How to Check Golf Club Serial Number

As a golfer, you have a lot of things to learn about golf clubs. For instance, you should know how to blacken golf clubs if you want to customize its appearance or save it from old age. Meanwhile, you must learn how to clean golf clubs at home to keep it in its peak condition. In this guide, however, our focus is on checking golf club serial number. Read on and find out where you should be looking at.

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Why Check the Serial Number

The most common reason why you should take the time to look at the serial number is to verify the authenticity of the golf clubs. It should match the pattern of the manufacturer. Otherwise, it is a sign that it is fake. Nonetheless, as you would learn later on, there are some golf clubs that do not contain serial numbers. That does not instantly mean that they are fake.

How to Check Golf Club Serial Number

Checking the serial number depends on the manufacturer of the golf club and the type of golf club itself. For instance, if you have the best Callaway irons, you can see the serial number on the heel or hosel. Nonetheless, it is only found on the 8-iron. All other irons do not have a serial number. For drivers, hybrids, and fairway woods, the serial number is on the heel. The 3-wood does not have a serial number.

Meanwhile, if you have top TaylorMade drivers, you can find the serial number at the back of the hosel. The same is the location for the drivers and fairways. Nonetheless, the putters and wedges will not have serial numbers on any part.

For Mizuno irons, you will find the serial number on the hosel. It will be lasered, but usually small. If the serial number is too large, then you can take it as a sign that you have a fake Mizuno club.

Like most of the golf clubs, the serial number in Ping irons are printed on the hosel. For woods, you can find the serial number near the section that indicates the degree of loft.


In sum, you can check the serial number of a golf club by looking at its heel or hosel. The specific location can differ from one manufacturer to another. There are even some golf clubs without a serial number, but that does not mean that it is a counterfeit product.