How to Change Golf Club Swing Weight

Golf is a technical sport, which can be overwhelming for many. From calculating MOI of a golf club[how to calculate MOI of a golf club] to measuring golf club speed[how to measure golf club speed], you will need to learn a lot of things. However, in this quick guide, we will focus on swing weight, specifically how you can change it to suit your preferences and playing style.

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What is Swing Weight?

Before we delve into the specifics, let us first talk about the basics of swing weight, including its importance in a golf game.

To put it simply, swing weight refers to how heavy a golf club feels when you are swinging. It was invented in the 1920s as a way for players to accurately describe how a golf club feels. A special balance scale is used for determining the swing weight of a golf club. The measurement is stated in a combination of letters and numbers. The first figure is a letter from A to F. Meanwhile, the second figure is a number from zero to 9. A0 is the lightest swing weight possible. On the other hand, F9 is the heaviest.

Swing weight is important for your in-game performance. When it is too heavy, it is more difficult to swing and it can put unnecessary strain on your wrist. On the other hand, when it is too light, it might lack the power that is necessary for every swing. Hence, if you feel that the swing weight of your golf club is too heavy or too light, you might want to change it.

How to Change Golf Club Swing Weight

Whether you have the best blade irons or top affordable golf drivers, changing the swing weight is a must to customize its performance based on your needs. It can be an easy DIY task by following the tips mentioned below.

Add Lead Tape

Applying lead tape to a golf club[how to apply lead tape to golf clubs] is one of the easiest ways to adjust its swing weight. A lead tape is dense and has an adhesive backing, which can significantly change the dynamics of your golf club when applied the right way.

You can find lead tapes in various sizes, but the most popular to use in a golf club is .5 inch. By adding one-inch of this size, you can change the swing weight of a golf club by up to .5 grams. One of the best places to put a lead tape in a golf club is at the top portion. It adds weight while also improving control. Plus, it can lower the loft. If possible, do not apply lead tape under the head of the golf club. This can rub on the surface when you hit, which can affect your swing and can also easily peel over time.

Add Lead Powder

Similar to lead tape, lead powder is another exceptional option for changing your golf club’s swing weight. This will add weight inside the golf club instead of outside. This also means that it won’t affect the external appearance of the golf club and you won’t have to worry about peeling, especially with excessive use.

To add lead powder, start by removing the grip on the top of the handle. If it is not removable, you will need to drill a hole. Once it is open, put lead powder inside. The amount of lead powder to use will depend on the extent of weight adjustment that you need for a golf club. Put the lead powder in a small container and measure on a scale. Use two grams for every one size change in the swing weight. Slide a funnel into the shaft’s opening and pour the lead powder.

Change the Shaft

Changing the golf club shaft[how to change golf club shaft] is another common solution for adjusting the swing weight. You can find one that is lighter or heavier depending on the weight change that you are looking forward to. it is more demanding in terms of time and effort compared to the two solutions mentioned above. Not to mention, it can also be more expensive.

To change the golf club shaft, you will need a vise, which will keep the club stable as you work. Use a torch to heat the hosel, making it easier to remove. With gloves on, twist the head and pull. You might need to reapply more heat if it is difficult to remove. Clean the inside of the hosel. Apply adhesive around the end of the shaft and insert on the hosel. Let it dry. When doing this, make sure to weigh the shaft, so that it will be in accordance to the swing weight that you need.


As mentioned above, some of the best ways to change the swing weight of a golf club include applying lead tape, adding lead powder, and changing the shaft. These are simple tasks that can change the dynamics of your golf club to ensure a more powerful performance in your next game. You do not need to buy new clubs or pay a pro to do it for you!