How to Fit Golf Club

With the plethora of drivers, irons, wedges, and putters from top golf club brands, deciding what to buy is a hard task. In most instances, it is not enough that you pick just any club. Instead, you need to ensure that it is suitable for your needs. Hence, you should know how to fit golf club like a pro.

By fitting golf clubs, you will easily find the perfect match for your body and playing style. Club fitting makes your game easier. Being a golf club fitter[how to become a golf club fitter] is a popular golf career path because of the importance of the job. By seeing a fitter, you can narrow down your options for a golf club and customize each to maximize its performance. Even without seeing a fitter, however, you can easily fit a club and find the right match.

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How to Fit Golf Club

A golf club should fit like a glove. It should feel perfect in your hand. If it is too long or too short, too heavy or too light, you will end up compromising your performance. Take note of the things mentioned below for golf club fitting.

Start by Measuring Your Height

One of the most important measurements when fitting a golf club is your height. It is best to ask a helping hand from another person when taking your height, ensuring that the number is more accurate.

As you measure your height from head to toe, stand on a flat surface barefoot. Lean against a wall and keep your body straight.

Measure the Length from Your Wrist to the Floor

Once you are done noting your height, the next thing to take is the length from the end of your wrist to the floor. While standing straight against a wall, hang your arms loosely. Ask someone to help you with a tape measure to note the length from the ground to your wrist.

Match the Golf Club

With the measurements you have taken, you can now find the right golf club for your needs. You can find reference charts online. Many manufacturers will also publish their respective guides so you can find the perfect match for your height.

Take note that your height alone is not enough information for fitting golf clubs. As noted above, you will also need the wrist-to-floor measurement.


Top golf clubs for tall men may not necessarily be the best for short players. The length matters, so it is crucial that you fit the club properly. As noted above, you will need to first measure your height then your wrist-to-floor length. With these two numbers, consult the sizing chart of the club’s manufacturer to find one that is appropriate for your needs. Knowing if a golf club is too short[how to know if golf club too short] or too long will have a huge impact on your overall performance.