How to Clean Golf Clubs at Home

Even if you have the best golf irons for high handicappers or top golf drivers for distance, they will be prone to wear over time. Proper maintenance is important to maintain its peak performance, even with regular use. If you want to know how to clean golf clubs at home like a pro, read on. Keeping it clean will make it look and work like new. Not to mention, you can also save money since you won’t need to buy new golf clubs.

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How to Clean Golf Clubs at Home

Like cleaning a golf bag[how to clean a golf bag], cleaning golf clubs is an easy process. Here’s what you can do to make them shine.

Gather Your Materials

To make things easier, get your materials ready before you start cleaning. Of course, you will need the golf clubs that you will clean. Also, prepare a bucket or deep container, mild soap, water, and clean cloth.

Prepare a Soapy Solution

Fill a bucket with warm water and mild soap. Mix until you can see the suds form. The depth of the water in the bucket should be enough to submerge the head. The soap and water combination will help in loosening dirt, making it easy to remove as you clean.

Take note that the water should not go beyond the hosel. If it reaches the shaft, it can trigger rust and corrosion and can inevitably damage the shaft.

Give the Clubs a Quick Initial Clean

Before submerging the clubs, give it a quick clean, especially if there are thick deposits that you can remove easily. You can use a wire brush to get rid of the debris. This way, the remaining dirt will be thicker and easier to dissolve.

Soak the Clubs

Now, you are ready to place the clubs in the bucket with warm water and soap. Submerge the head of the clubs and leave them for five to ten minutes. This should be more than enough for the dirt to soften.

Brush the Grooves

It is not enough that you leave the golf clubs in the water. While it will loosen dirt, some will still remain, so it is best to grab a brush and scrape the surface. Grooves are packed with mud and caked dirt that water and soap alone cannot get rid of.

Clean the Shaft and Grips

Now that you have taken care of the head, clean the shaft and grip. Get a clean and moist towel. Use it to wipe the shaft from the top to the bottom. If there is rust, then you can use a commercially available rust remover and follow the instructions from the manufacturer.

At times, however, cleaning the grip won’t suffice. If it is dirty or old and beyond saving, then you should refurbish golf club grips[how to refurbish golf club grips] instead.

Dry the Clubs

Once you are done cleaning, it’s time to dry the clubs. Wipe them from the top to bottom with a clean cloth. No need to dry the clubs under the sun. After wiping, organize the golf clubs in a bag[how to organize golf clubs in bag] and keep in a cool place until you use them.


Cleaning golf clubs is an easy DIY task that you can do at home. At the most basic, you will need a bucket, warm water, mild soap, and clean cloth. If there is rust and corrosion, then you might need to use a rust remover. Do not just focus on the head. Make sure that you clean the shaft and grip as well. Keep them in a bag to protect against dirt and dust until you are ready to play again.