How to Figure Out Golf Club Distances

From newbies to pros, golf is a game with many questions. Among others, one thing that many people wonder about is how far each golf club can hit. It is not enough that you have equipment from the best golf club brands. You also need to learn how each club will impact your game, especially in terms of distance.
If you are trying to figure out golf club distances, we got you covered. Read on and we’ll make it easier for you to optimize the performance of your clubs and your score. By knowing the distances, you can strategize better the next time you play.

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How to Figure Out Golf Club Distances

Those who are interested in knowing the distance of their golf clubs can do so in different settings, including the following:

In a Driving Range

For an accessible and economical way to determine distance, you can hit the driving range. It is smaller than a golf course but can give an approximate figure of how far you can hit.

Nonetheless, one problem is that you will be hitting range balls instead of usual golf balls. Also, the distance is limited since it is not as big as a golf course. To make the distances more accurate, you might want to consider using a laser and pro golf balls.

In a Golf Course

For a more accurate way of measuring golf club distances, you might want to do so in a golf course. You can hit the club from various positions and note the distances in each hit. You will have to manually record it for a better evaluation once you are done playing.

Nonetheless, it is best to do this in an almost empty golf course. Otherwise, some people might not be happy with what you are doing. More so, it also helps to have laser rangefinder, which will make the distance recording more accurate.

In a Launch Monitor

The most accurate way of figuring out golf club distance is with the use of a launch monitor. It can be expensive, but it is a great training tool. Not to mention, it will let you enjoy a good game even at home, without the need to travel to a golf course.

Radar-based monitors will let you measure how far a golf ball goes before it hits the ground. You can also use camera-based units. If you are using a product with top-notch quality, you can be confident that the results are accurate.

The Average Distances of Golf Clubs

No time to figure it golf club distances manually? Luckily, you can use reference points. Instead of having to hit each club individually, you can use the approximate distances instead.

If you have the best golf irons for the money, the average distance is between 220 to 250 yards. Meanwhile, a 3-wood has a distance of 200 to 230 yards. On the other hand, the distance of irons range from 130 to 210 yards, depending on the specific type of the iron that you ae using. For a pitching wedge, expect the distance to be 120 to 140 yards and 70 to 100 yards for a sand wedge.

Improving the Distance of Your Golf Clubs

To increase your distance, below are some of the best things to do:

  • Maximize the power of your hands and wrists. Learn how to grip a golf club like Tiger Woods. Doing so will let your hand take advantage of a full range of motions, which can make your distance higher.
  • Choose lighter clubs. This will let you swing with more force while minimizing the burden on your hand and body. Cutting a graphite golf shaft[how to cut a graphite golf club shaft] is one of the easiest ways to reduce weight and increase distance.
  • Practice makes perfect. Like everything else in golf, achieving better distance takes time. It does not happen overnight. When you practice consistently, however, it won’t take long before you can reap the fruits of your labor.


If you want to figure out golf club distances, you can do so in a driving range, golf course, or launch monitor. The latter is the most accurate, but equipment can be inaccessible and expensive. Alternatively, you can go online and look for the a average distance value of a specific golf club, eliminating the need to determine such manually.