How to Check Golf Club Loft at Home

Golf clubs are designed to meet the demands of every player. Its technical specifications are crucial for ensuring its top performance. Among others, one of the most important things to know is the loft. Like with calculating the MOI of a golf club[how to calculate MOI of a golf club] and measuring golf club speed[how to measure golf club speed], knowing the golf club loft will make you a better player. Read on and find out how you can do so.

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How to Check Golf Club Loft at Home

The loft measures how high you can hit a ball with the golf club. A lower loft means that the ball will travel at a lower angel compared to how it will perform with a higher loft. From the best golf irons for mid handicappers to the top golf drivers for distance, here is a quick guide for measuring loft at home. It can be quite tricky for those without the experience, but with a bit of patience, you can easily do so.

Gather Your Tools

While it is possible to measure the golf club loft using a protractor, we strongly advise against doing so. It can be cheap, but the problem is that it can be inaccurate. The best tool to have is a golf club lie and loft device. This is a great investment for people who often tinker with their golf clubs to make it attuned to their preferences and playing style. Get your pen and paper ready as well for listing down the measurement.

Put the Golf Club on a Flat Surface

For the most accurate measurements, it is important that you position the golf club on a flat surface. Otherwise, the figures are skewed and unreliable. For a square set-up, it is best if you will measure the golf club on the top of a table.

Insert the Shaft on the Gauge

With the golf club now on a stable position, insert the shaft on the lie and loft gauge. It should sit securely on the device. The clubface must also be square. Chances are, the device comes with a manual that contains pictures of how you must position the golf club. Follow what the instruction says. Some gauges will have a sort of indicator, which will let you know that the golf club is in the right position.

Take the Measurement

At this point, you are now ready to note the measurements on the device. You will also see the lie angle. Between the two, the loft is usually a higher number.


In sum, the best way to check the golf club loft angle at home is to invest in a lie and loft machine. This can be quite expensive, but for serious golfers it is a great investment. Such will help you improve the technical performance of your golf clubs to elevate the overall golfing experience. To get the most accurate measurements, the most important is to position the golf club on a flat surface.