How to Grip a Golf Club Like Tiger Woods

Being a better golfer is a combination of many things. On top of it, you will need the best equipment. No wonder, many people spend on the top golf club brands, hoping that such will up their game. Nonetheless, having the best clubs is not enough. The right technique is also a crucial factor. Among others, one thing that you need to learn is the proper grip.

Curious about how to grip a golf club like Tiger Woods? We got you covered! Keep on reading and we’ll share the things that you need to do.

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How to Grip a Golf Club Like Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods uses the interlocking grip most of the time. In an interview, the seasoned golfer noted that he started using such a grip after reading about it in the book of Jack Nicklaus. As the name implies, this method requires interlocking your two hands on the club. As a result, you will have a smaller coverage of the shaft but with effective control, so you can hit the ball exactly as you deem necessary.

If you have small hands, the interlocking grip is the best choice for you. Your hands will stay closer to each other, which will make you more comfortable. At the same time, this will also provide you with better control of the golf club. Nonetheless, take note that this is a tight grip, which means that it is not for people who have arthritis or wrist problems since it can exert high pressure.

Doing the Interlocking Grip Right

Below is a quick-step-by-step guide on how you can do the interlocking grip. Make sure that you are using top golf clubs for intermediate players or any club that matches your skill to maximize the benefits of this grip.

  1. Put your top hand on the golf club. Do this in the same way as you would hold the club even with another type of grip.
  2. Next, put your other hand on the golf club. As you do this, make sure that your index finger is interlocking with the top hand. The result is a finger interlock with the pinky in your bottom hand.
  3. As you grip, keep your top hand’s thumb pointing to the bottom of the shaft. Meanwhile, the rest of your fingers should comfortably rest on the enclosure of your bottom hand. When you do it properly, eight of your fingers should be directly touching the golf club. The pinky finger of your bottom hand and the index finger of your top hand are the only fingers that won’t be gripping the shaft.


From swinging a golf club for beginners[how to swing a golf club for beginners] to increasing golf club speed[how to increase golf club speed], learning the right techniques is crucial. In this article, however, we focused on gripping, specifically the style of Tiger Woods, which is the interlocking grip. In a nutshell, the latter means that you will hold the club with two hands interlocking together. This is especially beneficial for people with small hands.