How to Hold a Golf Club for Beginners

Learning how to play golf does not happen overnight. It is a continuous process. From having the top hybrid golf clubs for high handicappers to learning how to breathe while swinging a golf club, upping your golf game requires a combination of different factors.

In this short guide, we’ll talk about one of the most important things that will make you better in golf – your grip. By learning how to hold a golf club properly, you can gain better control while also remaining comfortable throughout the game.

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How to Hold a Golf Club for Beginners

When holding a golf club, it can be tempting to do so like you are holding a baseball bat. Nonetheless, such is one of the mistakes you should avoid. The right grip is the foundation of your swing, so you must ensure its effectiveness. You do not need to grip a golf club like Tiger Woods[how to grip a golf club like Tiger Woods]. Instead, you should start with the basics, which is possible by doing these things.

Assume the Correct Position of Your Hand

One of the most important when holding a golf club for newbies is to have the right hand position. Lucky for you, it does not take an expert to figure it out!

If you are right-handed, then your left hand should be on the top of your right hand. If you are left-handed, it should be the other way around. Your dominant hand should be underneath, which is what will be gripping the golf club. This way, the stronger hand will assume better control when you swing.

Use Your Fingers Instead of Your Palms

Another common mistake that most beginners commit is to use their palm and not their fingers. Your fingers are more important since they will be more influential of the speed of your golf club. Using your palm makes it difficult to pivot, especially during your backswing. It can make your swing slower. Not to mention, using your palm can also contribute to discomfort.

Find the Right Grip

To be more comfortable when holding a golf club, you also need to learn the right grip. For beginners, one of the most common is the ten-finger grip. As the name implies, you will be using all your fingers, which will make it easier to control the golf club. This is also powerful since ten of your fingers are into the action.

Meanwhile, if you have small hands, you might want to try the interlocking grip. It starts with a ten-hand grip. Next, your pinky finger should interlock with the index finger of the other hand.

On the other hand, those with large hands will benefit from the overlapping grip. Also called the vardon grip, your pinky finger should be in the ridge between the middle and index finger of your other hand.

Find the Right Pressure

Another thing that you need to work on is the force when holding the golf club. The right pressure to exert is a result of experimentation. You should not choke the club. At the same time, it should also not be too wobbly. Practice it over time and soon, you will naturally find the pressure that works best when playing golf.


Having top golf club brands in your bag is not enough. They are useless if you do not know how to hold them properly. As a beginner, finding the right grip is a result of a series of experimentation. Try different styles and see what works best for your needs. The most important is that you are comfortable with the position of your hand to optimize your swing.