How to Clean Golf Club Covers

Whether it is the best golf irons for high handicappers or the top golf wedges for mid handicappers, your golf clubs need thorough care and maintenance. Among others, one of the best ways to protect them against dust and dirt is to use golf club covers. Over time, however, these covers also become dirty. Hence, you need to know how to clean them like a pro. Keep on reading and learn from the tips we’ll share in this short guide.

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How to Clean Golf Club Covers

Like with cleaning a golf club[how to clean a golf bag], cleaning golf club covers is an easy process. It will take only a few minutes of your time.

Use Soap and Water

The most basic way to clean a golf club cover is to use warm water and mild soap. Choose a soap that is free of chemicals and other harsh ingredients that can damage the material of the cover. Put the soap and water in a spray bottle. Alternatively, you can also fill a bucket with the cleaning solution and put the golf club covers in. Leave them for a few minutes, which will let the dirt dissolve. Once done, rinse and dry.

Use a Washing Machine

If you do not like the manual work, or if you have a lot of golf club covers to clean, it is best to use a washing machine. Most covers will be machine-washable, so you need not worry about the potential damage. However, make sure to choose the gentle or delicate cycle, which will minimize the chances of damaging the covers. Like the cleaning process above, you should also use mild soap.

Use a Leather Cleaner

Leather is a delicate material, so it requires a more thorough approach when cleaning. Putting it in a washing machine can result in premature wear. The best thing to do is to use a commercially available leather cleaner. This is the same cleaner that you use in car seats or upholstery. It often comes in the form of a spray that you will need to wipe. Refer to the specific instructions from the manufacturer and follow such religiously.

Dry Thoroughly

Do not use the golf club head covers immediately after cleaning. Instead, wait until they are dry. Do not dry them directly under the heat of the sun since it can result in discoloration. The best practice is to leave it in an open air area overnight so that it will dry naturally.

Clean the Clubs Before Using the Covers

Before using the covers again, make sure that you also clean the golf clubs. Cleaning golf clubs at home[how to clean golf clubs at home] is an easy and quick process that almost anyone can do. If you do not clean the golf clubs, the dirt will transfer on the head cover, which means that everything that you have done is useless.


Golf club covers can accumulate dust and dirt over time. Keep them clean by doing the things mentioned above. You can clean the covers manually using soap and water or a leather cleaner. Alternatively, you can also put them in a washing machine and clean using delicate or gentle cycle.