How to Cut Down Golf Clubs for Juniors

Even at a young age, kids can enjoy golf. To make the little ones love the game better, make sure that they have the right equipment. From the top affordable golf drivers to the best blade irons, they need special clubs. In most instances, you will need to customize the golf clubs depending on the height of the user.

To make sure that the kids will have the right equipment, you need to know how to cut down golf clubs for juniors. Read on and we’ll teach you how to minimize the club’s length at home.

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How to Cut Down Golf Clubs for Juniors

Give your kids the golf clubs that they deserve. The ones for adults are too long for them, and hence, they might have difficulty swinging. Below is a quick step-by-step guide on how you can do so.

Start with Determining the Length

When changing golf club length[how to change golf club length] for juniors, one of the most important is to identify how short or long it will be. This will depend on the age or height of the user. Once you know the length, use a marker to identify the tip, so you will know where you will cut.

Determining the length of the junior’s clubs isn’t a simple guesswork. See the list below for the recommended length of different clubs for juniors depending on their height:

  • 36”: Driver – 26”, 3 Wood – 25”, 5 Iron – 22”, Putter – 20.5”
  • 38”: Driver – 26”, 3 Wood – 25” , 5 Iron – 23”, Putter – 21.5”
  • 40”: Driver – 28”, 3 Wood – 27”, 5 Iron – 24”, Putter – 22”
  • 42”: Driver – 31”, 3 Wood – 30”, 5 Iron – 27”, Putter – 23.5”
  • 44”: Driver – 33”, 3 Wood – 32”, 5 Iron – 28”, Putter – 24.5”
  • 46”: Driver – 34”, 3 Wood – 33”, 5 Iron – 29”, Putter – 25.5”
  • 48”: Driver – 35”, 3 Wood – 34”, 5 Iron – 30”, Putter – 27”
  • 50”: Driver – 36”, 3 Wood – 35”, 5 Iron – 31”, Putter – 28”
  • 52”: Driver – 36”, 3 Wood – 35”, 5 Iron – 31”, Putter – 28”
  • 54”: Driver – 37”, 3 Wood – 36”, 5 Iron – 32”, Putter – 29”
  • 56”: Driver – 38”, 3 Wood – 37”, 5 Iron – 33”, Putter – 30”

Position the Golf Club

Next, put the golf club in a stable position. Do not hold it while cutting. Instead, it is good to have a vise, which will grip the golf club, so none of your hands will be holding it. This way, it is not only more stable, but you can also be more focused on the cutting part.

Take the Grip Out

The next step is removing grip tape from the golf club[how to remove grip tape from golf club]. This will reveal the main material of the shaft, which also makes it easier to cut. Start by using a utility knife to cut from one end until the other tip. Peel the tape. You might need to exert a bit of force since it is glued in the shaft.

Cut the Golf Club

Next, start cutting the club. You can use a hacksaw to do this. The reason why you should clamp the club instead of holding it is to make the cut more precise while giving your hand the freedom to move. When cutting, use a consistent motion.

Wrap with a Grip Tape

Once you are done cutting the junior’s golf club at the desired length, it is time to wrap it with the new grip tape. This is an important procedure to protect the inner material from wear. More so, it will also make the golf club more comfortable to hold and will optimize its performance.


Cutting golf clubs for juniors is a must to ensure the right length depending on the height of the user. This is an easy task, which will require a vise grip for keeping the club stable and a hacksaw for cutting. Once you are done, add a grip tape to make it more comfortable to hold.