How to Display Golf Clubs

If you want to show off your drivers, irons, wedges, and putters from the top golf club brands, read on and we’ll talk about some of the best ways to display them at home. For those who are sentimental and would rather keep than discard old golf clubs, you have different options to show off your golf clubs.

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How to Display Golf Clubs

While you can organize golf clubs in a bag[how to organize golf clubs in bag] and keep them hidden, you can make them more presentable by doing the things mentioned below.

Wall Rack

One of the most practical ways of displaying golf clubs is through a wall rack. It is space-efficient and simple. You can install the rack yourself, and the best thing is that it is cost-efficient.

With this option, all that you will need to do is to install the rack on the wall. The best choice is to drill it with bolts and screws. Using adhesive is not recommended because the golf clubs are heavy, which can cause the rack to collapse.

A wall rack can be made of different materials, and one of the most common is stained wood. It can also be made of metal, if you want it to have the same material as the clubs to create a more seamless look.

Floor Rack

If space is not an issue, then you can opt for a floor rack instead. The best thing about the latter is that you do not need to drill holes on your wall. No need to be a handyman. You can purchase a rack as is, and when it arrives, you can simply put the golf clubs in the rack.

A floor rack is meant to hold the golf club upright. The head or grip is on the ground. There are individual slots to hold each club, which will also prevent the metal from being in contact.

If you are building a small putting room at home or if you have a golf simulator, this type of rack works perfectly. The floor rack is movable, so you can easily change its location when necessary. Some will even have wheels, making it effortless to change its location.

Crossed Wall Hanger Bracket

For those who want to display their golf clubs on a wall, a great option is to use a crossed wall hanger or X bracket. As the name implies, you can only display two clubs at a time, which will be in a cross or X position.

A crossed wall bracket is a great option if you will display only two golf clubs. It will put a club on one side and the other club on another side. This is a great way to show off vintage golf clubs or those with sentimental value.

Vintage Bag

For those who want to show off not just their clubs but also their bags, you can opt for a vintage bag. Look for one with a lot of character. It can also be a great conversation piece in your home. Find a freestanding bag, so it will add a statement to your space.

If you will opt for this, make sure that you also know how to position the clubs properly, especially in terms of weight distribution. Otherwise, it might fall and the clubs will be damaged.

Shadow Box Display

Another great way to display your golf clubs is with a shadow box. Technically, a shadow box is a glass-enclosed display. This may not be the best choice if you have to show off a lot of golf clubs. But if you only have a couple of clubs to display, then this is worth considering.

A shadow box is especially great if you are displaying clubs that you used when you won a specific tournament. It is also good for golf clubs that are signed by popular golfers or your favorite players. This works best for souvenirs or memorabilia instead of golf clubs that you use often.


Proud of your golf clubs? Looking for a way to show them off? Thinking of what to do with old golf clubs with sentimental value? Consider the things mentioned above. From a simple wall rack to a shadowbox display, you have many choices to display your favorite golf clubs at home.