How to Fix Golf Club Ferrules

From cutting a graphite golf club shaft[how to cut a graphite golf club shaft] to removing rust from a golf club[how to remove rust from a golf club], there are many easy DIY tasks for golfers. Such can help you save money! In this article, however, our focus is on fixing ferrules. Read on and learn from the tips we’ll be sharing.

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What is a Golf Club Ferrule?

Before we give you a step-by-step walkthrough of the things that you need to do, let us first talk about what exactly a ferrule is. Surprisingly, many people who have been playing golf are not even aware of what a ferrule is. It may not be as noticeable as the shaft or clubhead, but it is an equally vital component of a golf club.

The ferrule is the connector between the shaft and the hosel. It is usually made of plastic and sits on the neck of the golf club. The ferrule is often non-descript, although some manufacturers are stepping up their game and making the ferrule more noticeable. It is not just decorative, but it is important for keeping the golf club together. As it breaks, the connection between the shaft and the head weakens, which might also make the club unusable.

How to Fix Golf Club Ferrules

Even in the best blade irons or top golf wedges for mid handicappers, the ferrule breaks over time. When it has problems, you do not necessarily need to get yourself a new club. Instead, fixing it is a simple DIY task, which you can complete by doing the things mentioned below.

Tightening a Ferrule

One of the most common problems in the ferrule is that it is loose. The more you use the golf club, the higher is the chance of the ferrule loosening. It is a result of natural wear. Good thing, it has an easy fix.

The best thing that you can do is to heat the ferrule with a hair dryer. This will loosen the fit of the ferrule on the shaft. Let it warm for a bit and finally push the ferrule with enough force to bring it to its original position. Rotate until it is tight and secure in its position.

Changing a Ferrule

Sometimes, a ferrule is beyond saving, so you have no other option but to remove it. Once removed, you can install a new ferrule to restore the original look of your golf club.

To change the ferrule, start by turning the golf club upside down. Tap it on the ground, which will push the ferrule further from the end of the shaft. Remove the club head and keep pushing the ferrule until it is out of the shaft. If it is hard, you can apply more pressure or use a hair dryer to make it easier to pull out.

With the old ferrule out, you can now apply adhesive on the shaft, specifically on the position of the ferrule. Push the new ferrule and tighten in its position. Return the club head and wipe the excess adhesive around the ferrule. Let it dry before using the golf club.


The ferrule is a part of a golf club that most people often overlook. Over time, it can be prone to damage. Nonetheless, it is not necessary that you replace the golf club. You can tighten the ferrule or replace it with a new one rather than spending for a brand-new golf club.