How to Install Golf Club Adapter

Customizing a golf club is crucial to optimizing its performance. From bending golf clubs lie angle at home[how to bend golf clubs lie angle at home] to changing golf club length[how to change golf club length], there are many ways to personalize your equipment and become a better golfer.

In this article, our focus is installing a golf club adapter. This will help you save money since you do not need to buy new golf clubs. Instead, you can do some adjustments to what you already have.

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What is a Golf Club Adapter?

An adapter is a part that attaches to the golf club, allowing several customizations. It is a sleeve that will let you replace a damaged shaft. It can also be used for upgrading the shaft to a better material or quality, depending on what suits a player’s preference.

Most of the top affordable golf drivers and top fairway woods for high handicappers, among other golf clubs, will have an adapter. With the latter, you can change the lie, loft, and face angle, without the need to spend on a new golf club. Some will come with an included adapter, and in other instances, you will need to purchase a new one compatible with the golf club that you have.

Another good thing about using a golf club adapter is that it will allow you to shift clubheads. This is taking personalization to the next level as you personalize the head to suit your needs. You can connect the shaft to a different clubhead, even if it is from another brand.

How to Install Golf Club Adapter

Luckily, installing a new adapter is an easy DIY task. Below is a quick step-by-step guide on how you can do so.

  1. Start by preparing the shaft. Remove the club head. You can do so by putting the club in a vise grip, which will make it stable so it is easier to work on it. Heat the end of the head and with gloves on, twist and pull.
  2. The tip of the shaft can have glue or epoxy remnant, which you have to remove as well. One of the best ways to do this is to use sandpaper to make the surface smoother. This will also make sure that the epoxy will have a strong adherence.
  3. Prepare the adhesive. We recommend using a high-quality epoxy glue. The specific way of preparing epoxy will vary, so make sure to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer. You will not need a lot of epoxy for this task.
  4. With the epoxy ready, apply it inside the golf club adapter using a stick or a similar material that can fit inside. Apply evenly on all areas. Next, apply epoxy on the tip of the shaft.
  5. Insert the ferrule cap and follow it by the golf club adapter. Twist and turn, which will allow the epoxy to spread evenly.
  6. Clean the edges using an epoxy wiper. This will get rid of the excess glue, which will make the club look more seamless.
  7. Once the adapter is attached and the epoxy is dry, you can now return the club head.


Make the most of your golf club by doing several customizations. Such is possible by installing a golf club adapter. As you have learned about above, doing so is easy. Within a few minutes, you can change loft and angle, among other things that you can personalize with the help of the right adapter.