How to Increase Golf Club Speed

Learning how to play golf can be intimidating. At one point, it can even be discouraging, especially when you are perpetually missing your shots. You need to learn a lot of things, such as how to avoid casting the golf club and how to swing a golf club for beginners. While there are many techniques that you must master, in this article, our focus is on increasing the golf club speed.

By increasing the speed of the golf club, you are optimizing every shot. It enhances the transfer of energy from your body to the ball, making it hit far at the direction where you want it to be. Read on and learn from some of the tips we’ll be sharing.

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How to Increase Golf Club Speed

Be a better golfer by knowing how to make the golf club speed better. Below are some of the best things to do.

Relax Your Arm

The right posture is one of the most important when playing golf. Even if you have equipment from the top golf club brands, the wrong stance will sacrifice the speed of your swing. Hence, to increase golf club speed, you need to master the right position, and one of the most important is relaxing your arm.

By having a relaxed arm, your swing will be tension-free, which will make the golf club swing faster. As you swing your arm, turn your shoulders and hips on the backswing. Do not restrict the pelvis.

Master the Right Grip

Increasing golf club speed also requires finding the grip that works best for your needs. This will let you release the golf club upon impact, which will generate exceptional speed. Start by finding the right position of your top hand, which is what you will be using to grip the golf club instead of your palm.

By having the golf club properly position on your top hand, you can have better control of the club head. Instead, it will increase speed. This will also allow you to release the golf club squarely and freely.

Pay Attention to Hip Rotation

When it comes to your stance, another important consideration is hip rotation. Your upper body must turn 90 degrees while the back will face the top of your target. Meanwhile, your hip should only rotate at 45 degrees.

The difference between the rotation of your upper body and hip may seem minuscule, but it has a huge consequence in golf club speed. This will create a better torque, which is what will power your swing and propel it faster.

Use Your Wrist

Aside from your hip, another important part of your body to use is your wrist. It should act as a lever during your swing. When you take the club away, your wrist will act like a hinge. Until prior to the impact, your wrist must remain such way.

By keeping your wrist hinged and not releasing it at an angle upon releasing the golf club, you are putting your energy into good use. This also positively impact your follow-through, and consequently, the speed of the golf club.

Work on Your Physical Fitness

By being physically fit, you can increase the golf club speed based on your strength. This means that you will have a stronger power to smash the golf club and direct the ball where you want it to be.

Among others, one thing that you will need to work on is your flexibility. This will optimize your backswing to generate a larger arc. You must also work on your core. Having more strength in your core muscles will also increase the clubhead speed.

Find the Right Club

There are tons of options for the best golf clubs for intermediate players, but they are not all the same in terms of the speed that you can produce. A good starting point is custom fitting. This will help in determining your club requirements depending on height and other individual factors.

No rule of thumb exists about the right golf club for every player. At the end of the day, it varies from one person to another. The most important is that it is tailor-fitted to your requirements to optimize its performance, especially the speed.


Increasing golf club speed is important for amazing golf performance. As noted above, you can do so by relaxing your arm, gripping the golf club properly, minding hip rotation, improving physical fitness, and finding a golf club that works best for your requirements.