the hosel, remove, and clean. Once ready, apply adhesive to the tip of the shaft, insert on the hosel, and let it dry.